9 Eyemart Express Coupons – $50 Off Coupon, Get 30% Off & More

Make your shopping at Eyemart Express even more exciting by redeeming the offers, deals, coupons and more by Eyemart Express. Today, we’ll be listing down all the working and available Eyemart Express coupons. Just make sure that you are reading the descriptions of deals and offers carefully to make the most of them. Stay with us till the end to enjoy the whole feast!

1. Shop Online @ Eyemart Express & Get 30% Off + Free Delivery

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Now customers can visit the online store of Eyemart Express and buy glasses or sunglasses at 30% off. It’s a great deal if you are looking forward to saving big on branded glasses and sunglasses. Moreover, you’ll also get free delivery on the online purchase.

Visit the Eyemart Express online store to select the right glasses at great prices. You can browse from the huge variety of glasses and sunglasses for men, women, and youth. Apart from that, you can also browse from brand names and come across amazing deals. Eyemart Express is now offering a 30% discount on the majority of glasses and sunglasses when you purchase from their online store. Moreover, the company will also compensate you with free delivery. Check out the official website of Eyemart Express today to claim the latest and greatest deals, offers and more.

2. Military Discount @ Eyemart Express – 10% Off Every Day

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Now make your job and life a little easier by claiming 10% off every day at your nearest Eyemart Express location. People who are connected with the American military are welcomed to shop at any Eyemart Express location at a discounted price. Get your discount today by visiting any Eyemart Express store.

All the people connected to the military will get a 10% discount at any Eyemart Express store. Whether you are retired, active/non-active, a veteran or dependent, you are qualified to claim the 10% discount at all the Eyemart Express stores. People who have access to a valid military or state-issued ID card can visit any Eyemart Express store and show their card to get a 10% off at any product. Note that customers can’t combine multiple promotions on a single purchase.

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3. School Faculty & Staff – Get 20% Off Every Day @ Eyemart Express

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Eyemart Express is welcoming all the school faculty and staff to get 20% off every day on all the products. All you need to do is just bring in your valid school or university ID to get a 20% discount on the total purchase.

If you work on campus or you are a student who’s already frustrated about paying school or university fees, Eyemart Express has got your back. They are offering a huge 20% discount on the total purchase to all the teachers, principals, bus drivers, custodians, students, and others. People who are looking forward to claiming this discount offer must present a valid university or school card. Make your life easier with everyday savings at any Eyemart Express store. Your family members can also make the most of this offer, a person with a valid card must be present with them at the time of purchase.

4. 2 Pairs Single Vision – Starting @ Only $38.71 

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For a certain time period, Eyemart Express is offering a great deal to its customers. Now you can visit the participating locations of Eyemart Express like Bakersfield, CA and get 2 pairs single vision glasses as low as $38.71.

Note that this offer is an in-store offer and it can’t be redeemed at the online website of Eyemart Express. You can visit the deal’s link and print the offer to show it when required. Moreover, customers can also mention or show the URL of this deal to redeem it at the Eyemart Express located in Bakersfield, CA. Note that you may find this same offer for other locations but you have to print or show a unique URL that’s associated with the location itself. Redeem this superb offer by Eyemart Express today before it expires.

5. 2 Pairs Progressive Starting @ Only $76.92 – Eyemart Express

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Visit the Bakersfield, CA location of Eyemart Express to redeem this great offer! You can get 2 pairs progressive as low as $76.92. Customers are required to show or mention this coupon deal in order to redeem it at the Eyemart Express located in Bakersfield, CA.

Two is better than one and when something is on sale, you shouldn’t miss it! Print this coupon deal by Eyemart Express and show it to the staff of store located in Bakersfield, CA to get 2 pairs progressive for just $76.92. This deal is available at many Eyemart Express locations but each varies according to its location. Just click the deal’s link, scroll down to the in-store offers and download this coupon deal by Eyemart Express. Don’t forget to mention or show it when you are looking forward to redeeming it at the Eyemart Express location in Bakersfield, CA.

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6. Get 2nd Pair Free If You Have Insurance – Eyemart Express

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Surprising news for all the people who have insurance! You can get your 2nd pair of sunglasses or glasses for free by showing this coupon deal at the Eyemart Express located in Bakersfield, CA. Hurry up, this offer is on for a limited time period.

This coupon deal is valid with all the $19.95 frames, single vision, plastic lenses along with a 1-year frame warranty. Note that this coupon deal is only available in some stores of the Eyemart Express. Moreover, not all the insurance plans qualify for this 2nd pair free coupon deal by Eyemart Express. Customers can visit the deal’s link and select the third in-store offer and print it to claim whenever they visit the Eyemart Express located in Bakersfield, CA.

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7. Sign-Up for the Eyemart Express Offers, Discounts & Savings

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You don’t have to keep looking here and there for the Eyemart Express offers after signing up at their official website. All you need to do is just enter your valid email address and click on the blue “SUBMIT” button.

Visit the official website of Eyemart Express and scroll all the way down. After that, you’ll see a separate horizontal section about savings, discounts and more. Then, enter your valid email address in the input box. Lastly, click on the blue “SUBMIT” button to continue. Once a week, the company will send you exclusive discounts, special savings, amazing offers, insider previews and more. You’ll be delighted after receiving all the latest offers and deals by Eyemart Express. Sign-up today, you just need to enter your valid and working email address.

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8. Get $50 Off – Bring Your Prescription to Eyemart Express

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Do you have a valid prescription? If yes, you can print or mention this coupon deal at participating Eyemart Express locations when purchasing to get $50 off. Note that you must make a minimum purchase of $125 to redeem this great discount by Eyemart Express.

You can get a $50 off by showing this coupon deal at Eyemart Express located in Abilene, Auburn, Cedar Park, Dallas, Iowa City, Lansing, Lake Charles, Madison, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Henrico or Kenwood. The customer’s total bill must be $125 or over to get a $50 discount. Note that customers can combine this coupon deal with special 2-pair pricing. Moreover, the prescription must be of a valid doctor to redeem the $50 discount. Get your hands on this coupon deal today by Eyemart Express! Lastly, customers can’t redeem this offer on the online purchase at Eyemart Express store.

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9. Get Mia Rae Dylan for Only $89.95 – Eyemart Express

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Dylan by Mia Rae is available at all the Eyemart Express stores for just $89.95. You can visit the nearest Eyemart Express store or shop this frame online. Customers can get this frame in 9 different tints!

Design and style meet at Mia Rae and Dylan frame is the best example of it. Mia Rae has made it sure that you can rock these pairs 24/7 and still look good and refreshing! This frame will upgrade your personality and will make sure that you stand out in the crowd. Dylan promises professionalism without sacrificing femininity, own it to believe it. Customers can get this frame from any Eyemart Express store for just $89.95. Buy it today and start shinning like a star.

Final Words

We mentioned all the available and working Eyemart coupons, offers, and deals. From special military discounts to coupon deals and special offers, we have tried to list everything that’s available related to the term Eyemart Express coupons! Note that we haven’t listed any expired or old coupons that aren’t working at the Eyemart Express.

Don’t forget to tell us which offer attracted you most of all. You can also suggest some coupons or deals related to the Eyemart Express by commenting down below. Lastly, if you have any queries or questions, feel free to comment down below and we’ll surely get back to you!

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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