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Smashburger is asking loyal customers for their valued and candid feedback in the customer experience survey. The survey allows customers to reflect back on their recent visit to Smashburger and let them know what they liked and didn’t like about their meal. Was the store clean and easy to get around? Were the staff members friendly and welcoming? You can provide your honest feedback by visiting From complaints to suggestions, customers are encouraged to provide every sort of feedback as per their experience at Smashburger.

Most of the customers feel left out as companies aren’t in favor of conducting a customer satisfaction survey. As a customer, you have every right to share your honest and valuable feedback with the company so they can make improvements according to it. Without a customer, a business is nothing. Smashburger carse about customer opinion as they are eager to make your experience better. This popular burger chain thinks that without taking customer feedback into consideration, they can’t reach the set standards. Learn more about the survey below.

Why Smashburger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Smashburger has been serving customers with finger licking food for about a century. From delicious sandwiches to melting sides, Smashburger delivers it all to exceed the customer expectations but it doesn’t mean that they are perfect, right? No business is perfect, nothing can be perfect in this world until and unless one decides to improve on a daily basis. Requirements, needs, demands, and expectations evolve rapidly, it means that a business has to strive hard every second to stay in the game. The market is growing very fast, there are new challengers every day who are willing to cross any limit. Smashburger knows every fact and is willing to compete in every possible way. Smashburger customer satisfaction survey located at is the proof of their genuine concern. They are up to cross every sort of hurdle in order to meet customer requirement.

As a customer, nothing feels better when your thoughts are being considered by the company. Not many companies give high priority to customer feedback but Smashburger surely crowns the consumer as their only source of enlightenment. Smashburger knows the worth of your feedback, they encourage more and more people to take part in the customer satisfaction survey located at Customers get a golden opportunity to share their honest feedback with Smashburger which is further used to carry out experiments and more. Furthermore, every customer taking part in will get a discount code. So, if you want to see more additions and improvements at your favorite fast food chain, you should definitely take part in the Smashburger customer survey. Feel like learning more about survey restrictions, requirements, instructions, resources and more? Just follow along.

How To Win a Validation Code In Smashburger Survey –

Survey Requirements:

  • Participants of the Smashburger survey located at must be 18 years of age or over at the time of entry.
  • Customers taking part in the Smashburger survey must be legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia.
  • Anyone interested in this survey must have access to a smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop with a reliable internet connection.
  • Javascript and cookies enabled web browser to render the Smashburger survey page.
  • People taking part in the survey must have the ability to recall their last experience at Smashburger.
  • Participants must have a recent sales receipt of Smashburger to enter the required information.
  • Basic information like Store Number, Date of Visit, Time of Visit and Check Number – everything would be located on your receipt.
  • Customers must be willing to enter valid personal information if asked.
  • Basic understanding of English is essential for answering survey questions.
  • A small piece of paper to write down the validation code that will be provided in the end.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Officers, sponsors, administrators, (their immediate family members) employees or anyone connected with the company can’t take part in the Smashburger customer survey located at
  • Note that you are not allowed to share or transfer the validation code to anyone.
  • Customers are not allowed to spread false information related to the Smashburger survey.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • People living outside of the 50 United States can’t participate in the customer survey.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Visit the Smashburger survey that would be located at
  2. Grab your sales receipt to enter the required information.
  3. Enter the Store Number that would be located on the top side of your sales receipt.
  4. Now enter the Date of Visit that would be located on the middle right of the Smashburger receipt.
  5. Select the Time of Visit.
  6. Lastly, enter the Check Number that would be located on the Smashburger sales receipt.
  7. Click on the “Start” button to get going with the survey.
  8. Answer the survey questions as per your experience at Smashburger.
  9. Rate your overall experience and provide suggestions.
  10. You might be asked to enter personal information for further inquiry in the future.
  11. Double check everything before submitting your precious feedback.

Resources & Links

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About Smashburger

Smashburger is a very fast growing and popular hamburger fast food chain in the United States. Originating in Denver, Colorado, Smashburger aims to be every cities’ favorite burger shop. With generous beef burgers such as the Baja Burger and the Avocado Club Chicken Burger as well as fries, drinks and a popular hand-spun shakes menu they are sure to appease any appetite. Was your burger served fresh and promptly? Was the cleanliness of the restaurant up to your standard? were you impressed by the staff?


Smashburger customers who wish to grab a discount code in the survey sweepstakes need to make sure they meet the criteria listed above and follow the instructions given.

Rate Your Experience With Smashburger. Leave Your Comments Below

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  1. Since racism by blacks in America is at an all time high and most fast food workers are black, i have quit going to fast-food restaurants where i cannot see my meal being prepared.
    You might want to take this into consideration in future restaurant designs .
    After speaking with many police officer friends of mine and several neighbors they have also said they take seeing their food prepared as a consideration when choosing a fast food restaurant.
    Lenny’s and Five Guys burgers have been getting the bulk of my patronage.
    I see you fired the employee that refused to serve the police officers recently,i give you kudos for the fast response to the situation.

  2. I think that the menu board is not clearly written. When I asked an employee to explain the way the prices work, she laughed at me. I live in Las Vegas and went to the store on Centenial Center blvd…. store # 1278. Here is the thing: when a customer asks questions this is a good thing… I would liken it to a jr high or high school student asking a question in class…. It means they are interested ! Laughing at them is worse than stupid, it is downright ignorant ! The menu shows the price of the mushroom swiss burger as 6.99 for the combo, and lists 1.00 extra for regular and 2.00 extra for big…. So, when I order the big size combo why does my receipt show 5.99 and a 3.00 up charge. I will admit the 8.99 is the same total I expected, but ultimately the menu board is not very clear, and when I asked about this the lady did a poor job explaining it and laughed at me with a look that suggested I shouldn’t be confused. Also when I walked over to ask about this, I saw one of the cooks eating fries while cooking, which is worse than unprofessional, it’s a health code violation. The last time I went to this place I called to express all the things wrong with my burger and the manager only encouraged me to take this survey to get a free order of fries… After what I explained, I thought she would offer to replace my burger, but that was not the case. I had explained that I was not asked what kind of cheese, so I got american ( which I hate… it’s not even real cheese) I got ketchup and mustard on my burger, which makes no sense….. I hate ketchup… I had to go ask for lettuce and tomato…. Truly not impressed.. It’s in your interest to make this easier, and more user friendly.
    Thank you

  3. the last 2 times I have be to your store at 5870 w thunderbird rd glendale az Store # 1395 I am done with smashburger. I love the food BUT the service is be SHIT and the fries are cold. The services has gone total down hill. So it is time for me to move on to a new burger stand.

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