The Best Dental Insurance Companies for 2016

The best dental insurance companies

Finding a good dental insurance company is the best way to maintain a healthy smile while also saving the most money to do the things you truly love. You may think that going to the dentist is a hassle and I did as well for the longest time, but then I realized I was only doing myself a disservice. A healthy mouth isn’t just about clean teeth and good breath. Your teeth and gums can lead to better overall health and save you a lot of money down the line. Here are six benefits of keeping good oral hygiene.

Like many Americans who aren’t covered by their employer, you might be finding the process more challenging than you first anticipated and that is why we are listing these four companies below that are proving to make their customers smile in 2016. Don’t skimp on dental coverage if you don’t have to, but make sure to look through all the costs associated with every plan. Depending on how many times you go for a regular checkup, it might be financially wise to go with a lower priced plan that covers just the major procedures and you pay for dental checkups out of pocket. Just do the math first!

Delta Dental

This Company is consistently ranked number one because of its capacity to individually cater to different customer demands. It allows people to get the most from their oral health care providers by offering an easy to use program that uses your zip-code, date of birth and a brief history of your health plans and dental care to provide you a quote with just a few clicks of a button. At only 500$ a year for individuals and 900$ a month for two, Delta offers the best value for your dollar than any other provider. With so much to offer it is no winder over 60 million people in America choose it as their number one.

Guardian Dental

As one of the leaders in providing life and health insurance, Gaurdian provides plans that can be very useful for group or individual needs allowing for superior options. The plan is reviewed by a professional consultant and saves on average for those that switch to it almost 100% in terms of charges on preventative care and even up to 50 -60% savings for those on the premium care plan.  The most one can expect to pay on an annual basis is 1,000$ which covers all treatments. In summary, Guardian can be trusted and has a strong network of dental care providers helping many people save while finding the right plan for their individual needs.

Humana Dental

Being one of the largest providers of dental health care insurance in the nation, Humana provides coverage for individuals, groups and even employers. One of its major selling points is that it has no requirements before certification and offers helpful payment plans including a dual partner option. Their standard plan offers 100 percent coverage for a variety of different procedures and convenient in that it does not require the choice of one particular dentist. With total monthly plan fees of 22$ for individuals, this plan is a great way to receive benefits at a relatively lower cost.

Ameritas Dental

As a service that is catered to both families and individuals, Ameritas promotes independence from your employer by offering a deliberately independent system of coverage and benefits. This makes Ameritas especially great for those who are moving from job to job. The discount benefits are also a strong selling point offering them at widely used stores that sell prescriptions such as Walmart which add up to a good degree of savings over the year. Plans range from charging 500$ a month, 1,000$ a month and 1500$ a month and so superior choice can be said to be what sets Ameritas apart.

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