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Now is your chance to participate in the guest satisfaction survey and offer your valuable feedback over at the website. At the end of the survey, you get a to grab and go away with a chance to WIN free muffins, so here’s what you need to do.

The Mimi guest satisfaction survey is the place where customers can give their candid and honest feedback about Mimi’s Cafe. The Mimi’s Cafe survey is designed to serve both the company as well as the customers, helping the brand grow in its entirety while ensuring that customers are served right every time. Through this guest satisfaction survey is small and quick to go through, the company wants to collect first-hand information from the customers and record their experience which can be used to learn how to make it better in the future. On the other hand, customers also stand a chance to be rewarded to WIN free muffins at the end of Mimi’s Cafe guest satisfaction survey.

Why the Mimi’s Cafe Guest Satisfaction Survey

In these competitive times when all of the giants in the food and service business are fighting to capture more customers and keep the stream of revenue flowing smoothly, it is takes more than just great food to keep a brand growing. It can be difficult to reach to customers after they have left the point of purchase, and the idea of requesting the customer to fill out a survey form physically after a meal is not only outdated but not appealing either. To keep the standard of customer satisfaction high, Mimi’s Cafe is now hosting the guest experience survey online through its website at

Allowing you to create a direct line of exchange of thoughts and opinions with the executive team at Mimi’s Cafe and putting forth your thoughts on how the brand can improve the dining experience for its customers, is made easier through the Mimi’s Cafe online survey. At the end of everything, Mimi’s Cafe is more than obliged to offer you a reward for making the effort and wished you to enjoy the food served on your next visit to the Mimi’s Cafe restaurant chain. The process of filling out the Mimi’s Cafe survey form takes just about a few minutes, so go ahead and participate in the survey right now to grab your chance of winning FREE muffins.

How to WIN Free Muffins in the Survey –

Here’s all that you need to do enter the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey and secure a guaranteed chance to WIN delicious rewards after completing the survey successfully:

Survey Requirements:

It is vital to ensure that the thoughts you offer in the Mimi’s Cafe survey are of your own, without any bias against the brand or employees.

  • The Mimi’s Cafe survey is being hosted online, which means that you will need an active internet connection on your mobile phone or computer to enter in it.
  • Details such as the Survey Code and Date will be required to enter the Mimi’s Cafe All of these details are printed on the order receipt that you must’ve received during your recent visit.
  • The Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey can be entered in by those who can read English language.
  • As a legal resident of any of the 50 States of the United States, you are eligible to participate in the Mimi’s Cafe survey online.
  • A minimum age limit of 18 years or older has been set for those who wish to enter in the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey.
  • The prize that you receive after completing the Mimi’s Cafe survey is valid for use at any of the restaurants within 30 days.

Survey Restrictions:

  • You will be restricted from claiming the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey prize if found to be less than 18 years of age when entering.
  • As an employee who is currently working at any of the Mimi’s Cafe restaurants in any capacity, you are hereby barred from entering the survey. Additionally, family of the employees, along with advertising and promotional partners of the Mimi’s Cafe brand are also not eligible for entering the survey.
  • If you make any attempt to provide wrong information or tamper with the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey, your entry will be rejected.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. To begin the Mimi’s Cafe survey, open the website link on your mobile phone or computer –
  2. When you open the Mimi’s Cafe survey website, you will be able to see the welcome screen and instructions on how to proceed.
  3. Take out the Mimi’s Cafe order receipt that you received during your visit to any of the restaurant locations.
  4. Type in the details printed on the receipt into the Mimi’s Cafe survey form and hit Start.
  5. You will now begin to take the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey which will ask you questions regarding your order, satisfaction with the food and the staff service, rating the cleanliness and more.
  6. Once you have completed the Mimi’s Cafe survey, you will be granted a code to grab the free food prize.

Resources & Links

Direct link to the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey website: Guest Experience Survey

Mimi’s Cafe Privacy Policy webpage link:

Mimi’s Cafe Privacy Policy

Support for the Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey:

Mimi’s Cafe Survey Support

About Mimi’s Cafe

Based in the city of Dallas, Texas after operating in California for 36 years, Mimi’s Cafe is an American chain of restaurants with more than 140 locations that are operated across 24 States in the country. Popular for a combination of French and American cuisine, Mimi’s Cafe was founded by Arthur J. Simms in the year 1978.

Final Words

Mimi’s Cafe guest experience survey can be found at right now for you to participate in. Here you can say everything about the food and services that you received at the restaurant and speak directly to the management. Whatever you say is taken seriously by the management of the brand in order to improve the dine-in experience for you. At the end of the survey, you get a chance to be rewarded for your time, so go ahead and participate now, and for any help, just reach out to us in the comments section below.

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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