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When companies or venues are making arrangements to run an event, it brings a feeling like one is sprinting a marathon. Months or weeks before making the event known to people, the organizing team already begins conceptualizing the event marketing, booking the venues, procuring sound system, creating décor materials, preparing tickets and their mode of selling and so on. All these prove that preparing and organizing to run an event make a ton of work.

Checking the entire logistical boxes before the day of the event is the challenging part of it all. Promoting the event to make people aware and get the intended guests to sign up is tedious, thus if one can’t manage to create a buzz to the public then chances of most people showing up to fill the seats become minimal.

You should not be worried anymore, as the modern world of technology has plenty to offer you and make everything run smoothly. For starters, whether it’s popular music shows in San Diego or classical opera in Philadelphia, an engaging website or webpage is essential. Customers want an easy to navigate virtual realm showcasing upcoming events and how to get access, simple as that. Creating a website to achieve this, from a design point of view, is easier said than done but is possible with help from a professional and/or self-taught skills.

Furthermore, social media marketing platforms will help you to inform people and register your planned event. Utilizing email marketing, mobile advertising, search engine optimization marketing, creating websites, social media apps, and using SEO and online marketing will all play a vital role to promote your event and sell tickets. The apps below will enable you to learn the best online event marketing practices that will drive awareness and updates to the intended audience.

Create an Event Facebook page

This technique can seem ordinary and obvious, however; it is made for a purpose. Most Facebook operations are considered ubiquitous, and Facebook users see the advert, interact with it, and above all get the message. Promoting the event under preparation on your Facebook page will reward you a double whammy, as the followers who will check the business page for other reasons will get to know your event, in return, your followers will embrace the tale, tell a friend to tell a friend’.

Utilize the Paid Ads

Create a retargeting display operation for the viewers to catch the attention of those people who viewed the page but never registered as they will still need a reminder. Also, the social Ads will see your event promoted to reach the targeted audience; this is made possible by audience targeting criteria on the social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Share on LinkedIn

Promoting your event or concert on LinkedIn may not seem essential. Nevertheless, the LinkedIn community can prove to be, as it entails creating and leveraging particular professional pipeline.

Most people regard LinkedIn as an app to find an employment opportunity or just filling a position, but it is also an ardent platform with potential to advertise activities like event or concert promotion.,

Everybody is encouraged to have a LinkedIn account. Whether you are a small scale businessman or large scale enterprise, you should create a page not only to get latest updates to your followers but also being part of LinkedIn Group feature which can act as a tool for your promotional campaign.

Create a unique event page

Never forget to create a unique event page on any of your social media platform such as a website or WhatsApp as they are enormously important to help. It makes your audience to take you seriously hence making it a hub for the event updates and information. It can also help market the event through optimizing the page with registration requirements, essential directions, logistics, day agendas, speaker bios among others.

Summing up, event promotion is not just a simple feat online. Luckily social media platforms, for example, Snapchat, Facebook, and even Instagram provide event-specific pages to link with your audience and bring a meaningful engagement.

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