The FatBoy Funcle & Faunt Giveaway: Win A Childhood Supply Of Ice Cream

 Everybody got that Ice cream-loving aunt or uncle. The fun-loving ones who will go the extra mile to bring joy to the family. Caspers Ice Cream wants to increase your popularity with your nieces and nephews if you enter the FatBoy Funcle & Faunt Giveaway. Bring Cheer to the adorable little ones and make a mark in their young lives.

Casper's Ice cream FatBoy Funcle & Faunt Giveaway 2023

Win A Childhood Supply Of FatBoy Ice Cream For Your Lovely Nieces And Nephews

Winners will receive a childhood (age of youngest nephew or niece to 18 years) supply of FatBoy Ice Cream Products and FatBoy Freezers. The number of freezers will depend on the total ice cream product volume.

FatBoy Funcle & Faunt Giveaway Details

PrizeChildhood supply of FatBoy Ice cream products and FatBoy Freezers
Entry MethodWebsite entry method
Entry LimitOne entry per person per email address on the website
Eligibility U.S. and D.C. residents, who are 18 years of age or older.
End Date The giveaway will end Wednesday, August 16th 2023. Winners will be announced after a random on Sunday, August 17th 2023.



How To Enter The FatBoy Funcle & Faunt Giveaway

Visit the promotional website and fill out an online entry form with the following details: First name, last name, email address, Instagram handle, and the Funcle/Faunt First & Last Name.

About The Company 

Caspers Ice Cream is a family-owned Ice cream manufacturing company based in Richmond, Utah. It is one of the leading players in the frozen dessert market. Casper’s Ice Cream is popular and well-loved for its diverse offerings: popsicles, ice cream cones and novelties.

Off all Casper’s products, the Fatboy ice cream sandwich is the most famous and best-selling product. Its success relates to its different flavours and presentation-a combination of creamy ice cream and soft chocolate wafers.

Final Thoughts

The youngest nephew or niece of the winner will receive FatBoy Ice cream products (2 boxes) every month until they attain 18 years. Good luck to all participants.




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