Should You Buy These 5 Kinds of Supplemental Health Insurance?

If you’ve ever worried how you would pay your bills should some catastrophic event occur to you or another family member, you might need supplemental health insurance. However, deciding for sure if you should purchase additional insurance or not can be a little overwhelming.

Of course, your need may not stem from some devastating diagnosis or other incident. Instead, you might simply need additional coverage for the things your regular health insurance doesn’t cover.

Whatever the case may be, the question remains: Should you buy supplemental health insurance?

Here’s a look at five of the most popular types of supplemental health insurance to help you decide.

1. Cancer

Have you ever wondered how you would cover all of your bills if you or a loved one were handed a cancer diagnosis? It’s only natural for most of us to have those kinds of thoughts from time to time.

Chances are someone in your family has been or will be diagnosed with cancer in your lifetime. That means higher healthcare bills in addition to higher household bills for things not covered by health insurance.

That is where cancer insurance can help. Obviously different policies cover different things, so you should carefully compare policies before buying. But depending on your needs, a cancer policy could benefit you or your family and give you piece of mind.

2. Disability

Most people don’t like to think about something happening to cause them or a family member to become disabled. But if your ability to bring in income is crucial, you probably should.

This is especially true if you have high debt or work in occupations which pose a higher risk of injury. However, there are many different kinds, depending on your needs.

Look over each carefully to make sure you fully understand what they cover as well as how much they will cost you. Talk to an insurance agent you trust if you are unsure what is the best for you.

3. Dental

Dental insurance is a common add on to some health insurance policies. If it isn’t offered on yours, though, you might be thinking about buying a separate policy.

Once again, the coverages vary, so knowing what is offered by each is important if you want to compare apples and apples. For example, some cover x-rays once per year as well as one teeth cleaning. Others are for higher priced dental needs such as braces or oral surgery.

4. Vision

Insurance for vision is another type of coverage sometimes offered under regular health plans. If it is not offered under yours you might want to check out a policy that could pick up the slack.

They may cover the cost of one exam per year along with one pair of glasses for you or a family member. Look over the plan carefully to ensure you have the coverage you need.

5. Accident

One of the reasons to have accident insurance is to help you pay for those expenses not covered under your health plan. Benefits can be payable to you and help you cover gas, food, and lodging to and from doctor visits.

Deciding which, if any, of these 5 kinds of supplemental health insurance you need is a personal decision. But no matter what the future holds for you or your family, carrying supplemental insurance can give you the peace of mind you need.

Do you carry any kind of supplemental health insurance? If so, which ones do you carry and why?

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