The Worlds’ Greatest and Most Affordable Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone bluetooth keyboard
Virtual Keyboard

Smartphones and the technology behind them are very much in the news recently, with Samsung set to unveil their new Galaxy S5 handset and market leaders Apple having already sold 21 million units of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus within a month of their launch. While these numbers are staggering in some respects, they should not come as a total surprise given the investment and innovation that has driven this marketplace in the last five years.

Accessories and gadgets also generate huge amounts of revenue within the smartphone market, as they help to embellish handsets and develop their functionality. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most innovative and affordable accessories available in the current market:

The Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

 Priced at an average of just $67, this virtual keyboard is innovative, versatile and compatible with most contemporary smartphones. Also equipped with HID connection and combination function keys, it is ideal for avid gamers and individuals who want to achieve a more interactive experience through their smartphones. This will be particularly advantageous for  visitors of the Euro Palace mobile casino app, where this unique accessory will enable you to seamlessly log in and out of accounts while also interacting with remote dealers and rival players as genuinely as possible, giving you the edge you need.

 The Bose Sound Link Wireless Mobile Speaker

speakers for smartphones
Bose Sound Link

 On the subject of gaming, sound is often pivotal if you are to enjoy an immersive and genuinely interactive experience. To help gamers achieve this, Bose has released a portable Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and any Android device imaginable. From up to 30 feet away, you can enjoy clear and resonant sound that enhances your gaming experience and helps to blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds. The device is also automated and elegantly designed, meaning that it can take pride of place in your living or gaming area without ruining the existing décor. It is also a relative snip at just $300.


The REMAX In-Ear Earphone


smartphone earbud accessories
Remax in ear earphones

While $300 for a Bose Sound Link Wireless Mobile Speaker represents excellent value for money, not every consumer has this sort of money to spend on smartphone accessories. This does not mean that these individuals do not want to enjoy an immersive gaming or musical experience through their handsets, however, so there is a pressing need to source a lower cost alternative. This is where the REMAX In-Ear Earphones are worth their weight in gold, as despite costing less than $10 they are compatible with all contemporary smartphones and deliver an amazing depth of sound.

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