Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup # 33- Taxes are Paid!

Soccer ballI mailed off a pretty good chunk of money to Uncle Sam and the state of Colorado yesterday to pay my taxes and quarterly estimates. At this point, I can look at the end of the year report from my practice and ball park how much I’m going to owe, but I wasn’t sure how all the new investment property expenses would figure in. Luckily, I was spot on with how much I had saved up, so there won’t have to be any robbing Peter to pay Paul this year.

I’ve had people tell me it’s a great sign when you owe taxes, because it means you’ve made money. I see the reasoning in that, but it’s never fun to make the payment. Maybe I’ll be funding a study in grasshopper wings or buying Joe Biden a new tie or something.

On the family front, soccer season started this week. My daughter kicked the ball into the goal for the first time! Unfortunately, it was in the other team’s goal, but way to get in there with the boys and be aggressive!


Thanks so much to these fine blogs for mentioning my posts this week.

 Budget and the Beach, The Random Path, Canadian Budget Binder, Stumble Forward, Club Thrifty, Life by Pets, and Fearless Men.

Fun Search Terms

100 reasons why i love your car– I love my car too, but it sounds like you want to steal it.

are there any nude pictures of ed mccaffrey denver broncos receiver– Not here!

buy clothes not food– Well, the clothes are gonna get too big if you don’t eat!

does once a month cooking help with food going rancid– Not unless you use a freezer.

flipping crack houses– I’m all about making money, but not sure that’s a great investment.

Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup

Since I was a slacker last week, I’ve included a few extras this time. There were lots of good ones to choose from this week.

Navy Seal Lt Murphy, Medal of Honor at Fearless Men. As we throw our admiration at sports stars and celebrities, remember there are some true heroes out there.

Time is Money-What are Your Sacrificing for Money? at Monster Piggy Bank. I’ve been right there with Glen on this one. It’s especially hard to justify the daily grind right after you have a baby.

Life, Money, and Retirement-Skype Doesn’t Reach Heaven at Canadian Budget Binder. There was certainly some long term thinking going on this week.

Could You Live on Minimum Wage? at Edward Antrobus. I think I could, but I certainly don’t want to.

Bad Advice? Here’s Some from Top Money Gurus at Average Joe’s Money Blog. Joe, wanna buy me a latte at FinCon?

Laurie, the Frugal Farmer’s Path at The Frugal Path. I don’t know about you, but Laurie is so inspirational to me. In her situation, it would be easy to throw in the towel and claim bankruptcy, but she’s taking responsibility for her debt and teaching her children a better way.

5 Major Components of Health Care Reform and What They Mean for You at Young Adult Money. Seriously, whether you agree or not, most health care reforms will be in force by next year. Educate yourself.

Taking the Plunge: What the Hell Have I Done? at Frugal Rules. I’ve asked myself this a million times over the years.

As Pet Care Costs Continue to Rise, Ask When  Enough is Enough at Money Beagle. I’m struggling with this right now with our dog, Ralph. It’s hard to decide.

A Leak in the Pool and in the Pocketbook at Planting Our Pennies. I love that Kitty PoP is the main reason for working so hard to keep the pool level up!

Have you done your taxes? Did you owe money?

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