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Outback Steakhouse is rewarding customers who take part in the TellOutback guest satisfaction survey that is being held over at The survey is designed to let customers voice their ideas and suggestions to Outback Steakhouse so that the restaurant knows what they are doing right and what areas they can improve on, and in return, reward the customers with a chance to grab the $1,000 cash prize.

Outback Steakhouse believes that as a multi-national brand of dining restaurants, it needs to consider each customer’s feedback to provide the products and services. The idea of a customer satisfaction survey is to create a two-way communication channel between the corporate entity and the customers. The TellOutback customer satisfaction survey provides each customer with an opportunity to talk it out and connect with the company. Since your time is valuable and so is the feedback you offer, the brand is giving you an opportunity to participate in the Outback Steakhouse survey sweepstakes and WIN $1,000.

Why the Outback Steakhouse Customer Satisfaction Survey

What makes or breaks a business is how the customers receive it, and Outback Steakhouse is gathering feedback online. The sole purpose of this customer feedback survey is to create a bridge between the company and the customers so that there’s a way for constructive criticism and appreciating words to reach the people in charge. Outback Steakhouse wants to keep updating the brand and its thousands of restaurants globally so that every consumer can turn into a loyal customer and help rake in even more revenue each year.

Customer’s opinion and thoughts about the service received from the staff and the quality of food products are essential, as the entire business revolves around customer satisfaction. The TellOutback Steakhouse survey is all about the confidence of the consumer and socialize with them. Apart from helping your favorite restaurant chain serve you better in the future, you also qualify yourself to participate in the $1,000 Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes at the end of the customer satisfaction survey. The entire process is effortlessly simple, takes only a few minutes, and is simplified by the instructional information granted below.

How to WIN $1,000 in TellOutback Survey –

If you have a few words for the Outback Steakhouse brand that you believe are vital for the growth of the company and want to grab the chance to win the sweepstakes prize, here’s everything you need know to qualify:

Survey Requirements:

  • As a participant of the Outback Steakhouse survey, you must belong to the any of the 50 States of the United States, District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.
  • The participant that wishes to enter the Outback Steakhouse customer satisfaction survey must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You will need an order receipt or survey invitation from Outback Steakhouse enter the survey code on the official survey website.
  •  Access to the internet through a computer or a mobile device is required to enter the online survey.
  • Users can also become a part of the official Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes by participating through the mail-in entry.
  • Being literate in English or in the Spanish language is mandatory if you wish to enter the Outback Steakhouse satisfaction survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Employees of Outback Steakhouse, in association with the members of their families, affiliates, subsidiaries, and advertising agencies and promotional partners are restricted from participating in the Outback Steakhouse survey.
  • Buying additional products from Outback Steakhouse will not increase your chances of winning the sweepstakes prize.
  • Dishonest and biased feedback, if noted towards Outback Steakhouse stores and its employees may result in termination of the entry.

Survey Participation Instructions:

Before you begin the TellOutback Steakhouse survey, make sure to consider that the feedback you are providing is honest and free of any falsified information.

  1. Using a computer or a mobile device, go to the official website of the Outback Steakhouse customer satisfaction survey here –
  2.  On the main screen of the survey, enter your survey code that is printed on Outback Steakhouse order receipt.
  3. Now type in the 18-digit survey code as printed on your Outback Steakhouse order receipt.
  4. As you begin to take the Outback Steakhouse customer satisfaction survey, you will be met with general questions that will help share your dining experience during your recent visit to an Outback Steakhouse location.
  5. At the end of the TellOutback survey, you will be asked if you wish to enter the Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes prize to win a $1,000 cash prize.
  6. Enter your details and contact information at the end, which will be used to reach out to you if you win the Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes.

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About Outback Steakhouse

The Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed chain of restaurants serving up delicious Aussie style meals such as the Bloomin’ Onion and the Crispy Calamari. The menu reads like a true outback novel and the food is just as enticing and romantic as the Aussie outback. Founded back in the year 1988 by Bob Basham, Trudy Cooper, Chris T. Sullivan, and Tim Gannon, and operates across the world today in the United States, Australia, Caribbean, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and many regions where it operates more than 1,000 different restaurants.

Final Words

Outback Steakhouse is hoping to become your favorite family restaurant serving delicious meals daily. If you would like to WIN either one of the 80 different $50 Bloomin’ Gift Cards or have your eyes on the major $1,000 cash prize being offered in the Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes, get your entry in by completing the TellOutback survey which is being held over at To learn more about the survey or clear out any doubts, reach out to us in the comments section below.

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  1. Waiter was very helpful. Great smile. Blooming onions were to well done. No problem. Got new one very quickly. Food was great. Will come back soon.

  2. I ordered medium prime rib 12 oz and the bill came to $21.19 from Outback, Peachtree City, GA. and it was take away. I live about 15 minutes away so did not return it as I should have. The meat was cooked black, not a hint of pink. It did not appear to be prime rib. The salad was wilted and not a full serving. Very disappointed as I have been a customer for many years, but probably will not try again.

  3. Couldnt have been more disappointed. Called ahead for seating for 6:15. Arrived at 6 and was told it was a 25 minute wait. No problem. At 6:45 asked how much longer it would be and was told only one more ahead of us. After calling three more people we got called. They then asked us to sit back down and wait a minute and they were just cleaning the table. They instead called 3 more people, 2 with the same size group. I asked what happened and why we got skipped. She said just wait one more minute. We did and finally got called at 6:55 as the manager just walked around creating more confusion.

    Should have taken that as a sign to just leave as the drinks, appetizers, salads, and meals were wrong or missing items….

    Sat down and ordered our drinks. The waitress brought 3 drinks for one of my two kids and no drink for the other?? Not sure how that happens….

    Didn’t bring the ranch with the mushrooms, took until getting our salads to get ranch.

    My wife’s salad was supposed to be no onion, came with onions but no crutons.

    Ordered a baked potato with my steak and asked for everything except chives. Only got chives on the potato. Had to ask someone else to bring the correct potato out as waitress was absent.

    Kind of a bummer evening. Having kids we dont get to go out very often and its usually a special treat. Anytime we do get out its almost always Outback but they made this evening anything but special. Me and my wife always go there on date nights and have slowly seen the service at our local Outback go downhill but this might have just been the icing on the cake. Time to find a new family/date night restaurant.

  4. Waiter Staff was amazing. She couldn’t do enough to make us happy. However, the atmosphere during this holiday season is the worst I have ever seen. There was not as much as a piece of garland with lights. No Menorah, No Christmas Tree, No music. It was such a disappointment. I don’t care what religion a person is When it’s Hannakah its Honikkah and everyone should enjoy it. When its Christmas , Its Christmas and everyone should be abe to enjoy it. Lets stop all the nonsence and let people celebrate what they want . Put a manorah, a tree or whatever else people want.. don’t take it away from people that enjoy to celebrate and enjoying being in the holiday spirit. SO SICK OF ALL THIS NONSENCE…..

  5. Always have a great meal every time we come in. We dine here at least 2 a month. Service is always great.

  6. We go to Outback in Brandon, Fl. often and enjoy it. We always ask for Stephen P. If he is on duty. He is a very good waiter. Always polite and very considerate. I watch him sometimes to see if he is as good with everyone else as he is with us as I did waitress work for many years and you can tell. and yes he really is. Thank you , Earl & Ann Near.

  7. Also would like to add to other comment. The Ceasar Salad we ordered was a ckicken ceasar we got no chicken 5 crountons a little dressing and very little lettuce, and for the price of 10.99 you would expect more.

  8. Ordered curbside service tn\he girl working was great. Told us the order just came up we got it drove home about 7 mins. The burger was cold had to rewarm one order was wrong and the seared tuna was ice cold like they took it out of frig and mealy. I ve had seared tuna before and never tasted anything this bad. This is not the first bad dealing with them and I will never go there again. The Outback I am talking about is in California MD, in St Marys County.

  9. We eat there quiet a bit, and we always enjoy it. We always order the blooming onion (always),but I would love it if you would serve it on top of some more absorbant paper.

  10. Tim was our server and he was outstanding, our food was great also. We had the Wednesday special, salad, entree and desert and my husband and I both loved every bite of it.

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