9 Red Hot Genghis Grill Coupons, Deals, & Offers to Redeem Today!

If you want to hear about all the latest and valid Genghis Grill coupons, offers, deals, and discounts, you have come to the right place. From new discounts to limited-time deals and offers, this article will cover everything! Without further ado, let’s kick start the exploration of Genghis Grill coupons.

1. Get Double Points on Monday for Every Dollar Spent @ Genghis Grill

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Genghis Grill locations are celebrating Mongo Monday every Monday which means you’ll earn double points! Get 2x’s the points for every $1 you spend at the Genghis Grill location. All you need to do is just download the app and register yourself.

Mondays will not get any prettier than this, by spending just one dollar you’ll get double points! Just download the Genghis Grill application from the play store or app store and register yourself to the Genghis Rewards for earning 10 points on each dollar spent at Genghis Grill location. Note that you’ll earn standard points on other days, double points offer is only redeemable on Mondays. Visit the Genghis Grill today on Monday and spend as much as you can to earn double points for each dollar.

As Genghis Grill coupons 2015 have expired, we’ll be covering valid and available Genghis Grill coupons, deals, and offers, stay with us to learn it all.

2. Get Flat 20% Off on Takeout Orders @ All Genghis Grill Locations

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Note that this offer isn’t valid on dine-in at Genghis Grill locations. Takeout Tuesday coupon offer gives every customer a chance to get 20% off on online or phone orders. Note that the customers can’t avail this offer on any other day than Tuesday.

If you are ordering your favorite meal from Genghis Grill online, make sure to use this coupon code to get 20% off on total order on Tuesdays. If you are calling Genghis Grill to order something delicious, just mention the Tuesday discount offer. Customers who are visiting the nearest Genghis Grill location to place a takeout order on Tuesdays will automatically be able to get the 20% discount on the total amount. With all that said, wait for the upcoming Tuesday and make the most of this 20% off deal on that day.

3. Students & Teachers Deal: Get $2 Off Any Sized Bowl on Every Wednesday 

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This deal is only valid at the Genghis Grill locations, you can’t redeem the discount online or via phone order. Now students and teachers can get $2 off any sized bowl, all day long on Wednesdays by just showing their valid identification.

Teachers and students are welcome at Genghis Grill locations on every Wednesday to get $2 off any sized bowl throughout the day. In order to get the $2 discount on any sized bowl, an individual is required to show his/her identification. This offer isn’t valid for the people who are not currently teaching or studying at any institute or school. To redeem this offer, you just need to mention this deal at the counter and show your valid ID. Make the most of this offer before Genghis Grill decides to cancel it out.

Stay with us to explore more Genghis grill coupons + deals!

4. Get $2 Off Bowls on Weekdays @ Participating Genghis Grill Locations

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Some locations of Genghis Grill are offering a great surprise to its customers. Visit the participating locations of Genghis Grill on weekdays to get up to $2 off bowls from 11 am to 4 pm. This offer is only valid at some Genghis Grill locations.

Eat something delicious before going to work, especially when Genghis Grill is offering up to $2 off bowls at some participating locations. To learn more about the participating location near you, just call the locations near you and find out if they are offering this lunch special deal. Note that this offer is only available on weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm, you won’t be entertained with the lunch special deal after the closing hours. Make your weekdays special by redeeming the special lunch offer by Genghis Grill today!

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5. Sign-Up @ Genghis Grill & Get Free Appetizer or Dessert + Special Offers 

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Want to get emails packed with free stuff, awesome discounts, special deals and more from Genghis Grill? All you need to do is just sign-up at the official website of Genghis Grill for receiving special offers, great offers and more directly in your inbox.

Head over towards the official website of Genghis Grill and click on the “Rewards” page. After that, fill up the first sign-up form. Start entering the details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Birthday and Favorite Store. Then, click on the “Sign Up To Get Emails” button. Now you’ll get a free appetizer or dessert, just check out your inbox for more info on this. Moreover, Genghis Grill will send you a free gift on your birthday. Lastly, Genghis Grill will send you exclusive offers, discounts, special deals, and more weekly!

6. Eat, Earn Points & Get Rewarded – Genghis Rewards

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Earn points while doing the obvious at Genghis Grill. Just download the Genghis Rewards application from play store or app store, sign-up and start spending at Genghis Grill to earn points. Redeem the points to earn rewards plus get extra parks!

Every dollar you spend at Genghis Grill is equal to 5 points. On Mongo Mondays, you can earn double the points which means $1 = 10 points! Collect points and get your $10 rewards after reaching 750 points. That’s not it, you’ll get extra perks like a free appetizer or dessert after signing up for the first time. Start earning today by downloading the Genghis Rewards application, signing up and spending at Genghis Grill locations. Note that this application is free and no extra fees will be charged for creating an account. Make the most of this offer before things start to change.

That’s not it! We would like to keep the parade going. Stay with us to explore more Genghis Grill coupons.

7. Get Teriyaki Chicken Bowl for Just $7.99 – Participating Locations Only

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Your favorite chicken bowl is now available for less! At some locations of Genghis Grill, you can use this coupon code to get the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl for just $7.99.

You heard it right! This coupon code gives you the power of having the popular Teriyaki Chicken Bowl for just $7.99. Note that this offer is available at only some locations of Genghis Grill. To confirm this deal’s validity, you can call the nearest Genghis Grill and ask about it. Customers can also use this coupon code online when ordering the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl but it’s valid at only some locations of Genghis Grill. Get the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl at a great price by redeeming this coupon deal by Genghis Grill.

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8. Get $5 Voucher When You Sign Up @ Genghis Rewards

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Creating an account at the Genghis Rewards application to start earning points? You are lucky! This time around, you will not earn points through this app but get a free $5 voucher when you enter this coupon code.

Customers can download the Genghis Rewards application from the play store or app store. After downloading the application, open it and click on the button that says, “Sign-Up” or “Create an Account“. After that, enter your personal information and follow the instructions to create your account. Then, you can enter this coupon code and earn a free $5 voucher! This offer is available for a limited time period, create your Genghis Rewards account today and use this coupon code before it expires.

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9. Lunch Special: Get Bowls for Less @ Genghis Grill Minnesota

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Don’t pay the full price of bowls as Genghis Grill located in Minnesota has got your back. You can enjoy discounted bowl prices in the lunch timings at the Genghis Grill located in Minnesota. Although lunch special deals are also available at other Genghis Grill locations, we are only covering the ones in Minnesota.

Lunch special bowl prices are available from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 4 pm. Note that lunch special prices will not be available after 4 pm and at the weekends. You can visit the Genghis Grill located in Minnesota in lunch timings to get a small bowl for $9.49, regular bowl for $11.99 and large for just $12.99. We have listed down the prices of bowls of the Genghis Grill located in Minnesota.

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Final Words

Feed the fire inside you by visiting the Genghis Grill near you! Try out the offers, deals, and coupons we listed above to make your visit memorable. Don’t forget to read the description of every deal to make the most of it.

We hope you liked our effort as it wasn’t easy to compile valid and working Genghis Grill coupons, deals, offers and discounts! If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Lastly, if you have any special deal related to Genghis Grill, comment it down!

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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