Tips on How You Can Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Possible

Car insurance is a cost which can be quite frustrating, not only is this a legal obligation for all drivers, but if you pay it for a year and nothing bad happens, it can leave you slightly annoyed. With this being said, if something bad does happen, you will be thanking your lucky stars that insurance exists.

The key to reducing the frustration is to ensure that you get auto insurance which fits your needs, and the cheapest price possible. In order to do this, here are some useful tips on getting the best price when shopping for auto insurance.

Try Not To Get Sucked In

We often have a notion that one particular insurer is cheaper than the others, because of the volume of money which they invest into their marketing strategies. A highly marketed company may be the best option, but you shouldn’t assume so just because you know who they are. The best way to get your car insurance at the best price is to shop around and use comparison sites to see who is really cheapest.

 Going Local?

If you see a local insurance agent, they may appear as though they aren’t a good option for you, that they won’t offer good cover or that their prices are higher because of their size. This is actually not always the case and these smaller insurers are often the ones with the highest satisfaction ratings from customers, and they can often offer extremely low rates. Don’t ignore your high street insurer, there could be a great deal waiting for you.


You can often find discounts with insurers when you take a certain policy or take on multiple types of insurance. For example, some providers will do a deal if you take out home insurance with your car insurance, saving you money on both. If you have a car with anti-theft devices this can also bring about a discount, insuring multiple cars on the same policy too, and you can even save a little bit of money by agreeing to receive documents online. The key is to save as much as possible, so keep an eye open for discounts.

Older Cars

If your car is old and has low market value, you can skip the coverage for comprehensive insurance and collision. The reason for this is that the repair will often cost more than the value of the car itself, rendering these insurance options pointless. Losing these items can really bring the costs of insurance down.

Consider Usage Based Insurance

If you don’t rack up too many miles each year, less than 10,000 say, and you are also a relatively safe driver, you could benefit from a ‘pay-as-you-go’ style insurance. What happens here is that the insurer will track your car usage each month, and then attach a discount on your monthly payments, which fall in line with how much you are driving, and how well you are driving.

Don’t rush when buying insurance, make sure that you shop around and weigh up all costs and discounts before signing up.


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