Cheap New Year’s Eve Ideas for Guys

Happy New YearSometimes the typical tradition of going out for drinks in a local bar or club to celebrate New Year’s Eve can seem a little repetitive and let’s face it, boring. There are many more options out there and different things you can do to celebrate New Year’s in a unique, exciting way, it’s time to try something different this year!

Games Night

Right, it’s time to kick your wives/girlfriends out of the house and claim it as your own! Bring all of your mates around and tell them to bring their controllers…it’s going to get wild. There are a range of game consoles to choose from such as the Xbox or PlayStation so make sure everyone brings a variety of games with them so you’re spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to order those massive double pepperoni pizzas and get the beverages cooled in the fridge so you can all enjoy a nice cold beer as you play the night away.


There are always lots of firework displays on New Year’s Eve all over the country so why not head out with your winter gear on and watch the dazzling lights in person instead of watching the same old countdown to midnight on TV. You’ll get some great photographs and it will be a night to remember.

Casino Night

Get dressed up and head to the casino with your friends where you can try your luck at the slots and maybe you’ll win big this New Year’s Eve! Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little on the lazy side, have an indoor casino night with your mates.

Rent a Cottage

If all of your friends put some cash toward the rent, then you guys can have a house party anywhere you’d like and because it isn’t your house, you won’t have to listen to anyone nagging at you to watch where you sit your pint of beer. Sounds good doesn’t it? Renting a cottage or even a town house is a great way to change up the scenery and a cottage in the countryside is a great opportunity to be as loud as you like without worrying about any noise complaints.

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  1. I have no problem spending a quiet night at home on new years. It’s always crowded and overpriced, and personally, I’ve never gotten the appeal of the holiday. It always just felt more or less like another day. But, I would likely be excited about it if I had an entire year I considered rough (fortunately my rough patches are only days or a few weeks at the most).

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