Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #27-Ski Lessons and Foster Puppies

Riding the ski lift with no adult almost gave me a heart attack!
Riding the ski lift with no adult almost gave me a heart attack!

Last night concluded of ski lessons for our daughter. They were at Hesperus, a little mom and pop ski area near us that offers night skiing. If you’ve only skiied in places like Aspen or Vail, Hesperus is a bit different. They have 3 crooked metal sheds for buildings. The biggest one sells hot chocolate and candy bars and has what look like used school cafeteria tables. They only have one old, two-seater lift. I love it, all of it, and it’s cheap. After six lessons and $180, our daughter can now get off the lift and ski down any green run there. Well worth it. Considering I didn’t start skiing until I was 25, it’s pretty impressive.

We also have another foster puppy. This little spud was abandoned at the park with a huge hernia hanging out. After some surgery, the shelter needed a place for him to recover, and since my house doubles as the wayward home for lost and misplaced dogs, we couldn’t say no. He is definitely a puppy, but is very stoic for such a little guy. Luckily he has a home lined up next week when his holding period is over.

Our cute foster fuzzball
Our cute foster fuzzball

This has been a great month for me blog wise. I appreciate all of your support and continued visits, comments, and emails.


Congratulations to Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff on celebrating three years of blogging. Blogging years must be like dog years, so that’s really like being 21.


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Guest Posts

I had two this week on very different topics. Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property was at Work Save Live and How I Saved $5000 With My Health Savings Account was at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. I appreciate the opportunity to post on such great sites.


There were lots of mentions this week. Everyone of you can have a free puppy! Thanks so much. If I missed any, please let me know.

The Frugal Farmer, Modest Money, Luke 1428,  and Work Save Live  liked my analogy comparing debt to a winter blizzard.

I Heart Budgets, Debt Roundup, and One Smart Dollar were sad that I lost money in fees.

Making Sense of Cents  was excited about Jason’s guest post about things to do before you put your house on the market.

Credit card churning was especially popular with My Journey to Financial Independence, Modest Money, Reach Financial Independence, Canadian Budget Binder,  and The Frugal Farmer.

Debt Roundup, My Money Design, Frugal Rules, Money Smart Guides, and Budget and the Beach understand that rudeness isn’t the way to get what you want.

Fun Search Terms

best gift to wife that doesn’t cost much-Don’t get her jewelry from the Dollar Store.

retire from laundromats-Getting a washer finally, are you?

am in debts donnot know how to skip-Skipping town won’t erase those debts. You’ll still have to pay later.

european vacation on 100 thousand dollars cash– You could take me and half of the blogosphere with you for that much.

it’s a girl balloon made into be my valentine- Did you think she wouldn’t notice?

 20/20 Posts of the Week

You Bought That at WalMart? at Frugal Rules. John got me into a rant after this post. I loathe Wally World

Income Tax is Like a Four Letter Word at Canadian Budget Binder. What if it were spelled taxx. Makes taxes seem dirtier than they are.

What I Hate About Guatemala at Reach Financial Independence. I guess nowhere is truly paradise.

3 Wild Tales of Insurance Fraud at Modest Money. The things people will do to make a buck.

A Primer on Federal Income and Investment Taxes at My Journey to Financial Independence. Long term capital gains have never looked so sweet, except maybe last year. 

Rant Alert-An Online Business is Not a Passive Income Source at Debt Roundup. Any business, online or not is never passive in my opinion.

Are Your Running With the Bulls or With the Lemmings? at The Wise Dollar. Who wants to be a lemming?

The Roth IRA Basics and What You Need to Know to Get Started Today at My Money Design

Your Site or Blog Gets Hacked..How do you Fix it? at Savvy Scot. Here’s hoping I never need to know.

The Truth About Sponsored Blog Posts from Nuts and Bolts Media. How do you draw the line between keeping Big G happy and making money?

Blogging Tips For Beginners at Frugal Portland. Kathleen and I share a disdain for captcha!

Can You Afford an Early Retirement? at One Smart Dollar. I hope so.

Beauty on the Cheap at The Frugal Farmer. Who says you can’t look beautiful without spending a mint?

3 Reasons Mint.com May Not Be For You was a guest post by Edward Antrobus at I Heart Budgets.  I like mint, but don’t love it for some of the reasons pointed out here.

You Can Make Six Figures Without a College Degree at Street Smart Finance. Considering many people with college degrees aren’t making this much, it’s something to think about.

The Truth about Tax Deductions at Money Smart Guides. Let’s spend more than we have so we can get a deduction! Makes perfect sense, right?

Have a great weekend!

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