Tim Hortons Summer Contest: The 60th Anniversary Contest

Hey, Tim Hortons fans! This year, the favorite Canadian coffee shop is turning 60, and they’re celebrating with an epic contest. If you’re a Tims lover, you won’t want to miss out on this chance to win some amazing prizes. So grab your double-double, settle in, and let’s dive into all the details of the Tim Hortons 60th Anniversary Contest.

Tim hortons contest

The Tims 60th Anniversary Contest Details

The contest kicks off at the crack of dawn (12:00 a.m. ET, to be precise) on May 15, 2024, and runs until 11:59 p.m. ET on July 31, 2024. The contest period includes two main phases: the Purchase Period (May 15 – July 16, 2024) and ten Submission Periods, each lasting seven days, with the bonus draw covering the entire contest duration.


PrizeMultiple Prizes (see below) 
Entry MethodOnline
Eligibility Canada – 13+
End DateJuly 31, 2024

Contest Requirements

To get in on the action, you’ll need to meet a few requirements. The contest is open to all residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory, or are between 13 and the legal age of majority with parental consent. Sorry, Tim Hortons employees and their families are not eligible to participate. If you fit the bill, then it’s game on!

Contest Rules

The contest is structured around ten separate draws, each corresponding to a weekly submission period. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Each of the first nine Submission Periods runs for seven days.
  2. The final Bonus Draw includes all eligible entries from the entire contest duration.
  3. Draws occur the day after each Submission Period ends.
  4. Previous entries don’t carry forward to subsequent draws (except for the Bonus Draw).

For example, if you enter during Submission Period 3 (May 29 – June 4, 2024), your entry is only valid for that draw on June 6, 2024, and the Bonus Draw.

How to Enter the Tims 60th Anniversary Contest

There are two ways to enter: With Purchase and Without Purchase.

With Purchase:

  1. Buy a Participating Product: Purchase any participating Tim Hortons product from a store or online retailer during the Purchase Period.
  2. Save Your Proof of Purchase: Keep your receipt or order confirmation.
  3. Submit Your Entry: Go to the contest website, log in, and upload your proof of purchase along with details of your purchase.

Without Purchase:

  1. Request a NPE PIN: Visit the contest website, log in, and request a No-Purchase Entry Personal Identification Number.
  2. Write an Essay: Handwrite a 25-word essay about your favorite Tim Hortons memory and include the NPE PIN.
  3. Mail Your Entry: Send your essay to the contest address provided.

Remember, you can enter up to 20 times per draw, regardless of the entry method.

About Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a Canadian cultural icon. Founded in 1964 by hockey player Tim Horton, it has grown to become one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains in Canada. Known for its coffee, donuts, and Timbits, Tims is a beloved gathering place for friends and families across the country. Whether you’re grabbing a morning coffee or enjoying a hearty lunch, Tim Hortons is a staple in the daily lives of many Canadians.


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Quick Recap

The Tim Hortons 60th Anniversary Contest is your chance to celebrate with one of Canada’s most iconic brands. With ten separate draws and multiple ways to enter, you have plenty of opportunities to win. Just make sure you’re eligible, save your receipts, or get creative with your essays, and you could be sipping on free coffee for a year. Cheers to 60 years of Tim Hortons!

Don’t wait—head over to the Tim Hortons 60th Anniversary Contest website and start entering today!


Hi, my name is Lesley. I'm passionate about finding great shopping deals, baking tasty treats, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Hi, my name is Lesley. I'm passionate about finding great shopping deals, baking tasty treats, and enjoying the great outdoors.
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