Get Mom a Cool Gift This Mother’s Day: Samsung LED TV Giveaway


If you’re a Mom or if you have a Mom, you probably know that we will like whatever you give us for Mother’s Day (unless it’s a mop). I do love handmade gifts from my daughter or a dinner cooked by someone else. However, it might be a good idea to get Mom or Grandma engaged in the 21st century by giving an electronic gift this year.

I recently used some of my credit card reward points to get a Kindle Fire. Let me say that I am not very tech savvy, but it’s about the easiest thing I’ve ever used. I love to multitask, so I can watch shows or read books while I’m using the exercise bike or waiting for my daughter to finish dance class. Yes, you can spend a fortune on buying things from Amazon, but you can also sync it up to your local library to check books, and Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime are pretty affordable for watching shows or movies.

E readers are also great for senior citizens because you can change the font to a larger type. We have several patients with macular degeneration who have trouble with standard print, but are able to read on a Kindle or similar device. Yes, you can get big print books, but everything isn’t always readily available in this format. Plus, large print books are heavy to carry around. The other nice benefit is that it’s easy to use services like Skype. If your Mom or Grandma lives far away, that can be a great way to see the grandkids.

If Mom loves to watch movies, you can hook up her cool new device to a sweet TV, like the Samsung UN50EH600 50 inch LED HDTV. She’ll feel like she’s in the movie theater. Lucky for you, we’re giving one away this month. The contest is brought to you by, the best company for selling a structured settlement and runs until May 31st. Anyone can enter, but only $50 is available for shipping costs. Good luck!

Mom would love this!
Mom would love this!

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  1. The Kindle would be really nice since my mom loves to read. And then I’m planning to spend time with her, spend the afternoon together and them have dinner afterwards. Yes, that would really be lovely.

  2. I am having a hard time figuring out what I should give my wife for mother’s day. This is her first one since our son was born and he can’t give her anything. I need to come up with something good or I will be in trouble for years to come.

  3. The Kindle sounds really nice, I have installed a PC Kindle reader but it is not as intuitive. Still better than reading PDF ebooks. If I had kids I’d buy the noise cancelling headphones together with the TV, then the world can fall around, I’m still with Dexter :).

    1. I love Dexter and am behind a couple of seasons. No one shares my love of an endearing serial killer so I have to watch when no one else is around, which isn’t often.

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