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PretzelTalk customer survey is an effort by Auntie Anne’s to collect feedback from customers. PretzelTalk guest survey at gives every customer a chance to submit their honest and candid feedback. Auntie Anne’s survey welcome all customers!

As an appreciation, participants of the PretezelTalk survey will receive a validation code at the end of the survey. Entrants can redeem the validation code to get the offer printed on their sales receipt. If you want to learn more about Auntie Anne’s survey, follow our lead.

About PretzelTalk Survey

PretzelTalk survey can be found at Note that you can’t find the Auntie Anne’s survey at pretzeltalk.con or www.pretzeltalk.con. This 2-minute customer satisfaction survey aims to collect your honest feedback about Auntie Anne’s products, services, and more.

Auntie Anne's

To raise the standard of snacking and your experience at Auntie Anne’s, feedback is necessary. Auntie Anne’s guest feedback survey wants you to be a part of their family by answering some simple questions. Your answers will help Auntie Anne’s analyze a few things and improve in the future.

It’s strictly necessary for every participant to correctly and honestly answer the survey questions. False or bias answers will not only kill the aim of collecting feedback but hurt the credibility as well. We recommend our readers to channelize their inner human-being when taking this survey.

Auntie Anne’s is looking forward to hearing from its customers. If you have recently visited any location of Auntie Anne’s, you are proudly welcome to take part in this survey. Answer the survey questions, provide opinions & win a free code to redeem the offer on your sales receipt.

PretzelTalk Survey Details

Purchase Required? Yes
Type Survey
Prize Validation Code
Entry Method Online
Entry Limit No Limit
Location US & Canada
Receipt Valid For Unlimited Days
Status Accepting Surveys

Entry Limits & Prize Details

Don’t want to go through the gigantic document of entry limits & prize details? We have got your back! Below are some important details you should note.

  • You must have access to an eligible sales receipt of Auntie Anne’s.
  • Customers can only redeem the offer printed on their sales receipt for once.
  • Entrants can enter multiple times via unique sales receipts.
  • Don’t share the validation code with any other person.
  • Copy down the validation code on your sales receipt.
  • Make sure to visit Auntie Anne’s asap to redeem the offer on your receipt.

Rules & Eligibility Requirements

We’ve read through the lengthy Terms & Conditions so that you don’t have to. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Participants of the PretzelTalk survey must be able to fluently communicate in English.
  • Valid information must be printed on your Auntie Anne’s sales receipt.
  • Your web browser must be up to date. We recommend users to browse via Google Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Make sure to enable javascript and cookie before participating in the PretzelTalk survey.
  • Entrants of the survey must be 18 or older.
  • Don’t forget to note down the validation code on your sales receipt.

How to Enter Online: WIN Validation Code in PretzelTalk Customer Survey – 

At last, it’s about time we submit our participation in the PretzelTalk guest survey. You can explore & discover the participation process on your own but we recommend to follow along our step-by-step guide. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1 Grab Your Auntie Anne’s Sales Receipt

Find your Auntie Anne’s sales receipt to locate the required information for the survey and click on the button located below. Alternatively, click here to provide additional feedback.

Enter PretzelTalk Survey

You’ll be taken to a new page. On that, click on the button that says, “Start PretzelTalk Survey“. You’ll be taken to the official page of Auntie Anne’s customer satisfaction survey.

2 Enter Store Number from Receipt

The survey page will appreciate you for your efforts. After reading the entry paragraph, locate the 3 digit store number on your sales receipt. Then, enter the store number in the input field. After that, click on the “Next” button to continue.

Enter Store Number from Receipt - PretzelTalk
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3 Fill In More Information from Your Receipt

Now locate the Order/Check number on your receipt and enter it down in the first input field. After that, enter the date and time in their respective fields.

Then, answer how often you visit Auntie Anne’s by selecting any one option. Lastly, select visit reason and click on the “Next” button to continue.

Fill In More Information from Your Receipt -
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4 Enter Host Name

On the next page, enter the hostname from your sales receipt in the input field. Then, answer if any team member suggested you to add a drink or dip to your order. After that, move onto the next section by clicking on the “Next” button.

Enter Host Name - PretzelTalk
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5 Rate Overall Experience

Now rate your overall experience as per your latest visit to Auntie Anne’s. Select one reaction and move onto the next section.

Rate Overall Experience -
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6 Read Statements & Rate

Now you’ll see a list of statements, read all, and rate according to your recent visit. We want to make one thing clear, your feedback really affects and makes a difference at Auntie Anne’s. Be wise when answering the questions.

Click on the “Next” button to move forward.

Read Statements & Rate -
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7 Explain Your Ratings

Now you might not encounter this screen if you have given full marks to the statements in the previous section. Explain your ratings by selecting one option that describes why you weren’t satisfied. You’ll see two such screens, select one primary option, and move onto the next section.

Lastly, the survey will ask your opinion and suggestions to make things better & perfect. Explain in your own words and mention all the details. After that, move onto the next page.

Explain Your Ratings - PretzelTalk
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8 Select Items You Ordered & Answer Related Questions

Now select the items you ordered on your recent visit. After that, move onto the next section and answer questions related to them. Moreover, the survey will ask you to explain and give your opinion about the items you selected.

Select Items You Ordered & Answer Related Questions - PretzelTalk
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9 Join InMoment Exclusive Panel Community

Join the InMoment panel-community and get a chance to win multiple rewards. Enter your First Name, Last Name, & Email Address. Then, move forward.

Join InMoment Exclusive Panel Community - PretzelTalk
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10 Write Down Your Code

Congratulations! Write down the validation code on your sales receipt and visit the nearest Auntie Anne’s location to redeem the offer printed on your receipt.

Write Down Your Code - PretzelTalk
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That’s it, you did it!

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About Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne's Store

The legacy of Auntie Anne’s started when Anne Beiler bought a stand in a Pennsylvania farmer’s market in 1988. After some experiments and secret strategies, Auntie Anne was able to pull off a masterpiece. The same freshness and taste you know today was brought into the world by Auntie Anne.

The commitment of “giving back” at Auntie Anne’s isn’t a market strategy but what this company practices on a daily basis. From humble beginnings, giving back to the community and people has been the motto of Auntie Anne’s. It’s the story of Auntie Anne that has led the company to this path.

It was Auntie Anne’s urge to help her husband’s desire to provide free family counseling services for their community. The urge gave birth to the world’s largest soft pretzel franchise, Auntie Anne’s. From a single farmer’s market stand to serving countries, it’s been a great journey for this chain.

As Auntie Anne’s said, “Caring for other people is the purpose of Auntie Anne’s.” Auntie Anne’s is more than an ordinary pretzel chain as its values are filled with commitment, care, and love for everyone. You can visit the nearest Auntie Anne’s location to experience composure, love, commitment, and care.


Pretzel Perfect chain started as a market stand in the Downingtown, Pennsylvania Farmer’s Market in 1988. The start of Auntie Anne’s franchise was brought to life when a store location inaugurated at Saturday’s Market in Middletown, Pennsylvania. People were loving freshly baked pretzels, quality dips & beverages.

The 100th store opening of Auntie Anne’s was celebrated in Granite Run Mall, Media, Pennsylvania back in 1992. In 1995, the first-ever Aunt Anne’s train station location was opened at Penn Station in New York City. In the same year, the first international expansion of Auntie Anne’s took place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Corporate headquarters of Auntie Anne’s was relocated in October 2006 from the town of Gap, Pennsylvania to downtown Lancaster. The new headquarters of Auntie Anne’s was the former site of Lancaster Post Office. It was purchased & renovated for about $7 million by the administration of Auntie Anne’s.

Auntie Anne’s was acquired in November 2010 by Focus Brands, a portfolio company of Roark Capital. From 2013 to 2015, William P. Dunn Jr. was occupying the seats of company president & chief operating officer. After William’s reign, Heather Leed Neary was appointed as the company’s president in 2015.

Fun Fact

Do you know that Auntie Anne’s has over 1,500 locations around the world? Moreover, only the international location’s toll count of Auntie Anne’s has passed the 600 mark. You can find Auntie Anne’s in Greece, Russia, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, etc.

From 1999 through 2009, Auntie Anne’s and its franchisees collaborated to donate $4.5 million to local children’s hospitals. The donation was spread across the local hospitals of the United States of America via the Children’s Miracle Network.

Auntie Anne’s partnered up with the famous organization called Food Donation Connection in 2011. Partnership matched stores throughout the United States of America with local hunger relief organizations for donating extra pretzel products.

In 2011, Auntie Anne shook hands with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to support the mission of finding a cure for childhood cancer. Through in-store fundraising campaigns, coin canister donations, local event collaboration, etc the company has raised more than $5.1 million since 2011.

Contact Auntie Anne’s

Want to contact Auntie Anne’s? Here are some quick and easy ways to connect with Auntie Anne’s.

Resource Links

Below are some important resources related to Auntie Anne’s customer satisfaction survey.


In this section, we’ll cover some of the frequently asked questions about the Auntie Anne’s customer satisfaction survey. Before you ask our assistance by commenting down below. We recommend you guys to go through this section first.

I can’t enter the PretzelTalk survey, what’s the problem?

If you are unable to enter the survey after entering information from your receipt, then your receipt might be invalid. Moreover, try entering the information from your receipt after some time as Auntie Anne’s survey’s servers might be facing some problem.

How can I win the validation code?

In order to win the validation code, you just need to complete the Auntie Anne’s guest satisfaction survey at It’s not a sweepstakes survey so every participant will get the validation code for free.

Is there any closing date for Auntie Anne’s survey?

No! There isn’t any closing date of the PretzelTalk customer satisfaction survey. You can take this survey anytime you want with a valid sales receipt of Auntie Anne’s.


Final Words

Well, that’s it from our side. In today’s piece, we talked about Auntie Anne’s guest satisfaction survey. From survey instructions to participation guide & company information, we covered all the essential stuff. If you think we missed something, feel free to tell us in the comments section.

Take part in the PretzelTalk survey and win a free validation code! For queries and questions, hit us down below, we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

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