One Year of Blogging and $100 Giveaway

1st Blog BirthdayAugust 1st is the official first birthday of Eyes on the Dollar! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is reading this and all of you who have had read, commented, or shared my content throughout the past year. I won’t name names in case I forget someone, but you know who you are. In a niche where blogs seem to pop up and disappear overnight, it’s pretty sweet to make it to the one year of blogging mark.

The fact that I am an optometrist who has no background in any sort of computer training or website management is proof that if I can keep a blog up and running, anyone can.

I started this blog because I thought it would be a way to keep myself on track financially after veering way off course over the past few years. It was also a new challenge at a time when my day job was becoming pretty uninspiring. Without even counting the numbers of visits or amount of money I’ve made, I believe this blog has been a key reason for some of my successes in the past year. Sharing your goals and dreams out loud makes them much more likely to happen.

Highlights of the Past Year

Over the past twelve months my husband and I have been able to accomplish many things including:

I won’t say having a blog caused all these changes, but it certainly accelerated them. Again, the whole putting it out there for the world to see means you have to get your act in gear. I also see fellow bloggers doing amazing things every day, so that inspires me to find new and better ways to accomplish my goals. 

What’s Next?

This year I hope to continue to learn more about the technical and marketing side of blogging. I don’t want this to turn into a job I hate. I have to admit that a couple of months ago,I was experiencing some burn out. I considered throwing in the towel after the first year, but then what would I do with all that time and how could I go back to being a mere lurker?

If my sole purpose is to to make money, I’d be better off tying to add another day working as an optometrist. I hope to find a balance between doing this thing I really  enjoy on most days and making it more of a business. I also have to allow myself to take a break if I get burned out.

Financially speaking, we plan on keeping our Eyes on the Dollar  by continuing to pay down our mortgage until the day we are free from all debt. We also hope to add another rental property in the coming year. Hopefully, I can continue to share my experiences, good and bad, to help you in your financial journey, whatever that might be. If you are lurking here and are thinking about starting a blog, what’s stopping you? If someone who never even looked at Twitter before a year ago can do this, you certainly can. 

$100 Giveaway

To celebrate Eyes on the Dollar turning one, I’m giving away $100 PayPal cash! The contest is open to anyone, worldwide, with a PayPal account. The giveaway will end on the last day of August, so come back and enter often. Best of luck and thanks for being a loyal reader!

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  1. I came to this blog because of a blog post that I have read, “Can You Recognize a Scam?” When someone does not understand something, they call it a scam. I wish people would keep their mouths shut if they do not know what they are talking about. You call the travel club a scam! Why, because of the way they market their products and services. Because they offer you a better deal if you join today? I’m a man that has wasted a lot of money on toys, motor cycles, many cars and trucks, 5th wheels, motor homes, boats, nice vacations. I my accountant told be that how I spend my money is not wise, I would have to disagree. If the wife and I have smiles on our faces and can afford to play hard, Oh because we work hard. We feel we deserve it. I have members that own two weeks of timeshares in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and have paid over 100,000 dollars for their 50 year membership, Oh and they pay around 3,000 dollars each year in fees. Do you want to know why? “BECAUSE THEY CAN!” The travel club industry is the future of travel for those that can not afford to buy into the top of the list timeshares. The real scam is scamming your family out of quality vacations, Why would anyone choose to go through life the cheap way, you will get what you pay for. I expect more out of life and so should you.

    1. Thanks for commenting. My family has amazing vacations, and we choose to invest and spend as wisely as we can so that we can continue to take those. You can spend your money how you please, but this blog is about how to get out of debt and live your dream life in a positive way, so if that is not what you were hoping for, perhaps there are other websites more suited to your needs.

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