Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #25-Vote For Me!

top personal finance blogs of 2012This week has been a really busy one. This was my one week a month where I work 4 whole days. I know you feel sorry for me, right? Honestly when you get used to working part time, it’s really different to work more. As a result, I wasn’t able to do as much reading as usual, but next week, I’ll only be at work two days, so hopefully I’ll catch up.

The foster puppies both went to great homes this week. That was a huge relief. They were super cute, but tons of work. I do miss them a slight bit, but I like the extra half hour of sleep I can get because I don’t have to get the puppies outside!


This week I was honored to be nominated as one of the top personal finance blogs of 2012, sponsored by One Smart Dollar and Ready For Zero. While I have no hope of winning, go vote for me so that I don’t get last place. Although, the list of nominees is very good. so maybe last wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Also next week, I am competing in the Free Money Finance March Madness of personal finance. It is a bracketed competition similar to the NCAA tournament. Since I have been a die hard NCAA fan of my beloved Kentucky Wildcats for years, I thought I’d have the experience to prevail in this tournament, but I am competing against my lovely friend Pauline, so that’s tough. I believe our round will be on Monday, so check back for the link to vote.


There  is all kinds of money up for grabs right now. Don’t miss out on your chance to win $100, $500, or $999.99!

Guest Post

Rohit at the Money Mail did a fabulous guest post for me this week about Money Decisions to Make in Your Twenties.


Thanks so much for all of you who read, comment, and share. The blogosphere would be a lonely place without you. I’m doing this a bit early this week, so if I miss you, I’ll catch you next time.

Life and My Finances, Evolving Personal Finance, My Money Design, and Work Save Live were interested in working less and living more.

Our life on a budget was enjoyed by Modest Money, One Smart Dollar,  and Finance Fox.

Life by Pets applauded my rescue of two Rez dogs.

Rohit’s guest post was well received by The Random Path, and Frugal Rules.

Reach Financial Independence  and I Heart Budgets really hopes not to have any of my  99 Problems.

Canadian Budget Binder is always looking for ways to save money with coupons.

 20/20 Posts of the Week

Don’t Ignore Your Readers You Fool! at Finance Fox. Eddie makes a great point about taking care of your audience and no one likes to be a fool.

One Car Household? Gulp! at The Random Path. I don’t think I could do it , but kudos to Mackenzie for making a sacrifice to pay off debt.

Decluttering Your Digital and Online Life at Reach Financial Independence. Boy, don’t I need to do that!

You Didn’t Save Any Money at I Heart Budgets. Really, I can’t buy those pajama jeans for $19.95?

Five Fun and Frugal Last Minute Gifts for Him at Frugal Rules. Mrs. Frugal Rules has some great tips. When in doubt, give ESPN.

Valentine’s Day Shopping on a Budget at Modest Money. If you must buy something for V-Day, at least find a good deal.

Apparently I’m Unemployed, Who Knew? at Planting Our Pennies. Some tried to steal Mrs. PoP’s identity. She should let Kitty PoP use their yard as a litter box.

Shopping Tips We Use to Save Money at Canadian Budget Binder. This dude saves some serious money. Go see how.

My Credit Score: Why I Don’t Care and Why You Shouldn’t Either at Club Thrifty. When I’m out of debt, I will never care again.

10 Things I Can Live Without at Krantcents. I should live without cookies, but how boring is that?

Financial Responsibility and Kids: It’s Never Too Early to Start at Work, Save, Live. You should start right after delivery!

5 Habits of Broke People at Well Kept Wallet. If you’re broke, see if you are guilty of some of these.

6 Tips for How to Save Money on Hotel Rooms at Edward Antrobus. Motel 6 used to be my go to when I was traveling around during and right after school. Glad to see they are still a good deal.

Gambling on Superbowl XLVII-What I Didn’t Know at Luke 1428. If I had only bet on curly hair for Beyonce!

Have a Great Weekend.

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


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