Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #28-We’ve Been Skunked Again

skunksI really thought by working less at my day job, I would have plenty of time for comments and blogging, but it seems there is always something that fills the day. The foster puppy got adopted:) I’ve had some evening commitments this week, and our dog, Mo, was skunked the other night.

I know I’ve shared my ire for skunks in the past, but really, what other creature is so foul? Is there a purpose in the ecosystem that is fulfilled by skunks? I’m not sure if I still smell it or if my nose lining has been permeated so much that I will smell skunk indefinitely.  I’ve spent about three days trying to de-skunk the house and bathe the dog in all sorts of potions. Sometimes I think I should have built up enough good dog karma to avoid things like this, but then I realize that is probably why it happens. The doggy gods know that I will take care of it and not dump my stinky, thin haired dog out to sleep in the freezing cold, even if it means we all smell like skunk for a few days. Just be glad you can’t smell me through cyberspace.


I am co-hosting a giveaway for a sweet Canon Rebel Camera. I wish I could enter myself.


Tony at We Only Do This Once thanked me in his post Detach From Your Stuff for publishing his first guest post. Glad to do it!

Life and My Finances mentioned my post about how some people get further in life by being rude.

I got some really good comments on my post about poverty as an excuse to do poorly in school. Frugal Rules, Reach Financial Independence, The Heavy Purse, The Random Path, The Wise Dollar, and Money Smart Guides helped share this post.

Club Thrifty and The Frugal Farmer shared the things I miss from not spending money.

I made the grade twice at Monster Piggy Bank with saving advice and my winter blizzard post.

Prairie Eco Thrifter also like saving advice I would give to my friends.

Regarding Nannies liked tips for after filing your taxes.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff also wonders about things that make me go hmmm.

Finance Fox learned about costs of older dogs vs puppies.

 Fun Search Terms

being rude, are we?– Who me?

daughter’s girl scout troop doesn’t do much– Well, get out there and sell some cookies!

debt credit tatoos– Really?!?

life is too hard why can’t i be five years old again?- It is hard, but do you really want to start over in kindergarten?

i had stuff before budgeting– Yeah, lots of debt.

20/20 Posts of the Week

I didn’t even get to read as much as I wanted, but I found lots of good ones.

Taking the Plunge: Why I Hate Being Self Employed at Frugal Rules. John shares some of the things about self employment that make you get gray hairs.

Bang For Your Buck, UK Edition at Reach Financial Independence. Pauline is such a good travel resource. I am lucky that I can get her advice when we do decide to travel abroad.

Children and Money: Don’t Turn it Into a Taboo Topic Part II. Part I was pretty good as well, but great ideas for kids and money.

Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say Part 2 at the Random Path. Olives anyone?

5 Great Stock Buying Tips to Practice Today at Average Joe’s Money Blog. This is a great post, but actually the face that A. Joe has raised twins and can still write in coherent sentences is truly amazing.

Catastrophic Events That Will Keep You Up at Night at Club Thrifty. That Honey Boo Boo might run for office someday…

Oops, I Did it Again, Almost at The Frugal Farmer. Laurie was able to avert a spending disaster. Props to her.

Cigarette Cost Calculator: How Much Could You Save? at Monster Piggy Bank. How about tons of money and 20 years of your life?

Daycare-You Are the Voice for Your Children at Canadian Budget Binder. If only we could put our kids in the kennel all day like we do with the dogs. I’m kidding. Great post about finding the right daycare and how much it costs.

The Parable of the Paint Can at Edward Antrobus. Exploring the political leanings by your view on the McDonalds hot coffee case. Love it!

4 Things You Need to Know Before Joining Business Opportunities was a guest post by Chris at Stumble Forward for Modest Money. It isn’t as easy as the sales pitch might make it out to be.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom and  World Domination at the Same Time was a guest post from My Money Design at You Only Do This Once. If only the US government could read this.

Speaking of My Money Design, check out his new site, IRA vs 401k Central.

No Spend Days-A Different Way of Saving at Finance Fox. Not spending is always a wonderful way to save!

So Close to Spending Foolishly at Life and My Finances. There seems to be lots of this going around. Glad we can have friends and family to talk up down.

This Month I had an $11 Electric Bill at Evolving Personal Finance. This is amazing as I’m sure it costs me $11 to open the garage door.

Are Drug Companies Buying Your Doctor’s Opinions? at The Frugal Path. I certainly hope not.

Have a great weekend!

Should I just give it up and get some cats or gerbils instead of all these dogs?

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


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