Thoughts About Turning 40

Here's to 40 more years of exploring!Yesterday was my 40th birthday. It’s happy and kind of scary to think I’ve been on this earth for 40 years. If you look at life expectancy charts, it means I’m about half way done, although I’m sure I’ll buck the trend and be doing water aerobics at age 99.

This past Friday, I was the recipient of a random act of kindness. My friend took me out to dinner for my birthday. When it was time for the check, we were told that it had been taken care of. We had no idea what had happened and after pressing the staff, we found out that another couple that we sort of know as friends of friends paid for our meal. We don’t know them well enough for them to buy our dinner or even know it was almost my birthday. The only think we can think of is that it was a Pay It Forward kindness. I walked around with a smile for the rest of the evening. I will certainly do something similar for someone else when I have the chance.

One question I’ve been asked is how does it feel to turn 40? I guess it doesn’t feel much different than 39, but I can say that I’ve certainly taken stock of my life over the past couple of years. While there is always room for improvement, I am pretty happy with where things are at this point. There is no Bruno Mars half time show, but I think I have my priorities straight, and I know how lucky I am to have a healthy family. In all honestly, 40 sometimes seems very old and sometimes it seems really young. What’s your opinion?


Forty Seems Really Old If…….


you are 30.


you are walking down the halls of a high school.


someone asks you to go clubbing.


you hear grunge music on the classic radio station.


you want to marry Hugh Hefner.


you get less than five hours sleep during a night.


you see a 12 year old wearing the same styles you wore in junior high.


a kid you bought a baby present for is going to college.


you have to wear bifocals.


the night after an 8 mile run.


your six year old tells you how to work the latest gadget.


you are more familiar with Alan Thicke than Robin Thicke.


you haven’t started saving for retirement.


Forty Seems Really Young if………

you are 50.


you see who is grocery shopping around 10 AM.


you see the dinner crowd at 5 PM.


you are in South Florida or Scottsdale in the winter.


you want to marry Ashton Kutcher or one of J Lo’s exes.


you see the people who drive Buicks.


you go to a Rolling Stones concert.


during an 8 mile run.


your glasses are so trendy no one knows they are bifocals.


you plan to be as wise as Warren Buffett.


you have enough money to retire!


What would you add to the list?

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  1. Happy belated! I love the whole idea of paying it forward. One day, I plan to pay the tolls of a few cars behind me on the toll bridge one day! That happened to my family once when I was much younger and I always wanted to pay it forward since then.

  2. Happy belated birthday Kim! That is so cool people paid for your meal.
    40 is super young when you see you still look like 5 in the eyes of your parents.

  3. “…you are walking down the halls of a high school.” Haha…that’s me everyday. But it always makes me feel good when my students think I’m younger than I am. Happy 40th and welcome to the club! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!! That’s so fantastic that someone paid for your dinner out, what an awesome surprise. You’ll have to pay it forward another day, when it’s not your birthday 🙂
    I love the lists… though honestly I can’t understand all of them! (Mostly the ones relating to specific people).

    1. My parents seemed older than dirt long before 40. I have established a new standard, though. 40 is the new 30 or maybe even 25 on a good day.

  5. Happy 40th Birthday Kim!! What a great pay it forward moment. I love it! It is those random acts that sometimes mean the most. I love this – “40 is old if … you want to marry Hugh Hefner.” LOL! So true! Well, I’m pushing on the big 5-0, so 40 does seem young. 🙂 But I remember when it didn’t. One of the best things about getting older is feeling a bit more comfortable in your skin. Don’t get me wrong, I slather on skin cream! HA! But I am much more secure in who I am.

    1. The numbers do start to sound old, but I would not trade the knowledge and comfort I have developed over the years. If I can look half as good as you at at almost 50, that would be an accomplishment.

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