What Career Options Does a Business Major Have?

College Education

If you have an interest in the world of business, you may be thinking of embarking on a bachelor of business course. The good news about this type of degree is that it can be used to access more or less any occupation but also enables those holding it to specialise in various areas of business. Whether your talents lie more in the financial arena, marketing or even setting up your own business, a business degree is a very valuable qualification to have.

There are different ways to study for a bachelor of business, including attendance at a traditional college or more flexible study using an online provider. Whichever method of study you choose; a business degree opens up a wide choice of career opportunities for you.

Careers in finance

If you study for a general business degree this will usually cover several aspects of finance. It is a good foundation for a career in these fields; although you will need to study for further career specific qualifications. The good news is that a bachelor of business qualification will quite often get you a job in the world of finance. You can then study for further qualifications while you work; sometimes you may even be able to get some help with your study costs from your employer.

Careers in management

The thing with a management role is once you have one you will then often be able to diversify. Although technical knowledge may vary greatly from industry to industry many aspects of management are fairly similar. You need to be able to strategize well in addition to managing potentially difficult situations as well as people. Management roles are rarely easy but they are challenging and generally well paid. Usually you will need to spend time in more junior roles, or gain more specialist qualifications before you attain a higher management role, but a bachelor of business gets you on the career trajectory you are aiming for.

Creative careers with a business degree

You may not think so, but there are opportunities for people with both a bachelor of business and some creative flair. One of the most popular fields for people with this combination of skills is the world of marketing and advertising. Here, you can use the skills of a business degree, such as analysing and report writing while conducting market research and running campaigns.

As you can see, the world of business is far more varied than you may originally think it is. Once you have bachelor of business qualification it opens doors for you to then choose a career specialisation. The skills you learn also enable you to switch careers if you choose to do so as they apply across many different industries.

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