The best diaper reward programs for free diapers

Raising a baby is expensive. Whether you’re bringing home a newborn or already have a toddler, you’ll need plenty of diapers, wipes and other supplies to keep your little one happy and healthy. 

If you’re not too keen on using cloth diapers (you’ll still need plenty), then expect to pay around $840 per year on disposable ones. That being said, you can lower your costs slightly by using diaper coupons and signing up for diaper reward programs.

The best diaper reward programs 

Pampers Diaper Rewards 

Pampers Rewards is a program that rewards you for buying Pampers products and collecting points. You can earn points by buying almost any pamper product like diapers, wipes or even training pants. You’ll also get rewards points when you shop at Target or Walmart (or any other retailer) with your membership card by scanning it at checkout.

If you’re interested in signing up for this program, here’s how it works:

  • First, go to Pamper’s Club and follow the prompts to create your account. 
  • Second, once you’ve got an account you can download the app to fully take advantage of the program. For downloading the app you get $30 off any Ergobaby products. 


Hello Bello Bucks Rewards Program

Co-funded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard – two celebrity parents who believe all babies deserve the best, Hello Bello gives parents access to affordable, premium baby products. 

Not only are Hello Bello diapers premium quality and plant-based but they come with a low-tick price thanks to their partnership with Walmart. They strive to give their customers affordable and accessible quality products. Plus they have a simple rewards program where every $1 spend you get 1 point. And once you have at least 100 points, you can get some free diapers. 

Enfamil Family Beginnings

If you’re looking for a way to get free diapers and formula, Enfamil Family Beginnings is the diaper reward program for you.

Enfamil Family Beginnings offers a free sample of Enfamil newborn formula, a $25 Target gift card and an Enfamil diaper coupon. Once you’re registered with them you’ll earn 10 points/dollar on any purchases and you’ll get access to their app that has a built in ‘ask a nurse’, special discounts and even coupons from partnering retailers.  

Similac Strong Moms

The Similac Strong Moms program is a great way to save money on formula while scoring some free diapers. This program rewards moms who buy Similac formula, by giving them points that they can redeem to get free diapers at participating stores.

To join the program, you’ll need to sign up for the StrongMoms Rewards online. Once you’ve registered and created your account, you’ll be able to begin earning points toward freebies by completing surveys or watching videos. 

You’ll also receive emails containing offers from participating retailers that include diaper coupons and free formula samples. 

Huggies Rewards

Huggies Rewards is a diaper reward program that allows you to earn points for buying diapers and other Huggies products. You get points for every dollar spent, and then can use those points to redeem vouchers for free diapers. To participate you simply sign up, download the app and start collecting points.

GoodNite diaper rewards program

By joining the Goodnites baby club you’ll earn free diapers and get exclusive coupons, discounts and samples. Plus, you can earn points on purchases of all Goodnites, Huggies and Pull-Up products. You can then redeem those points on gift cards at stores you love. This is a great rewards program if you’re not keen on staying to one brand and want to get diaper coupons on multiple diaper brands. 


Luvs Coupons

Luvs is a popular diaper brand that offers free diapers to members of their network. This means that by joining their network you’ll get diaper coupons, wipes and other Luvs products. If you accumulate your points you can put it toward diapers so you get some for free. Here’s how: 

  • Join the Luvs coupon page here: 
  • You’ll be redirected to P&G Good everyday where you can sign up to receive points for every dollar spent on select items. Even a few bucks off each purchase is pretty sweet! You will also get coupons for free diapers or wipes when they are included in your rewards card (which you can use toward future purchases).


Target is a great place to find diaper coupons and deals in general. You can get a free gift card for signing up for their rewards program, which offers points you can use on anything at Target (not only diaper discounts). The more you spend, the more rewards points you earn. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the Target Redcard through your local store or online at 
  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent (1 point = $0.01) at participating stores across America. There’s no limit on what you buy or how many times per week—so go crazy!
  • Use those last few cents of each dollar spent on any purchase in store–the limit is $300 per calendar year; this includes most items in grocery stores like milk & breads as well baby items like diapers, food and clothes. 


Kmart has a general rewards program, called the ‘Shop Your Way Rewards Program’. It’s free to join and you can earn points just by buying things from Kmart. You get one point for every dollar spent at Kmart. So if you spend $100 on diapers or baby clothes, you’ll earn 100 points. 

You can use your points to get free diapers or other things as well as cash back in the form of gift cards.

Final Thoughts 

If you have a child and are planning on using the same brand of diapers then the main way to save money is to sign up for diaper reward programs. That way, if you have a favorite diaper brand then there’s probably a loyalty program out there for it. Our favorite is Hello Bello – for their affordability and their quality. 

However, if you like to use one brand for overnight diapers and another one for daytime, then we suggest going with a general program like Target or Kmart. That way you can save on a variety of brands and items. 

Another big way to save money on diapers is to scope out diaper coupons and sales. By signing up for a diaper coupons alert or parenting newsletter (like ours), you’ll get diaper coupons and baby deals emailed directly to you.

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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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