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Saran Cling Plus 200 Sq. Ft

The Saran Cling plus is an ideal wrap you can use in covering food that had been prepared and stored for future use. You can as well reheat this food quickly with a microwave. It designed specifically to cling to food tightly to ensure it fully sealed as well as kept fresh.

In case you’re taking your family on a retreat, this is the best way to wrap up your food and be assured of finding them as fresh and tasty as before storage, whether you’re embarking on a picnic or even a cross country trip. The Saran Cling plus wrap can be used to store sandwiches, salads, desserts, vegetables, cheese, snacks, and more foods. [wpcd_coupon id=20479]

When heating food that’s wrapped in Saran Cling Plus, you should use a large container for optimum results and leave about an inch between the food and the wrap. You can turn back one of the corners of the wrap to allow ventilation of excess steam. For you to prevent your Saran Cling plus wrap from melting, ensure there is no contact between any food that’s high in sugar or fat. Not suitable for use in conventional ovens, browning units, toaster ovens or stovetops. This wrap is sold at $1.15, $0.01 per ft.

Natural Made Vitamin D3 2000 IU 400 ea

Natural Made Vitamin D3 2000 IU 400 ea. are natural made Vitamin tablets that are manufactured by an incredible type of vitamin D known as vitamin D3. What amazing about these vitamin tablets is that most bodies prefer these tablets. It’s a preferred form of vitamin D.

It helps in teeth nourishing, as well as strengthening of muscles and bones. The Natural Made Vitamin D3 contain neither, yeast, artificial colors or flavors, and it is gluten-free. The supplement includes both tested and verified ingredients. Vitamin D3 helps in maintaining and raising the level of vitamin D that circulates in the body. You should take one tablet every day along with a meal. You take in with water before ingestion for easier swallowing. [wpcd_coupon id=20482]

The bottles should be closed tight and stored in a cool and dry place. The vitamin D3 is sold at $20.99 and $0.05 per ea. You buy one, you get one free. You get up to $2 off on purchases above $20. The native made vitamin D3 coupon code is 20FFNM.

The Shout Out Wipes and Go Instant Stain Remover

The shout out a wipe and go instant stain remover helps in lifting stains off any form of fabric. The use and individually wrapped stain removers that can be used as well as stored in offices or while you’re traveling or even in your car. The stain removers are put in a pack of a dozen small towels that are 5 by 6 inches each.

With the shout out a wipe and go stain remover, you can wipe stains anywhere you go. You can keep them in your car in case of spills that may occur when approaching bumps. Carry them in your bag to wipe out spots that may stain your favorite attire. [wpcd_coupon id=20483]

If you may be having tough stains, ensure to get one of the Shout out wipes that will enable you easily remove the stains. For efficient use and outcome, when wiping out stains with the shout out wipes, you should wipe the stain in a circular motion beginning with the outer regions of the stains, heading towards areas where the stain is saturated.

While treating the stain remover, you should put a piece of cloth under the stained area. In case the ring of the stain remover appears, first moisten the shout out stain remover, then start wiping gently from the edge of the stain you want to wipe out. The shout out wipes clearance is at $1.43. $0.12 per sheet.

The Off! Active Insect Repellant

The Off! Active insect repellant can be used to offer protection against insects for hours. It helps repel flies, ticks, gnats, and mosquitos since the federal regulations do not allow CFC repellants, this Off! Active insect repellants contain no CFC products or any other substances that may damage the ozone layer. Before use, it’s essential to note that the Off! Active repellant sprays upside down. To ensure it offers you maximum protection, spray the repellant with your hand to reach every part of the skin.

When spraying, makes sure you hold the container about 6-8 inches from your body, as well as spray in a slow and gentle sweeping manner. Also, ensure not to use the spray for space spray. When applying the repellant in the face, spray some on your palm and rub gently on your face and avoid the eyes and mouth. In children, ensure not to spray their hands. [wpcd_coupon id=20486]

Do not keep the Off! Active repellant more that it is required. After returning indoors, ensure to clean the skin with soap and warm water to completely wash out the repellant. Keep the repellant in a cool and dry place, away from children, as well as any source of heat or flame. Also, you should not destroy the container.

You can recycle it for several uses. If you’re not able to recycle the container, then dispose of it most appropriately. The Off! Active insect repellant final price is set at $2.88. Walgreens clearance Christmas offers most of the great deals you can get, with this price, you get to save up to $6.61, 70% off. Isn’t this amazing? However, prices online and in stores may vary a bit.

Schiff Move Free Bone and Joint Supplement. Glucosamine Chondroitin Plus MSM Tablets 120 ea

The Walgreens clearance schedule 2019, have provided high quality and effective products at affordable prices. The Schiff move free bone and joint supplement assist in lubricating, as well as repairing bones. They are small tablets that can be easily swallowed, unlike other bone and joint supplements. The supplement is equipped with premium ingredients, including Chondroitin, hyaluronic, glucosamine, uniflex, and more.

Each of these ingredients plays a specific role in improving the health of your bones. For instance, the Chondroitin helps in attracting fluids towards the joints to enable lubrication, as well as cushioning. Uniflex is another important ingredient that has been tested and verified by experts. It enhances comfort in joints for up to two weeks.

[wpcd_coupon id=20489]

Hyaluronic Acid is another substance of benefit present in the Schiff bone and joint supplement. These are molecules that are found in joints that are healthy and help to enhance the lubrication of these joints. MSM is also an ingredient added to the supplement to help in forming collagen. You purchase one of these Move free joint health supplements, you get one free. The final supplement price is set at $27.99, $0.23 per ea. You get to enjoy a $10 cut off on purchases more than $60. Its free code is GETSCHIFF10.

The Osteo Bi-flex Advanced Triple Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM with 5-loxin, Tablet

Osteo Bi-flex supplements contain both glucosamine and Chondroitin to enhance the strengthening of your joints. It enables the joints to be mobile. The glucosamine also helps in maintaining the essential cartilage and enhances comfortable movement. Taking the Osteo Bi-flex tablets will make you feel the improvement in your joints after one week.

At this point, you’ll feel that the bone has started gaining strength and have gained power. Having powerful joints that are filled to energy and healthy nutrients is the key to have a great day. With Osteo Bi-flex, you can kick-off the day with strength and power to engage in the day’s activities with success. [wpcd_coupon id=20490]

Among the Walgreens Clearance deals, this is the leading and most efficient America joint health brand. They are manufactured with the highest standards of product quality, potency, as well as, purity. It’s advisable to take two tablets daily along with a meal to ease in swallowing. You are also advised that you should seek your doctor’s advice before taking these supplements in case you’re pregnant, breastfeeding a young one, or on any other medication like blood thinners.

It’s not for use for persons under the age of 18 years. The final price of Osteo Bi-flex joint and bones supplements is set at $43.99, and $0.37 per ea. You buy one, you get one free. The supplement’s code is HEALTHY15.

Walgreens Omeprazole 20mg Tablets Bottle 42.0ea

These Walgreens Omeprazole tablets help in treating heartburns that may frequently be occurring. Its results are usually manifested after one to three days. So it’s important to go through the 3-14 days treatment process. Some of the active ingredients in Walgreens Omeprazole tablets are the omeprazole 20mg, as well as a Proton pump Inhibitor that reduces pumps in the stomach and hinders the productions of excess Acid in the stomach. This is an ideal way to curb frequent heartburns.

The Walgreen Omeprazole tablets are mostly known to treat heartburn that happens more than two times a week. If you’ve been having trouble with heartburns, worry no more, Walgreen Omeprazole is here at an affordable price this Christmas to help you deal with heartburns. [wpcd_coupon id=20492]

The 14-day treatment to deal with your heartburns should not be a problem, you’ll only be needed to take only one tablet after every 24 hours, an easy task, I guess, right? When you purpose to engage in this treatment, be assured of seeing appealing outcomes even after one to three days into medication.

It’s not recommended to use these tablets if you’re allergic to Omeprazole or if you may be experiencing the pain or difficulty in swallowing food. These tablets, however, are readily available at fair prices of up to $21.99, $0.52 per ea. You buy you get one free. The code for these Omeprazole tablets is WALG15.

Walgreens Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 16.0oz

This product is used to treat or nurse minor abrasions and cuts. It can be used as an antiseptic during first aid. You can use hydrogen peroxide to an area that’s injured or bruised. If the wound is bandaged, allow it to dry first before using hydrogen peroxide. Apply in small quantities on the intended part 1-3 times per day. The product can also be used in oral rinsing. In case you need an oral debriding agent to use. [wpcd_coupon id=20493]

You should not use hydrogen peroxide in the eyes or even apply in large areas in the body. It’s not advisable to continue using hydrogen peroxide on injuries for more that one week. Seek advice from a medical expert in case you want to apply the product in a deep cut or wound, serious burn, as well as, animal bite.

Seek medical attention if the wound does not show signs of improvement, swelling or rash start to appear on the wound, it may even get worse, or if sores in the mouth do not improve even after seven days. In case you also feel some sought of irritation, redness persist, or even pain, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor for further treatment. Hydrogen peroxide is available at $0.99. You buy one, you get one free. The code for the product is WALG15.

Walgreens Vinyl Gloves Fit Most. 200.0ea

These lightweight and flexible gloves that fit perfectly on both hands, as well as suitable for medical purposes. Thee gloves are safe to touch any edible substance, and should only be used one. It’s important to keep in mind that these gloves aren’t manufactured from rubber latex. They have a wide range of uses like baby care, health care, diabetic care, as well as incontinence care. It’s made from PVC, meant for basic protection. Pharmacists highly recommend the use of these Walgreens Vinyl gloves. The sizes of these gloves, perfectly fit both hands. [wpcd_coupon id=20494]

The products assure you of protection from freezing or avoiding too much heat. It’s important to keep them dry and store away from heat, direct sunlight, X-rays, ozone, and moisture. The Walgreens vinyl gloves are available at $14.99. However, prices might vary in different stores and online markets. You purchase one, you get one free. The code for this product is WALG15.

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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