Tips for Landing Cheap Hotel Deals

ways to save on travel expensesMany people often have misconceptions about the hotel accommodation. You don’t need to spend a fortune to stay in an excellent hotel. A little legwork can help you to land cheaper deals, whether you are staying at a luxurious resort or a run-of-the-mill hotel. Using the following tips, you and your companions can enjoy a delightful getaway without crushing your bank account.

1. Request for lower rates

This sounds simple, even silly, but it often works like magic. Ask if the hotel is running any packages or promotions and see whether the following apply:
  •  AAA
  •  Senior
  •  Family
  •  Hotel membership
  •  Government
  •  Weekend
  •  Discount
  •  Frequent flier
  •  Corporate
  •  Convention
  •  Shareholder
Some hotels have “fallback” rates for travelers who resist the quoted rates

2. Use online tools

Check websites such as for the latest hotel bargains in many locations around the world. Check the websites for your favorite hotel chains. They often run promotions that are exclusive for web bookings. Several discount hotel reservation services online can save significantly on hotel rates. However, some of these sites may charge booking fees. So, the best plan is to find the lowest rates then call the hotel directly to see if their prices match what has been advertised.

3. Book by considering the price, not the property

If you care about getting the cheapest deal and don’t give a damn about a specific hotel, there are special online tools for this job. Searching Hotwire will give you anonymous but discounted hotel deals. You won’t know the exact hotel you’ll be staying at until you have booked. Fortunately, you can request for information on the general location and quality (such as four-star, five-star, etc.) of the hotel. This will help you to save a significant amount of money compared to the other booking methods.

4. Call the hotel directly

Many times, hotels offer special deals that you cannot find through the 1-800 reservation systems. These agencies don’t have direct access to the availability of rooms, and also they aren’t authorized to negotiate on behalf of the hotel. But hotel agents are more in touch with room availability and special deals, and they also have more flexible rates.

5. Have flexible travel dates

Hotel rates may vary significantly depending on the time of the year or day of the week you go. If you decide to stay in an establishment that specializes in business travelers, you may land great weekend deals. On the other hand, other leisure and bed and breakfast properties tend to have lower midweek rates.

6. Watch out for last-minute specials

With flexible traveling plans, you can get good rates if you delay booking a hotel until the last minute. Managers are often willing to lower their rates in order to fill their last remaining rooms.

7. Look out for package deals

If you want both airfare and hotel, search to see if it is affordable to book both as a package. You may not have very many choices compared to booking your accommodation separately, but the discount offered may be worth your indulgence.

Finding good hotel deals may first seem to be an obscure art, but if you are determined and are willing to follow the above tips, you will always find flexible hotel establishments that are willing to offer what you are looking for. And if you are visiting or want to stay in a hotel in San Diego, don’t forget to check Hipmunk’s guide to staying in San Diego
Author Bio: This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a complete travel platform that allows you to do everything from comparing charter flights and train rides, to finding the best resort hotels and Airbnb rentals.Image:

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