How to Save on Travel Expenses


Contrary to popular opinion, holidays don’t have to be a money-gobbling venture that will leave you living on a stringent budget for weeks afterwards. With a combination of open-mindedness and thinking ahead, there are many ways you can save on costs when you go abroad.

Ready to start enjoying your travels for less? Here are some of our top tips to help you cut expenses on your next vacation.

Go All Inclusive

The upfront cost of an all inclusive holiday may not feel like you’re saving money, but in the long run, it makes budgeting a lot easier. Food, drinks, accommodation and even many of your activities will already be covered before you arrive. As a result, you can fully enjoy your holiday without worrying about how much each day is going to cost. With all inclusive, you can set an upper limit for your trip and actually stick to it.

Be flexible

Flexibility is key to bagging an amazing holiday deal. This means you should stay open to different options surrounding both where and when to go. You might have had your mind set on the Algarve, but who’s to say you won’t have just as good a time on Sunny Beach in Bulgaria?

If you’re flexible enough to squeeze in a last minute holiday, you’ll increase your chances of finding a good deal. Keep an eye on package holidays and cruises in particular – the push to fill last minute spots can often mean a huge drop in rates.

Bring Your Own Airport Snacks

Airports are one of biggest budget drainers when you go on holiday, because they’re never cheap and you always need to buy something. Save on costs by thinking ahead – if you know you’ll get hungry while you wait for your flight, pack some sandwiches or other snacks. A lot of airports also have water fountains, so bring an empty bottle through security to avoid buying bottled water.

Take Advantage of Free Sights and Activities

Not every day of your holiday has to involve expensive activities. Do a little research to find out what free attractions your destination has to offer. Often museums and other historical sights are free at certain times – in Tenerife, for example, all government-owned museums are free on Sundays.

Use Apps to Stay in Touch

Using your mobile to text and call from abroad can cost a fortune, but you probably have people back home you’ll want to stay in touch with. Wherever you go, you will be able to find free Wi-Fi somewhere – if not in your hotel, then in a café or restaurant nearby. Avoid getting caught out by phone rates and use WhatsApp, or another similar app, for all your calls and messages.

Eat Smart

If you’re not on an all-inclusive or half board package, food is one of the biggest expenses when you travel. Instead of eating out for every meal, take a trip to the supermarket, or better yet, a local market. Even if you don’t have access to cooking facilities or a mini fridge, you’ll be able to find basics to keep you going.

When you do eat out, avoid the tourist traps. Do some research to scope out restaurants off the beaten track, or ask locals for recommendations – they’re the most likely to suggest places where you’ll get more for your money.

What are your top money saving tips when you travel?

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