If the Shoe Fits: Online Shopping Tips to Save Time and Money

online shopping tips to save moneyHow can millions of online shoppers be wrong?  While faithful brick-and-mortar consumers seek shoes, enjoying the ambiance and occasion, and continue to shop online, the temptation and convenience filling a closet through online purchases can’t be denied.

Shopping online saves time, money, and you can be done anywhere.  However, when it comes to clothing, especially shoes, getting the right size is an added concern.  It’s no problem to buy a movie online but you may have to send clothing items of the wrong size back.

If having the shoe fit is the only thing keeping you from buying shoes online, consider the following.

 Buy Two and Keep One

Most online retailers have no-fuss return policies, so it may be easier to buy two pairs and keep the one that fits best.  Furthermore, if you don’t mind someone else showing off the same style, keep one pair as a present for a slightly larger or smaller footed friend or family member.

 Measuring the DIY Way

Trying on a shoe of the wrong size is an inconvenience easily fixed in a store but it’s more important to know your size when shopping online.  To avoid guessing or choosing the wrong size, simply measure the length and width at home by tracing your foot with a pencil on a sheet of paper.  Since most people’s’ feet are sized slightly different, be sure to measure the right and left. You can also check out shoe size conversion charts when dealing with overseas sizing conventions.

 Know Your Vendors

A number of vendors is an advantage of the online shopper, yet it gets confusing when it comes to partnership programs, affiliates, franchises, and shared brand names.  Know each vendor’s return policy and don’t assume a site branding a recognizable name follows the same policies as brick-and-mortar stores and other locations.  Reputable vendors, such as Dooballo Footwear, clearly post terms and conditions on websites and designated pages.

 Go on a Dry Run

Online vendors escape the costs of store rent, employees, taxes, and utility bills, and that means providing the saings on to online customers.  To bridge the gap and compensate for online vendors’ lack of providing a tactile experience, go on a dry run, taking note of shoes of interest offline while ultimately making a considerably cheaper online purchase.

 Use Apps

We’re living in the digital age where shoppers can wave smart phones at in-store items and compare costs.  Use a number of smartphone apps to compare intelligence about in-store and online items.  Why pay more offline for a pair of shoes you can get from an online vendor?  You may decide saving a few dollars is not worth waiting for delivery, and now you have that added option.  Check out this top 10 list for Apple users on the iPhone or iPad. Android users can check out the Google Play store.

 Be Faithful

Shoes will never go out of style, yet designs, colors, labels, etc come and go. It is very difficult for a young, inspiring designer to compete with long-standing major labels that have huge advertising budgets.  However, thanks to social media and the Internet, entrepreneurs can connect with a world full of shoe shoppers.  To thank shoppers for ‘believing in them,’ many startup labels and designers give shoes away free, offer huge discounts, and provide faithful followers access to limited editions.

 Buy in Bulk

Do you have friends and family members who share your passion for shoes?  Buying in bulk equals big savings. Start an email list of friends who would be interested in making a purchase once a month, week, etc.  Find online deals related to buying multiple shoes from the same designer or due to exceeding a particular dollar amount.   Online vendors, understanding the multitude of choices, reward those who make multiple and large purchases.

 Search the Web Better

Google and other search engines contain millions of web pages and serve results depending on a user’s query.  For example, a search for “designer shoes” won’t get the same results for every online shopper.  Chosen search engine, personal accounts, geographic location and other factors influence a shopper’s results.  To make your search more specific use a variety of search operators.  For example, placing “Nike tennis shoes” in quotations narrows the search, better targeting the Nike brand.

Shopping on and offline for shoes is enough to get any shoe lover skipping merrily along, yet making a trip to the store can be a hassle in addition to an added cost.  Avid shoe lovers can feast their eyes on shoes whenever they want online.  And, buying in bulk, using apps, and being faithful to vendors makes the shoe fit better and the occasion much sweeter.

Author Bio: Carol Martin works at a busy shoe store and is an avid blogger. She likes to write about her ideas and experiences online. Her posts mainly appear on women’s lifestyle blogs.




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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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