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Chick-fil-A chain of restaurants is looking for customers who would like to provide their valuable feedback by taking part in the web survey. As a reward for the valuable time that the customers are willing to part with, Chick-fil-A is offering a chance to WIN a free Chicken Sandwich.

Customers who take the time to provide their feedback in the Chick-fil-A customer experience survey have a better understanding of what they want and expect from the fast-food chain. The company wants to gather your feedback so that it can improve and provide what you demand the most. No matter which location you visited across the country, Chick-fil-A wants you to share your thoughts online through the customer experience survey. At Chick-fil-A, the people behind the brand wish that each and every customer enjoys their meals and any complaints that they may have is addressed.

Why the Chick-fil-A Customer Experience Survey

Chick-fil-A feedback survey has been conducted with the sole aim of collecting your thoughts and honest opinion on the food and services provided at the thousands of locations across the nation. The information that you provide through the online feedback survey is then analyzed and put into action for making the restaurant dining experience better than ever. The company puts plenty of effort in recording and studying the feedback, and then draws out several conclusions for making the required changes. Secondly, this survey helps the company to connect with you, the customer on a direct basis. Chick-fil-A survey video by Surveybag step-by-step guide video by Surveybag. Learn how to finish Chick-fil-A customer survey online. Read more about it at

Chick-fil-A wants you to comment on the food menu items and the service of the staff members, which is why this survey allows you to create a communication with the brand directly. The brand wants to get connected with the customers so both parties can communicate, voice out the concerns and have their say. In each section of the web survey, you are guided by short snippets that will help you to answer the questions without getting into any complications. All you have to do is follow the guidelines for solving the Chick-fil-A customer experience survey and you’ll be good to go.

How to WIN Free Sandwich in Chick-fil-A Survey – Web Survey

To grab one of the most popular items on the Chick-fil-A menu, an Original Chicken Sandwich for free, here’s what you need to do to participate and successfully complete the Chick-fil-A customer experience survey:

Survey Requirements:

  • The entrant is required to use a computer or a smartphone with an active internet connection to access the Chick-fil-A survey online.
  • You will require a Chick-fil-A order receipt or survey invitation to enter the required survey code on the website.
  • Basic information such as your Name, Address, City, Province and more may be required in the Chick-fil-A customer experience survey.
  • As a participant, you must be able to read and write in English or Spanish to take part in the Chick-fil-A survey.
  • You are required by the Chick-fil-A survey rules to be a legal resident of any of the 50 States of the United States or the U.S. Territories.
  •  You must be a minimum of 18 years or older to enter the Chick-fil-A customer feedback survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  • If an attempt is made to tamper or damage the Chick-fil-A customer experience survey is made, it will be a violation of U.S. criminal and civil laws.
  • If too much prejudice towards the Chick-fil-A brand or its employees is noticed, your entry may be terminated.
  • Employees of Chick-fil-A and the members of their families, including brand sponsors, affiliates, subsidiaries of Chick-fil-A, promotional and advertising agencies are hereby barred from entering in the Chick-fil-A survey.
  • Purchasing more products from Chick-fil-A does not increase your chances of winning the rewards.
  • If you are not 18 years old or more and a legal resident of the United States and U.S. Territories, you cannot qualify for the reward offered in the Chick-fil-A survey.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Just head over to the web survey website to begin.
  2. Make sure that you are answering as per your personal experience and the opinions in the Chick-fil-A survey is not biased.
  3. On the welcome screen of Chick-fil-A survey, you’ll be given the option to choose your preferred language.
  4. You can select either English or Español as per your preference.
  5. Now grab the Chick-fil-A order receipt that will be needed to enter the information into the survey website.
  6. Type down the serial number that is printed on the Chick-fil-A order receipt.
  7. Check the entered survey code and click on the red “Start” button.
  8. The Chick-fil-A survey will present you with questions related to your experience dining at a Chick-fil-A location recently.
  9. At the end of the Chick-fil-A customer experience survey, you will be given the opportunity to claim the gift.
  10. Write down the validation code offered and use it at your next visit to a Chick-fil-A restaurant to claim your free sandwich.

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About Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a large chicken restaurant chain store that is headquartered in College Park, Georgia, United States. The very first Chick-fil-A restaurant was opened back in 1946 and now is proudly boasting more than 2,200 store locations across the world. Chick-fil-A is preferred by many customers over legacy brands such as KFC and is growing rapidly with its wide selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.

Final Words

If you have saved your receipt from your recent visit to a Chick-fil-A restaurant and you see a serial number and an invitation printed on the receipt to take part in the web survey, then you should get online as soon as possible and complete the survey and grab yourself a free sandwich. For any concerns or questions, reach out to us in the comments section down below.

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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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