Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #36- I Love Eyeballs

EyesI spent 9 hours yesterday at the Indian Health Service Biannual Meeting attending continuing education classes. Indian Health CE is so unlike other optometry meetings because the patients are  generally more complicated. Most people think of optometrists as the people who give you glasses and contacts, and that is a big part of what I do. My favorite part, though, is medical optometry. It’s like a puzzle. My patient has  X, Y, and Z symptoms, and I have to connect the dots to decide what might be wrong.

I’ve gotten several searches to my site along the lines of “I hate optometry” or “my optometry job is boring”. I really think those doctors are the ones that spit out prescriptions all day and never deal with any health issues. Eyes can tell you so much about the rest of your body if you do a little sleuthing and ask the right questions. It’s never fun to tell someone they might have diabetes or multiple sclerosis, but it does bond you to that patient in a certain way, and you feel the need to participate in their care and get them to the right specialist to keep them as healthy as possible. Eyeballs have been keeping me excited for almost 14 years. I’m really lucky to enjoy what I do, even if that makes me the biggest nerd on the planet..


I am co-hosting a giveaway for a sweet HDTV that runs until May 31st.

Tonya is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary at Budget and the Beach and is giving away $50 cash and a $15 Starbucks gift card.

Michelle at Making Sense of Cents is giving away $40 to spend at Novica.


These fine bloggers were kind enough to mention me this week. My your eyes always be in good health!

The Random Path

Canadian Budget Binder

Fearless Men

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet

Frugal Rules

Money Beagle

Fun Search Terms

2009 wrong way crash– Those tricky one way streets can get you every time.

half way down with furniture payment could they half the payment– I think you have to be all the way down with it before they do that, G.

how much cost girls– Wrong site, buddy!

i miss having money– Then get on a budget and start saving!

what to do when you owe a ridiculous amount of income tax– Head to Mexico?

20/20 Posts of the Week

My Six Thousand Dollar Boat Ride at The Wise Dollar. No it wasn’t even on a Carnival Cruise

How I Quit My Day Job at We Only Do This Once. Yay Tony! What a difference a year can make.

30 Years and 30 Life Lessons at Fearless Men. I should come up with 40 for my birthday next year. How time flies!

Junk to Funk: Some Woman Down the Road Left Me With Hardwood at Canadian Budget Binder. Can’t wait to see the search terms on that one.

Things I Need to Add to My To-Do List at Money Beagle. Maybe my to do list needs to be re-prioritized?

Have a great weekend and be kind to those eyeballs!

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  1. As a medical professional Kim and with many of my friends being doctors wouldn’t you say that since learning all about the human body was intriguing and that wanting to solve problems is why one is drawn to the medical field? Do you think those that think their role is boring really might not have wanted to be in it in the first place? Interesting that is. Thanks for including CBB, have a good one!!

    1. Maybe. I think everyone feels they are going to save the world when you get out of school, but then when Walmart is paying $100K per year with no overhead, it’s a very tempting deal, and you can’t fault anyone for taking that job. I think it’s like anyone working in a corporate environment. The burn out rate is high, although I know corporate people who also love their jobs. What I also like about my type of practice is that you get to know your patients. If everyone was more or less a number, it would be harder to get excited.

  2. Thanks for the mention Kim! I never even thought of putting my boat ride in that perspective! Yikes, that would be 3 or 4 cruises!

    1. It is funny how we end up in certain fields. I used to want to be an artist until I realized I had zero artistic talent!

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