Unique Office Appropriate Gift Ideas for Your Employees

paper-933661_640We all get it — it’s hard to spread holiday cheer while stuck at a desk all day. But the season doesn’t have to be a drag at work; in fact, a few holiday gifts can do wonders for lifting the season’s spirits. And as the boss, it’s only fitting that you start the season off the right way with a few well-thought out gifts for your employees. We’ve given you a head start by compiling a gift guide that your employees are sure to enjoy.

Hot Cocoa Gift Box

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate during the holiday season? It’s a season staple that even the most hard to shop for can appreciate. Not only will it help your employees relax after a long work day, it’s something they can enjoy with the whole family or save for themselves when they need a getaway from the desk. Take it up a notch by going gourmet with a deluxe set that comes complete with milk chocolate cocoa mix and peppermint cocoa mix, along with a set of s’mores candy sticks for stirring.

Custom Socks

You can’t go wrong with a pair of warm, cozy socks — especially when they’re customized. Make custom designed socks at; simply send over a design — think company logo or holiday themed — and Stance will send you pairs of your unique creation. If you really want to go above and beyond, create a separate pair for each employee based on their interests. Star Wars socks for the self-titled office “nerd”, or NBA team socks for the consummate sports guy or gal. It’s a gift that’s sure to express your appreciation, and one they’re sure to remember for years to come.

Insulated Travel Mug

Chances are your employees need a cup of coffee to help them get to work on time, so make the morning a little easier by giving them a top-of-the-line go-cup like these from Yetti. They’re designed to keep hot (or cold) drinks at the desired temperature for longer, and can even be custom made to include a company logo or quote to suit your industry.

Mini Donut Maker

Office life fact: every employee appreciates treats waiting for them in the kitchen. Also donuts. Everyone appreciates donuts. Bring the two together and give your employees a mini donut maker of their very own. Simply pour the pre-made batter into the six donut molds, close the lid, and wait just four minutes and voila: donuts everyone can enjoy and a gift everyone will love. You can make it an event and decorate the donuts with sprinkles and icing, or leave it in the kitchen for those mornings when a little extra sugar rush is needed.

Wine Collection

When in doubt, turn to wine. Alcohol of any kind is a holiday staple that never fails to please, and it’s likely you work with quite a few people who enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of stressful day. But rather than give them just a bottle, gift them with a collection. There are many options to choose from, including sets from Williams Sonoma or The sets range in prices and can be centered on a theme, often including tasting notes and complimentary recipes.

Decision Paperweight

Because we’ve all been there — faced with a dilemma and unable to make a decision — and we all know the stress that comes with it, especially when it’s work-related. So be the best boss you can be and take some of the stress away with a decision paperweight, designed to make the tough decisions that much easier. Simply spin and let it decide if “Sit On It,” “Yes,” “maybe,” “reorganize” or many more are the correct option. It of course doubles as a paperweight, so it’s really two gifts in one. And who can beat that?

So next time you’re considering spreading a little cheer and kicking the holidays into full gear, use this list to make sure your employees get the gifts they’ll remember for years to come.

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