MAJOR Things You’ll Likely Forget when Finding Your First Apartment


You’re itching to start moving; you’ve turned a new page in your life, and you’re ready to get out there and do great things. The first item on your list will almost always be where you plan to live.

That first apartment is a big investment. Through friends and family you’ll have heard enough advice of what to expect during the move and some ways to keep the costs low but there are always some things you’re likely to forget when finding the first apartment …

The Right Help When Sourcing a Place

You’ll want to work with an individual that is willing to take the time to get you the extra buck while finding you the best value for your budget.

Get on the horn and begin calling around the local real estate agents and apartment finders in your desired area. Take a cruise through the neighborhood and pay attention for the signs. Ask friends and family if they’ve had experience with anyone that provides local help.

You may also want to lay out your goals when you find someone in the apartment hunting process. These ideals such as active lifestyles, green living, future planning (such as kids), or starting a business should be part of the process since it’s not entirely fun to drive hours to work or where you have fun.

 Energy Efficiency

On speaking of green living, which has really started to trend …

Energy-efficient housing do wonders for keeping your energy usage to a minimum; apartments, such as those offered by Post Brothers Apartments, utilize Energy Star-rated appliances, computerized management systems, and community investments to offer apartments that do good for you and those around you.

The first apartment that you come across may be right in your mind but you have to make sure that you’re thinking about the long-term. Going after low rent may soon add up if the housing is very inefficient on the energy side which basically cuts at the costs you were saving compared to the better options out there.

Forgetting About the Safety Factor

The apartment you found through Craigslist or a friend sounds really great on paper, you may have even toured the housing, but did you take the time to look into the safety of your location? Just because you found a steal on rent doesn’t always mean it’s your best option.

Safety should be toward the top of your list when considering your first apartment because home invasion, theft, environment disasters, or gang violence could lead to personal harm, proper value depreciation, or mental anguish caused by stress brought on by the community.

Take the time to use local news and government websites to learn about crimes in your area; ask neighbors their honest opinion about how they feel about the neighborhood. Make a judgment based on your due diligence about safety before you sign into a lease.

The last thing you want is to lose your possessions or be inflicted physical harm as these bills to replace items or pay for doctor visits can quickly deplete the money you’ve set aside – it’s not worth the money saved on rent if these types of items are common occurrences.

The Cost of Moving

Moving is down-right expensive.

The first person you’ll turn to is the friend with the truck but never assume that the individual has the time nor energy to help with a move – most people loathe the activity especially having done so in the past.

The second choice is to rent a moving truck which now means that you’re paying for the rental, gas, and you have to set the right time to make the move else you could miss out on school or work. Additionally, if you’re moving heavy items than you’ll need some help which means sporting a few bucks toward your friends for taking time away from their day to lend a hand (unless they’re really nice).

Finally, you could go with a mover which can be quite expensive depending on how much you need to move and how far. There are tons and tons of companies that offer these services so it’s important to do your homework as to which provides the best service (and insurance) for the cost.


These may not seem like much but they’re common oversights by many of those seeking out their first apartment.

A great deal of money and anguish can be saved through the aid of the right individuals and doing your home work before taking the plunge. Good luck!

 This post was submitted by a guest author. If you would like to contribute a post to Eyes on the Dollar, please contact me.

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