Enjoy 7 Cassanos Coupons – Discounted Deals, Rewards & More

Looking forward to saving big at Cassano’s The Pizza King? We have got your back. Down below, we’ll be listing down all the available and working Cassanos coupons, deals, specials and more! All you need to do is just read everything thoroughly and carefully. It’s about time to start the journey! Tighten up your seat belts.

1. One Small Topping Pizza – Only $5.99

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Ordering something for yourself? Cassano’s The Pizza King has a great offer for a single person. Cassano’s is offering one small topping pizza for only $5.99. It’s a limited special deal by Cassano’s The Pizza King. You can order one small topping pizza online or visit the nearest Cassano’s location to redeem this deal before 3 pm.

Customers can select from a variety of Pizza options available at Cassano’s The Pizza King. Every pizza available at Cassano’s has its own distinctive taste, you can use this offer to get any one small topping pizza for only $5.99. Most of the small pizzas at Cassano’s are tagged at around $8.95, with this deal you can get any small pizza for only $5.99 before 3 pm. The Big 60, Mom’s Big Cheese, Deluxe Pizza and you name it, you can buy any small pizza by paying only $5.99 before 3 pm.

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2. $1 Discount on Personal Deluxe Pizza

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Visit Cassano’s before 3 pm to get a $1 discount on their personal deluxe pizza. The regular price of personal deluxe pizza is $5.49, you can get it for only $4.49 when you order or visit Cassano’s before 3 pm. It’s a special lunch deal by Cassano’s for all the pizza lovers.

Deluxe Pizza has a class of its own. It’s created with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and red & green peppers. People making the deluxe pizza are very concerned about its quality and taste that’s why they only use fresh ingredients. The majority of Cassano’s customers prioritize the deluxe pizza over all the other options. You’ll fell in love after eating the deluxe pizza by Cassano’s. You can order it online or visit the nearest Cassano’s location to stun your taste buds.

We have got more Cassanos coupons, stay with us to learn it all!

3. Get The Biggest Cassano’s Pizza for Only $99.99

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Want to entertain around 15-20 people? Order the biggest ever Cassano’s pizza today for only $99.99. It feeds around 20 people so that your party stays on and lit. Redeem this great 30-inch party pizza offer by ordering or visiting any nearest Cassano’s The Pizza King location.

The 30-inch party pizza by Cassano’s The Pizza King can be availed at only $99.99. Currently, they are just offering the one pizza option, everyone’s favorite: Deluxe. Moreover, customers can get their favorite topping party pizza for only $79.99. Note that the topping 30-inch pizza can be availed with a maximum of 7 ingredients, $5 per additional ingredient. Available toppings are pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, black olives, etc. You can call any Cassano’s location to book a party room for your friends or family. Note that you must notify Cassano’s 72-hours before the 30-inch party pizza’s order.

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4. Special & Limited Heart-Shaped Pizza – Only $15.99

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For a limited time period, you can get the original large thin crust heart-shaped pepperoni pizza for only $15.99. Share and express your love by giving the treat of heart-shaped pepperoni pizza to the people you care about. Note that it’s a limited time offer and Cassano’s can end it anytime! Get your hands on this exciting deal today.

Cassano’s heart-shaped pizza is topped with pepperoni and cheese. This pizza features the Cassano’s trademark thin crust that’s the perfect match for pepperoni and cheese. This special pizza is cut out in a heart-shape that reminds one of the people they love. Note that this heart-shaped pepperoni pizza is only available in large size, you can’t order it in any other size like small, personal, medium, etc. Order this pizza today to enjoy the wonderful mash of pepperoni and cheese.

5. Get Two Ingredient Calzone for Only $4.49

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If you are visiting or ordering Cassano’s before 3 pm, you can redeem this deal to get two-ingredient Calzone for only $4.49. Note that it’s a lunch deal and you can’t redeem it after 3 pm. Visit Cassano’s before 3 pm and get your hands on this deal today!

Calzone is an Italian oven-baked folded pizza that Cassano’s The Pizza King serves to its customers. Cassano’s specializes in calzone so that customers can taste and feel the Italian vibe. A special two-ingredient calzone is available at Cassano’s before 3 pm. You get to taste two ingredients in one mouthful calzone for only $4.49. Note that customers can choose any two ingredients according to their choice from the available options. Visit the nearest Cassano’s or order online to taste the supreme calzone in two ingredients before 3 pm.

6. 7-Inch Original, Italian, Ham & Cheese or Veggie Ham – Only $4.49 

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Special lunchtime offer for everyone! Visit the nearest Cassano’s location to get the 7-inch original, Italian, ham & cheese or veggie sub for only $4.49. You get a $1 discount on your favorite 7-inch sub before 3 pm. Redeem this great offering by Cassano’s today!

Four yummy subs, original, veggie, Italian and ham & cheese are the all-time hits of Cassano’s. The Original 7-inch-sub features ham, salami, pepperoni, pizza sauce, onions, banana peppers, and provolone cheese. Ham & cheese offers all the goods of the original sub along with lettuce, tomatoes, Italian dressing, and oregano. The Italian sub is the mixture of original and ham & cheese sub. Lastly, the veggie sub is specially created for the vegans amongst us. All four subs by Cassano’s are unique in their own ways, try out all to note the hidden and special differences!

CAUTION! More Cassanos pizza coupons are waiting for you guys ahead.

7. Cassano’s The Pizza King Membership – Earn Free Rewards

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Earning rewards has never been easy before, join Cassano’s The Pizza King membership program to earn free rewards. Customers just need to fill a simple form to join the rewards program by Cassano’s The Pizza King. Join Cassano’s rewards program membership today!

The rewards membership program by Cassano’s allow every customer to win free discounts, rewards, deals and more. The customers are required to enter their First Name, Email Address, & Phone Number to join the program. Cassano’s will entertain all the participants of this membership program with great rewards. Customers don’t have to pay a single penny for earning the rewards. From free meals to cash prizes and more, you can expect a lot from the Cassano’s rewards program. Join the venture of earning free rewards today!

Final Words

We gathered and listed all the Cassanos pizza coupons that are working and available! You can try out all the Cassanos coupons we have showcased on your next visit to Cassano’s The Pizza King. If you have a query or question, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Moreover, you can also list down any offer or coupon code we missed related to Cassano’s The Pizza King. Till then, enjoy the deals, coupons, and discounts!

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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