Valentine’s Day Gifts That Keep On Giving

Valentine's gifts that make moneyAs I was driving home one day this week, Rick Dees was talking about Valentine’s Day statistics on the radio. Of course, the one that caught my attention was that the average person spends $142 on their Valentine.

While a Benjamin and a half might not seem like a ton of money for that special someone, it’s not chump change. Multiply that by two for a couple, and we’re approaching $300. I don’t know about you, but if my family is going to be out almost $300 for Valentine’s Day, we don’t want flowers that die, candy that makes us fat, or dinner that will eventually end up in our septic tank. If I’m spending money on February 14th, it will be for a Valentine’s Day Gift that keeps on giving!

 A Gift That Saves Money

Ironically, we got our annual renewal bill for our safe deposit box this week. Happy Valentine’s Day, and we’re deducting $75 from your checking account!

I’m not sure why we need a locked box at the bank. We don’t have any valuables in there. It’s mostly insurance and real estate papers along with passports and a couple of car titles. Sadly, it’s one of those expenses we’ve been paying for years without really seeing the value. Plus it’s annoying when I need one of those papers and don’t have time to go by the bank.

I finally closed out the box and, ordered a fireproof/ waterproof lock box for $30 on Amazon. That way, our important documents are safe and in a place we can find them. Best of all, we’ll be saving $75 a year going forward. I might even let our daughter put heart stickers on the box so it seems more Valentiney.

If you haven’t done so in a while, make sure every bill you pay, monthly or annually, is for something useful. If not, cancel it.

A Gift That Makes Money

For $284, you could spend hours picking out 30 stocks to create your own Motif. I just started investing with Motif, and it’s pretty darn fun if you like studying markets, dividend yields, and stock valuations. If you don’t, they have lots of ready Motifs to choose from. You can read Grayson’s Motif Investing review for more information.

Buying a Motif or any stock investment is a gift that will make money over time. Assuming an 8% return, compound interest will turn $284 into over $1,300 in two decades. What will flowers do for you in 20 years?

A Gift That Promotes Health

Although I love most things related to money and financial security, those things don’t mean much without my health. For Valentine’s Day, instead of eating an expensive dinner out, why not take some time to go for a walk, bike ride, take a yoga class, whatever activity you and your honey enjoy (trying to keep it PG rated here). Then you can cook dinner together while avoiding the crowds and expensive prix fixe menus restaurants rip people off display on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Scrooge

Please don’t take this post the wrong way if you are someone who loves Valentine’s Day. I admit that I’m a certified Valentine’s Day scrooge. After almost 13 years of marriage, Jim has finally given up on buying traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them, my mind just doesn’t register glee for stuff that seems like it’s what you’re supposed to buy because commercials tell you so.

I think we’ll be keeping our $284 away from the stores this year. To me there’s nothing more romantic than being able to do what I want or work when and if I choose. That’s why all Valentine’s Day gifts from here on out will have to be ones that keep on giving. Sorry Russell Stover, Hallmark, and Teleflora!

Be honest, are you buying flowers and candy for Valentine’s Day? How much do you spend on February 14th?




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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of


  1. My wife and I just buy a card for each other on Valentine’s Day. We try our best to show our love and appreciation for each other throughout the year, not just on a given holiday.

  2. We took a trip to See’s candy and each chose a few pieces of our favorites. The hubby wrote me a love letter and gave me some dark chocolate along with a Nordstrom gift card for $25 (paid for with his allowance). I took him shopping (with my allowance) and he picked a new tie clip and a book! We also went to Chambers Bay for a lovely walk. It has been a great day without busting the budget!

    1. I love to go skiing. Something about being outside and having fun in the winter I guess. It’s almost too warm here to ski right now. I can’t believe I’m wishing for cold weather!

  3. I’m not a Valentine’s day scrooge but like always, I believe it’s about priorities and being mindful. There is nothing wrong with celebrating or not celebrating the holiday – but there is no need to break the piggy bank if you do. Spend what you can afford AND want to spend. Chris and I have exchanged very extravagant gifts and free gifts throughout our 25 years together. And I have loved them all because it was never about the price tag.

    1. I think it’s nice to have a mix. At this point, we generally end up getting the things we won’t, just not necessarily conjoined to a holiday.

  4. I’m right there with you Kim. I think we celebrated V day our first year of being married, but after that we’ve been very low key. I buy Nicole flowers, but at other times of the year when prices aren’t jacked up by an extra 50% or more. We somehow scored free babysitting tomorrow night, so we’ll just make dinner at home and relax.

    1. I think one of the reasons I don’t like Valentine’s Day is because of all those years I was single and had to watch everyone else ooh and aah over it.

  5. I am a Valentine’s Scrooge with you Kim!! My hubby and I have been together for 13 years now and we have never once celebrated a Valentine’s Day. It was one of the things I loved about him when we first started dating and we both agreed that it wasn’t a holiday we cared to celebrate. It has saved us tons of money over the years. 🙂

    1. I don’t like celebrating holidays that I feel have been manufactured mostly by companies looking to sell things, but I guess that means just about any holiday in this day and age.

  6. It’s funny, I’m not a Valentine’s Day Scrooge…I mean we got engaged on V day! However, I don’t like the crazy markups. I’m all good if hubby wants to buy me some flower shop leftovers on Monday!!! We luckily have a nice gift card for a nice restaurant but we are not using it this weekend. I think we will go out to dinner the night the new season of House of Cards comes out and come home to binge watch in our bed by candlelight! Seriously, though it’s the timing. I wish it could be in July. My birthday is 11/11, then expensive thanksgiving meal fixings, possibly some Black Friday shopping, hubby birthday 12/8, Christmas, New Years and lastly my oldest’s birthday is 1/7. We are spended out by the time Valentine’s day rolls around.

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