Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs # 20-I’d Rather Drive Edition

I could have gotten to KY faster in this!
I could have gotten to KY faster in this!

After two really horrible days of plane travel, we’re back from our family trip to Kentucky. I remember the days when air travel was kind of luxurious, but now it seem that livestock gets slightly better treatment during transport. At least on the departing flight, we received $600 in travel vouchers due to cancelled flights. On the return trip, we got an apology from United Airlines for packing us into a plane to sit for two hours because there weren’t enough baggage handlers to load luggage. Oh well, at least we made it safe and sound. It certainly makes road travel seem more appealing.

I plan to get back into the blogger mindset this week. I barely turned on the computer while we were out of town.  It was a nice break, and my husband and I took advantage of having a Grandma around, as we got to go out to dinner and to see two movies that didn’t have any animated characters!

I had some great guest posters this past week. Thanks to Mrs. PoP from Planting Our Pennies and Kyle from Rather be Shopping for picking up my slack. I think they did a fabulous job.

I appreciate the mentions this week. I’d give you some fried chicken and biscuits if I could.

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Would you rather drive or fly?

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  1. I love chicken and biscuits! 🙂 I was watching the playoffs today and they kept showing that 40 pc chicken nugget for 8.99. What to do….what to do?! Thanks for the mention too!

  2. Thanks for both mentions Kim. I appreciate it. I would accept fried chicken and biscuits, but am a large fan of fried chicken and waffles. They are awesome! I don’t even want to get started about plane travel. I am not a fan….

  3. I wish I had $600 every time my flight is delayed!! I always dream of a day sipping cocktail in a huge hotel room waiting for the next day’s flight but must be doing something wrong as I have always enjoy delays just short enough to get nothing or ”out of the company’s control”… glad you made it back safe, I’d love some fried chicken but will pass on biscuits! Thanks for the mention.

    1. We got the voucher for the cancelled flight that was due to the crew not having enough time off. I guess you can only fly so much before you have to take a break. I get that, but why would you not have a backup crew available during holiday travel season? I guess that’s why they just gave everyone some comps. The funny thing is that we had a $70 meal voucher also, but our flight the next day was delayed as well so we ended up with only 10 minutes to eat. We had to use our voucher at McDonalds!

  4. Thanks for the mention Kim. Glad you’re back safely and had a nice break. I enjoyed my unplugged time as well. I feel your pain on air travel…especially with United. We’ve had several very bad experiences with them and choose to fly Southwest as much as we can. It’s a toss up for me because the air travel generally is much quicker, but anything with three young ones is a hassle. If I had to choose it would probably be drive as pretty much anywhere we’d go as a family would require us to rent a car anyway.

  5. Fried chicken and biscuits… hmm never had that combination before lol. Glad you made it home safe and you are right flying is starting to feel like the new subdivisions they are putting in (no breathing room)Thanks for the mention Kim! Mr.CBB

    1. Obviously you have never visited the Southern US. My Mom makes incredible fried chicken and a warm biscuit with honey is just divine. I can’t eat it too much or I wouldn’t fit through the door.

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