How Online Video Calls Can Improve Your Company’ s Customer Service (And Profits)

web-cam-796227_640Video calls have an edge over other forms of communication: face to face contact. While email, calls, chats and texts are serviceable enough to provide you with a way to stay in touch with your customers, it’s not the same as seeing them or talking to them in person. That’s something video technologies are changing. By using video solutions at work, you can boost your company’s customer service experience and see winning results.

Why use video?

Humans are social beings. So when companies use stilted language to reach out to them, whether in campaigns or company calls, they immediately put up a block and reject the call. But when you do a video call, people can see who they’re talking to. That’s one way companies can hook consumer interest. It’s not as easy to dismiss someone they can see and hear as opposed to people putting the phone down or rejecting a call. Video communications puts a human face to the interaction, which can be effective in drawing customer interest and attention to your products or services. This can turn your customer service around and make buyers or shoppers more inclined to buy your products or give your services a try.

How video improves communication

With video calls, it’s easy for marketing teams to see what their customers feel about their products or services. They can interpret common body language postures and be on the lookout for any signs of strong emotions. It can be pretty easy to tell if their customers are bored and tired or if they’re excited and willing to listen to more. The people that matter—your target audience, your customers—are the ones who will be willing to listen to more. They’re the ones likely to shell out the money for the product or service you’re selling. With video, it’s going to be easier for companies to find these customers and reach out to them. With less time spent on less likely prospects, marketing teams can spend more time talking to their target market, finding out what they want and thinking of better ways to deliver a winning service.

Announce a new product or service through video

Video calls are also an effective way to launch new products or services, says CIO. When you do a video call instead of a long and tedious chat or email, people are more likely to sit up and pay attention. That’s because we’re visual people. Most people are going to be willing to take a video call than read through a long email or chat. By adding video to your marketing strategy, you can take your marketing efforts to another level.

Video improves brand recall

More people remember a video than they do something they read. By using video calls to market your product or service, you can increase brand awareness and recognition a lot. You won’t even have to spend on traditional advertising campaigns that can run up millions of dollars to go toe-to-toe against companies with bigger pockets. With the right people and technique, you can make your video calls memorable, in a way that drives customers to give your product or service a look and a try.

Video is more intimate

Here’s an example: video conferencing solutions from BlueJeans—one of the industry’s top providers—provide HD clarity to all video calls. So you can use video to get in touch with loyal customers and give them awards. That’s going to go over marvelously well. Everyone loves a freebie. But when you do it with a video call, the experience becomes even more intimate and personal. This makes your customers feel appreciated and valued. That can help foster high levels of consumer loyalty to your brand and company. So that the next time a new product, service or offer comes up, your customers will only be too happy to pay a visit to your store and shop to their heart’s content.

Essential Tips

Keep in mind that video communication does come with a few challenges. So you’ll need to make sure you:

  • Look presentable, always. Don’t forget to take care of your appearance. You must look decent, says Fast Company. An unkempt and unprofessional appearance can turn potential customers away before you even have a chance to make a pitch.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Nothing derails a video call more than distractions in the background. So be aware of your surroundings before you make that call. If there are potential sources of distraction, then move elsewhere.
  • Mind the lighting. You’re on video. That means you need to make sure the lighting is just right. Bad lighting could really hurt the experience.

Video solutions can make a difference in the quality of your customer service. And better customer service quality means happier customers willing to give your products or services a try.  So if you’re looking for a way to boost customer service and organizational profit, it might be time to integrate video into your marketing and communication strategy.

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