The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose a Sim-Only Deal

  1. A more flexible monthly cost:

When choosing a phone to go with your sim, the prices of contracts are vastly limited in terms of choice. Say for example, you travel nationally a lot and so need a deal with a lot of data, you may find this deal but it might be paired with a phone that bumps the monthly cost up too high, having a sim-only deal will remove this problem as you are free to use whatever smartphone you need.

  1. Much, Much lower monthly prices:

The most obvious benefit to choosing a sim-only deal would be the much lower prices a month. It is easier to buy a smartphone upfront elsewhere and then take out a sim-only contract for a lower price. This gives you access to deals with a much higher Call, Text and Data allowance for a lower cost by eliminating the cost of the smartphone from the total cost of the deal.

  1. Generally shorter contracts available:

Because you don’t have to pay off your smartphone as well as pay for your usage, sim-only deals are easier to find as 12 month contracts as well as the usual 24 month contracts. This is a huge benefit for a lot of people as it means you won’t be tied to the deal for too long, making it much easier to move on to another carrier before your contract ends.

  1. You can keep your previous device:

Another obvious benefit of choosing a sim only deal would be that you can still use your old phone without having to upgrade to a newer device with a much higher monthly cost and total cost. If you have your own device that you are comfortable with and feel no need upgrading, you have two choices when choosing a sim only deal, go with a cheaper deal with the same allowances you’d get with a smartphone contract but for a much lower price, or spend the same money you would have spent on a smartphone contract but get a much, much higher Call, Text and Data allowance with a sim-only deal.

  1. Do you have a low/poor credit score?

If your credit score isn’t great, you may have been turned down when trying to get a smartphone contract, this is because you are effectively renting the device from the carrier and having a low credit score will affect your chances of being able to do this. With a sim-only contract, the carrier isn’t giving you a device so it will be easier to get the contract if you have poor credit score as you aren’t actually paying anything back.

  1. More choice of where to get your handset from:

When you choose a sim-only deal, you get the complete freedom on where to get your new device should you choose to buy one. This means that you have access to a lot more deals for a brand new device and also gives you access to a market full of used or refurbished smartphones that you wouldn’t be able to get when you buy a smartphone on contract.

  1. Usually no exit fees:

When you get a contract with a device as well, you owe money for that device to the carrier, this means when you want to move on to a different carrier they will charge you for the rest of the money for the phone, if you choose to cancel your contract close to the start of it this will leave you paying for most of the phone to end the contract.

  1. You won’t end up paying for a phone you don’t have:

This is a benefit that may not apply to a lot of people but it is an important one. When you get a phone as part of a deal, you then owe the carrier the money for the device as I’ve said before, but then if you find you want to buy a different phone but don’t want to upgrade with your carrier and you find yourself buying a better phone upfront, you will then end up still having to pay off the money you owe to the contract carrier even when you may have sold the phone they gave you. This can’t happen with a sim only deal as you don’t owe them any money for a phone.

  1. Great network perks, without the expensive phone:

Most mobile networks now offer a lot of perks, freebies and discounts that you wouldn’t get with other networks. This is great if you’re going for a sim-only deal with said network as it means you can get most of the perks and benefits without having to owe them.

  1. Full ownership of your handset:

A benefit that will often be overlooked but it is essentially the best benefit to having a sim only contract. Given that you payed for your device in full and you are only paying for the sim you owe no money at all to the carrier you are with, this has its own set of benefits entirely although I have already mention some, such as no exit fees for example.

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