Is a Personal Trainer Worth the Cost?

Is a Personal Trainer Worth the Cost?

I have been on a mission to lose weight and get healthy this year. I started my health journey in January and I have stuck with it so far.

Like anyone who begins such an undertaking, I have had a few setbacks along the way. However, to date I have lost over 40 pounds and my quest to get healthy has provided other benefits as well, such as having more energy.

One of the ways I have accomplished this is through a personal trainer. However, there is controversy among many people over whether or not a personal trainer is worth the cost.

Here are a few things to consider.

1. Correct Form

Personal trainers, like mine, who have experience and knowledge in their field will make certain you are performing exercises correctly. For example, when I first started out with my trainer she emphasized form and quality over quantity.

If you are not exercising correctly you may injure yourself. But another potential consequence is not getting the full benefit of the movement you are performing. That is why having a good personal trainer is important.

2. Accountability

When you pay for a personal trainer, you may be spending more than you would to simply exercise at a gym. I don’t know about you, but I try to make my money count. So, I want to utilize what I pay for. Otherwise, why spend the money?

Having spent the money for a personal trainer to be available to me at certain times of the week creates accountability. I feel I must go work out because I have paid for it.

But of course, my trainer also makes sure I come to my workouts too. You can bet if I skip one and don’t let her know about it ahead of time, I will get a text from her wondering where I was.

3. Tailored Workouts

An advantage of having a personal trainer that I have really benefited from is having tailored workouts. My trainer, for example, knows the areas I need to work on and improve the most. This allows her to create workouts for me that target those areas specifically.

If I were to join a gym and workout on my own instead I would not get tailored workouts. Since my knowledge does not lie in physical education, I would probably not work out the areas I really need to improve the most.

4. Faster Results

Something else that makes a personal trainer worth the cost is results. My trainer, as an example, has this knack for knowing just how far to push me so I get a good workout. But she also knows when to help me put the brakes on to keep from injuring myself.

Working out on my own, which I have tried in the past, does not get me the results I am hoping for. I feel one reason for this is because she helps me set goals and points out improvements I don’t even notice.

5. Better Health

Obviously better physical health is something people would expect to get from paying anywhere from $15 to $60 or more per hour for a personal trainer. But in addition to being in better physical form I am getting other benefits as well.

I feel my personal trainer has helped me lower my overall stress levels. What I eat has also changed, which only increases the health advantages I am getting.

Finally, I feel like a personal trainer is worth the cost due to all of the many positive outcomes you can receive from having one. Everyone’s health and fitness needs are different. You must decide what is right for you.

Have you ever used a personal trainer?

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  1. Congratulations on sticking with your program and seeing results! I’ve never heard someone who’s actually hired a personal trainer say that it was a waste of money. It’s hard to figure out the right exercises for yourself, and hiring a professional can actually be more efficient than muddling through yourself. If it’s a priority, I say spend the money and cut elsewhere.

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