Obtaining Money When You Need It

Things happen and budgets are obliterated. While we can prepare for plenty of issues with proper saving techniques, things can and will happen every once in a while that leaves you stuck. It could be that you were laid off from work. Maybe there was an accident that required you to go to the hospital and take you out of work for a bit. There can be a number of reasons why you have an issue and you are suddenly very broke. Today we look at a few ways to help you find some quick money and start preparing for the future.

Going To The Pawn Shop

So you find yourself with a broken down car and you just paid your rent/mortgage and utility bills. There is nothing left to fix this one tiny thing that can help you get to work and make your income. What to do? Take a look around and see if you have anything that is worthy of taking to a pawn shop. You can begin with jewelry as oftentimes this can bring you the most in cash. Rather than take it to a pawn shop you may want to look to a jewelry store. Jewelry loans, in San Diego for instance, are a popular option rather than a traditional pawn shop. They offer the same loan as a traditional pawn shop but they are more knowledgeable and empathetic to the process of pawning your beloved jewels. If you’re outside of the San Diego area, look for a similar shop where you live.

Musical instruments and electronics are incredibly popular and are easy to be pawned at your local shop. They are the next hottest thing allowing you to get some fast cash or use as collateral with a loan.

Getting A Second Job

Getting a second job is something many people don’t look forward to doing. If your cash flow problem is going to be around for a while longer (maybe paying off some medical debt) than you should take the second job. Yes, you will lose some social time and feel extra tired but for your financial health, it could be your best option.

What if you don’t want a second job but you need the secondary cash? A side hustle may be the perfect thing for you as it doesn’t take up that much extra time. You can find part-time work online for call centers and for virtual assistants. If you are an excellent organizer, you can start organizing your friends’ closets or garages for a fee on a day off. If you love baking, offer your services for birthday parties and get-togethers. House-sitting, pet-sitting, babysitting, and even some elder care are all options that can become your side hustle. The important thing to remember is to make sure it’s something you are already doing and capable of growing a bit.

Dump The Unnecessary On eBay

You could do an old-fashioned yard sale but that involves a lot of work. What is the next best thing? Sell your stuff on eBay! People shop on eBay for everything you can imagine so why not list your unused stuff and see what you can get out of your hair. If you are on any social media platforms, advertise your wares being available as much as you can. Use plenty of keywords and get pictures of your stuff that really shows what it looks like. Opt for an auction and you could walk away with more than you had originally thought.

Of course, you should have an emergency savings plan in place. The guidelines suggest that you have 6 months of your monthly bills saved up just in case something happens. Getting that saved can be difficult, and so can rebounding your savings plan after an emergency, but it’s well worth it. The above tips can help float you through and get you back on track in no time!

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