October 2012 Goals

Rapunzel Pumpkin

October is here, my favorite time of year. I have always loved Halloween, and when you have a small child, you have an excuse to decorate and carve some pumpkins. I made Rapunzel and Tinkerbelle ones last year, so we’ll see if I can top that. September was such a blur with our trip to Las Vegas, a yard sale, and the work on our first rental property. I’m almost afraid to look back at my goals and see how I did last month.

Blog Goals

1. Publish content at least four times a week until I have 30 posts done. PASS. I’m over 30 posts now and will keep my goal at publishing a new post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a roundup on Saturday.

2.Comment on at least five blogs each day, with three new ones per week.PASS. I love doing this. I usually do at least 10, and I’m starting to get my list of the ones I really enjoy and want to follow more closely. I’ll keep this goal the same for October.

3.Learn at least one new thing on WordPress per week.PASS.I installed a SEO plugin, but I still need to work on keywords and such. I found a backup plugin that is super easy, and did the updates that were ready to be installed.  I did not crash anything. For this month,  I need to figure out the no follow, do follow thing and work on getting the WP optimize and broken link checker installed.

4.Get more stuff on Facebook and Google Plus. FAIL. I suck at Facebook and haven’t even tried on Google Plus. I’ll do better this month. I now have 131 Twitter followers. My goal for this month is to get 200. So if you haven’t followed on Twitter, this is my shameless plug to ask you to do so.

5.New goals for October are to break 200,000 on Alexa. I’m at 215,807 while writing this. I also want to put some adds up on my site. It’s sad that I haven’t had the time to really study this and get them up. I just don’t want to clutter it up for the $0.03 I’m sure to get at first.

Financial Goals

1.Write a budget and stick to it. FAIL. I am going to get one done this month. I am playing the grocery game on Canadian Budget Binder. I lowered my grocery budget to $350 and went over by about $17. Goal is again $350 and I want a written budget.

2.Continue to save as much money as possible for our first rental property. PASS. That was a pretty vague goal, but we did come in under our $5000 max renovation budget and were able to pay for everything from savings. New goal is to get liquid savings back up to $15,000. We are just under $9000 now, and October’s goal will be to add at least $2000.

3.Don’t buy any convenience store items. FAIL I didn’t even try. Fountain Diet Pepsi is my downfall. I am about to accept this is just part of my fun money budget. New goal is to limit to 5 per week.

4.Keep Vegas spending to $400 or less. PASS. Lodging, food, and transportation were covered by my business. This was fun money for our business/anniversary trip. It came from credit card rewards and Ebay sales. We had a great trip and split the money to $200 per person. Hubby and I both bought some work clothes and piddled some away. I came home with $43, and he salvaged $60.

Life Goals

1.Limit myself to one diet soda per day, not from the convenience store. FAIL. I didn’t try that hard. Will just accept I need my fountain soda and limit to one a day. Maybe I’ll make this my New Year’s resolution to quit.

2.Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables at least five days per week. FAIL. I’ll blame this on the rental. All spare time was there or thinking about there. I skipped meals or ate something processed. Will set this goal again for October. So far, this month has been good:)

3.No eating out. Pass/Fail. We didn’t go to a sit down restaurant, but did get Arby’s one night and I bought a Happy Meal for my daughter to bribe her to be good when hubby and I both had to work on the rental. This month we’ll shoot for once either take out or sit down.

4.Let my daughter pick one fun thing to do on the weekends. Pass. We picked apples, went swimming, took a hike in the montains, and went to the park. I’m not sure where we found the time, but we did it. We’ll make this goal ongoing.

5. New goal for this month is to add one extra hour of exercise per week for Savvy Scot. I already work out at least 6 days a week. Always have, but am taking his challenge, and I challenge you to as well.

Tinkerbelle Pumpkin

We’ll check back next month and see how well I did.Do you plan on carving a pumpkin this year?

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


  1. Kim, Love your October goals and your honesty. Robin and I waited until we were in our mid 50’s to get serious with our finances and we are hoping to help others get their finances under control and learn from our many mistakes. I have a sugar habit (soda) I am working on kicking.. We did a little video on Breaking Habits and Addictions to SAVE $$$ and SAVE relationships.
    http://www.debtfreesquad.com/habits-and-addictions/ Keep up the writing.

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