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Newk’s Eatery is asking its loyal base of customers to give their valued feedback in the customer satisfaction survey that is being conducted at All you need to do is give a few minutes of your valuable time and WIN a coupon code in return.

The Newk’s customer satisfaction survey is a fantastic way for customers who have made a purchase at a Newk’s restaurant to share their experience with the restaurant giant and grab a free coupon code to redeem for a special offer on their next visit. The company understands that a happy customer is the lifeblood of any business, which is why Newk’s Eatery is heavily invested in ensuring that each and every dining experience that you have at one of their restaurants is always a pleasant one. Newk’s Eatery not only understands but values the time and effort that you put into answering the questions mentioned in the customer satisfaction survey, which is why the company is glad to help you WIN a coupon code in return.

Why the Newk’s Eatery Customer Satisfaction Survey

We live in a day and age where the food and service industry is developing at a rapid pace with plenty of competition to go around. In such a crowded space, Newk’s Eatery has stood out by offering food menu items that are unique and mouth-watering, while establishing a personal relationship with its customers who have turned into loyal patrons over the decades. But even years of goodwill can disappear in an instant if a company does not maintain and grow the customer satisfaction rating, which is why the customer satisfaction survey has been established at in the first place.

By making the most out of the future of the marketing world, Newk’s Eatery is using the power of the internet to connect with actual paying customers even after the point of purchase to find out how their experience was when they last visited any of the 100+ restaurant locations across the country. Rather than having feedback recorded physically, the digital survey allows the company to not only maintain a viable database of the thoughts, opinions, and complaints you provide but effectively act on them. At the end of this customer satisfaction survey that is being offered by Newk’s Eatery, you get a validation code which grants you a coupon code to be used upon your next visit.

How to WIN Coupon Code in Survey –

Here’s everything you need to know about entering the Newk’s Eatery survey and complete it for winning free food coupons that the company is offering:

Survey Requirements:

  • You will need the 16-digit survey code that is printed on a recent receipt or survey invitation from Newk’s Eatery to enter the survey.
  • Access to the internet via a computer, laptop or a mobile device is essential to participate in the Newk’s Eatery survey.
  • You must be a legal resident of any of the 50 States of the United States or any of the U.S. Territories to qualify for the survey.
  • You must be at least 18 years or older for taking part in the Newk’s Eatery survey.
  • The ability to read and write in Spanish or English is mandatory to enter the Newk’s Eatery survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  • If your feedback in the Newk’s Eatery survey is marked with bias and false accusations, it may be terminated.
  • Purchasing products from Newk’s Eatery does not increase your chances of winning the coupon code.
  • Attempt that is made to destroy or tamper the outcome of the Newk’s Eatery survey is a violation of U.S. criminal and civil laws.
  • Employees of Newk’s Eatery restaurants, along with the members of their families, sponsors, and even advertising or Newk’s Eatery promotion agencies are excluded from participating.

Survey Instructions:

  1. Head over to the official Newk’s Eatery survey website using the following link:
  2. Make sure that you have your Newk’s Eatery order receipt in hand type in the store number when asked.
  3. Now go ahead and enter the 16-digti code that is printed on the order receipt of the Newk’s Eatery restaurant.
  4. Enter the date of your visit, along with the time that is printed on the order receipt of the Newk’s Eatery restaurant.
  5. Fill out all of the questions in the Newk’s Eatery survey that are asked and make sure that you honest with the feedback that you provide.
  6. At the end of the Newk’s Eatery customer satisfaction survey, a validation code will be shown that you can use on your next visit to Newk’s Eatery.

Resources & Links

Direct link to the Newk’s Eatery guest satisfaction survey website: customer satisfaction survey

Newk’s Eatery Privacy Policy webpage link:

Newk’s Eatery Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of the Newk’s Eatery survey:

Newk’s Eatery Survey Terms of Service

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About Newk’s Eatery

Founded in the year 2004 by father and son chefs Don and Chris Newcomb in Mississippi, Newk’s is an American fast food cafe chain offering made to order and gourmet made from scratch meals consisting of sandwiches, soups, pizzas, salads, fresh fruit, desserts, and beverages. Newk’s now has over 100 restaurants in 13 states across the United States of America. In less than two decades of its existence. The Newk’s Eatery brand has already released plans to open 300 more restaurants across the country by the end of 2018. Maintained as an upscale chain of restaurants for casual dining, Newk’s Eatery has large roundtables for an inclusive dining experience.

Final Words

Click on the customer satisfaction survey link over at and after you’re finished this short survey, you will be given a validation code that can be used to receive an awesome discount on your next trip. Give your honest feedback, including how you rate the service and what the brand could do to improve its service to you. Just ask for help in the comments section if you require any assistance in filling out the survey online.

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  1. the staff in the cafe at rugeley tescos are the best bunch they are respctful, friendly, efficient, smart,I go in as many times as I can for a snack, I love them great gang, always great wrllcome theyre the best.

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