10 Productive Things To Do INSTEAD Of Watching The Super Bowl

Football StadiumSuper Bowl Sunday is this weekend, and many of us will be eating crappy delicious food, watching commercials that cost millions of dollars to air, and cheering for the team of lesser evil in our books. I sometimes wonder if all the Super Bowl hype is a waste. If we could take all the money generated from watching a group of adult men in tights play a game for a few hours and put it into something like scholarships or feeding the hungry, wouldn’t that be more worthwhile? I guess we’re all entitled to a little fun, and we will likely watch the game if Jim can control his emotions while watching his beloved Broncos in the big bowl for the first time since John Elway was at the helm. If you are not one of the roughly 110 million people in the US who will be watching the game, here are some ideas for productive things to do with your time.

1) Work On Your Side Hustle– What are you doing to earn some extra income this month? Some great ideas are babysitting for people who are throwing or attending a Super Bowl party, hiring on as a delivery driver for pizza restaurants during the big game, or using a skill like face painting for a commercial party. We have a neighbor who does face painting for events, and it brings in some serious side money.

2) Exercise– Have you ever been to the gym during the Super Bowl? Crickets…. You can have your pick of any of the equipment, and there is no one there to laugh if you don’t do a new machine correctly.

3)Read– You could spend the roughly 3-4 hours of Super Bowl time to enrich your brain with some new knowledge or relax with some light fiction or travel reading.

4)Cook Some Healthy Meals– Use this time to prepare food for the upcoming week. If you have lots of leftovers or freezer meals, you won’t be tempted to eat out.

5)Clean or Organize Your Junk Drawer/Room– We spent some time a few weekends ago cleaning out the cupboard in our bathroom. You would not believe how many forgotten things that I found. We won’t need to buy lotion for a while and probably will never need to buy aspirin again.

6)Go Grocery Shopping– The grocery store looks a lot like a gym during the Super Bowl. There is virtually no one there. You’ll have plenty of time to shop around for the best deals and look through your coupons without feeling like someone is bumping you from behind with their cart.

7)Have a Beauty Party– I guess this one could apply for guys, but it’s more for ladies who need some hair color, manicuring, or other grooming that you might pay big money for at a salon. I have tried coloring my hair by myself, but it comes out much better is someone else can make sure all the spots are covered. You can save big money and catch up on your bonding at the same time.

8)Find Stuff to Sell on Ebay, Craig’s List, or Consignment– This is a perfect amount of time to get all of your unused or unwanted clothes, appliances, sporting goods, or other knick knacks that you just don’t need anymore ready for selling.

9)Spend Time With Loved Ones– Instead of sitting around stuffing your mouth with chips while watching TV, stuff your mouth with chips while playing a board game or catching up on conversation. Better yet, go for  a walk and skip the chips altogether.

10)Relax– So many of us use the weekends to get caught up on chores we fall behind on during the week. It might be nice to just relax or even take a nap. It’s not lazy if you aren’t on the go 24/7 despite what Western culture might lead you to believe.

What will you do during the Superbowl, watch, boycott, or something else?

Image: Freedigitalphotos.net/arkorn

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


    1. I made the mistake of going earlier today (Sunday). They even have orange dyed bread and hot dog buns in the bakery to support the Broncos. It was a zoo. If I wasn’t watching the game, I’d certainly go later.

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