The Most Unfrugal Purchase I’ve Made in Years

Buying your kids things for road trips
She really isn’t spoiled. Look at that creativity on the homemade hat!

Shannon from Financially Blonde had a great post on last week about how she almost never pays full price for anything. After reading that post, I tend to agree with her point of view that planning and shopping around almost always turns up a better deal. I try really hard to always get the best value for money we spend. Sometimes it is harder when you live in a small town and need or want something fast. Recently, I made a very frivolous and unfrugal purchase, and honestly, I don’t feel bad at all.

My Child Is Probably Really Spoiled

I do realize that my daughter has it better than most. She gets to live in a pretty nice house. She eats lots of home cooked meals made with organic vegetables and fruits. She gets all kinds of time with Jim and I. She has dance and ski lessons. We take awesome trips. She has already seen way more of the country in her 7 years than I did in my first two decades.

That being said, I can’t apologize for being able to offer her that lifestyle. We’ve worked hard for it, and I think parents always want their children to be able to do all the things they never did. What we don’t do is buy her stuff that only gives instant gratification. Outside of holidays and special achievements, she really doesn’t get toys. She knows that if she wants something, she’ll have to save her own money. She understands that work=money and that you don’t buy things you don’t have the money for. She also knows that I won’t buy her something just because she asks. We honestly haven’t ever had a temper tantrum at the store because I’ve never given her any reason to think that gets you anything but a time out and early bedtime.

However, my unfrugal purchase was totally something a spoiled brat might receive.

I Hate Keeping Up With the Joneses But………

I really hate the fact that many parents believe you have to have every gadget and thingamabob to have a normal and happy kid. If we don’t buy her an iPad at age 4, she will probably never get into college, right?

I will probably be one of the last parents to let my kid have any of those things. She might someday be the scorn of 5th grade without a cell phone, but oh well, it probably builds character. Now, one thing we did add when we bought our car in 2008 was a DVD player in the headrest. Even though our daughter wasn’t even one yet, we felt it would come in handy someday. This was also before we cleaned up our financial lives, so I guess that was a leftover kudo from our heavy spending days.

We take lots of road trips. Just to get to Target is an hour drive. To get to a major airport takes 4 hours. The in car DVD has been wonderful, and has saved us tons of, “Are we there yets?” or “I’m Boreds.” We don’t let our daughter watch a ton of TV, so it’s a special treat when she can watch as many movies as it takes to get to our destination.

You Always Have to Watch the Boys

Last winter, I took a friend’s son to ski lessons, and he broke our beloved DVD player. I didn’t realize what was going on at the time, but it sounds like he started pushing all the buttons really hard, over and over until the on/off switch broke. Girls would never do this, so I had no idea I even needed to monitor. Anyway, it was broken and would cost more than a new one to repair.

We told our daughter that we weren’t going to replace it. She took it OK, but well, road trips without the DVD have been not nearly as smooth. Yes, I realize we should make her look out the windows and appreciate America, but sometimes after you’ve seen an hour of desert, you’ve seen enough. I can only play about 10 games of I Spy before I’m ready to hurl myself out the car window. My daughter is also like her Mom and unable to read for very long while the car is moving.

Is It More For Me Or The Kid?

Three days before our 8 hour road trip to Las Vegas, I decided that we were, in fact, going to replace the DVD player. I had no prior plans, but had a no show at work and used the time to go over to the audio/video store. I was told the DVD could be replaced and ready to go by lunch for about $300.

I went back outside to call Jim. At first he said no way, but then I reminded him about our upcoming 16 hours in the car. After deciding to use blog money, we agreed on this most ridiculous and frivolous purchase. I never wanted blog or side income to be a ticket to spending more, so it goes straight into savings or retirement, except for this purchase!

I would like to say the DVD is a reward to our daughter for doing well in school or for reading more books last year than any other first grader, which is what I told her. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll say its more for us and our love of a peaceful road trip with many more to come. Any yes, I know DVDs are technology on borrowed time, but for little kids, they still work great.

We might have gotten a better deal if we had more choices in stores or were willing to DIY. This purchase was from a local owned shop, so I feel good about that. I felt bad for about 5 minutes, then realized that’s why we worked so hard to pay off debt and why we are careful with our money. I don’t ever want to make crazy purchases every day, but sometimes, it’s OK to be unfrugal.

Do your kids have a DVD or tablet in the car for road trips? What’t the most unfrugal purchase you’ve made lately? 




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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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