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Green livingSwitching your home over to energy efficiency is one of the most profitable things you can do both in terms of investments as well as short term cost reduction.  Homes that have remodeled to include eco-friendly appliances and upgrades sell much better and much quicker than those that are still conserving a lot of energy.  And although it’s true those upgrades cost money initially, they will take a huge chunk out of your monthly expenses because you won’t be using as much in utilities to run your household.

Many people know about the benefits of switching to energy efficient lives, but they don’t really know where to start or what the best options are.  Luckily for Texas residents, has done all the work for them.  Their website will give Houston families the basics on how to start making their homes green and how to best save money while doing so.  They list some of the most obvious sources of energy absorption such as running the heat too high or the air conditioning too low, but there are quite a few other ways to conserve energy, especially for those homes that are looking for long term benefits.

A lot of houses these days have some sort of central heating or central air systems built in that run off electricity to either heat or cool the home through a series of vents placed around the different rooms of the house.  Those families in New England are bound to see some pretty huge spikes during the winter time as they fight to keep the chill out when the temperature is below freezing during the day.  A great way for these households to keep their energy levels low during these times is to look into installing different venting systems in their houses.  Central heating will pump out air through all the vents regardless if someone is in the room, which can result in quite a bit of wasted energy and ultimately, wasted money.  Buying vents that have shutoff screens will greatly reduce the chance of heat being poured into places it shouldn’t be, which will save quite a bit of money in the long run.

With all of the energy efficient advances made in the last few years, oddly enough, not many people have bothered to concern themselves with their water consumption.  Recent reports show that water heaters are becoming the number one source of expending energy in most homes across the United States nowadays, which not only eats energy but also increases monthly utility costs.  While it’s true that the lower flow showers don’t do a very good job with rinsing out conditioners or soaps, there is another option for those who are looking to cut back on how much water they use.  They’ve begun creating showerheads with the purpose of creating a shut-off during idle times in the shower.  They have switches on them that can reduce the flow of water when it isn’t immediately needed such as when you’re shaving or putting shampoo into your hair.  When you’re ready to rinse off, you simply switch the valve back on.  It’s no substitute for discontinuing hot water entirely (as many people say you should do), but it will make a pretty big difference.

With just a few changes around the house, families can make energy efficient changes that will last a very long time.  These upgrades will not only boost the resell value of a home in a few years, but it will also reduce monthly costs dramatically.


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