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Want to try the best Mexican cuisine in town? Chipotle Mexican Grill is an American chain of fast casual restaurants that specializes in tacos and burritos. Here at this restaurant, customers are welcomed with a warm environment, traditional Mexican cuisine menu and superb services. The restaurant believes in sourcing fresh and quality base ingredients so that you can feel the taste of Mexican tradition in every bite. As a matter of fact, The restaurant makes all the ingredients by hand so that you don’t have to face any fake vibe. The food chain makes sure that all the customers are satisfied with their services & products. This restaurant is one of the first chains of the fast-casual dining game. Going beyond expectations and demands is the key to this restaurant’s success. Ready for more? Just keep reading this article to learn everything related to Chipotle Menu, prices, hours, locations & more.

The day after this food chain committed to providing top-notch services and traditional Mexican foods with a touch of innovation, they haven’t stopped working hard. Vegetable, pork, meat and pretty much every basic ingredient is freshly sourced from registered farms and factories to meet strict requirements of this restaurant’s 101. Here at this food chain, it’s not just about outsourcing the best possible Mexican recipes, they understand the connection between how food is prepared, and how it tastes. Employees of this restaurant strive hard for the farmers, community, environment, dentists, and especially for YOU. With every meal delivered, this food chain believes in shaping a better future for everyone. This restaurant is the favorite stop for people who are looking forward to tasting best possible Mexican cuisine.

Chipotle Menu

We all are of the aware fact that real ingredients aren’t just healthy but they taste better as well. This Mexican grill is all about preparing food that is free of colors, flavors, or preservatives so the customers can feel and taste original Mexican cuisine. This grill just uses lemon or lemon juice for preserving and adding taste. Sourcing ingredients from top brands, farms, and factories differs this Mexican restaurant from other competitors. This restaurant makes everything from scratch with consistency and passion for serving the fanatics. The grill thinks that there is no secret to success, you have to work hard and exceed customer expectations for being in the top of your game. Do you want to learn about the menu and its prices at this Mexican grill? Just tag along.

Chipotle Menu & Prices

Chipotle does justice with quality ingredients by using them to prepare finger licking Mexican food. From morning to late night, skilled crew in this grill’s kitchen use classic techniques with a punch of innovation to prepare meals which can make a mark. Founder of this restaurant was a trained chef that believed in providing the food that is renowned by the foodies. The restaurant serves burritos, bowl, tacos, salads, drinks, & you name it, they have got everything a typical Mexican cuisine covers. You can take a look at the full menu that is available at this restaurant.

Chipotle Burrito, Bowl, Tacos & Salad

Burrito (Chicken)$6.05
Burrito (Carnitas)$6.95
Burrito (Sofritas)$6.50
Bowl (Chicken)$6.50
Bowl (Carnitas)$6.95
Bowl (Sofritas)$6.50
Taco (Chicken) 1 Pc.$2.40
Taco (Steak) 1 Pc.$2.75
Taco (Carnitas) 1 Pc.$2.55
Taco (Barbacoa) 1 Pc.$2.75
Taco (Sofritas) 1 Pc.$2.40
Taco (Vegetarian) 1 Pc.$2.40
Salad (Chicken)$6.50
Salad (Carnitas)$6.95
Salad (Sofritas)$6.50
Burrito (Steak)$7.50
Burrito (Barbacoa)$7.50
Burrito (Vegetarian)$6.50
Bowl (Steak)$7.50
Bowl (Barbacoa)$7.50
Bowl (Vegetarian)$6.50
Taco (Chicken) 3 Pc.$6.50
Taco (Steak) 3 Pc.$7.50
Taco (Carnitas) 3 Pc.$6.95
Taco (Barbacoa) 3 Pc.$7.50
Taco (Sofritas) 3 Pc.$6.50
Taco (Vegetarian) 3 Pc.$6.50
Salad (Steak)$7.50
Salad (Barbacoa)$7.50
Salad (Vegetarian)$6.50

Chipotle Kid’s Menu

Build Your Own$4.75
Cheese Quesadilla (No Meat)$3.75
Cheese Quesadilla (With Meat)$4.25

Chipotle Extras

Chips & Guacamole$3.25
Chips & Salsa$1.95

Chipotle Drinks

Patron Margarita$7.15
Beer (Regular)$3.65
Bottled Water$2.25
Soda (Regular)$1.80
Kid’s Drink (Regular)$1.65
Sauza Margarita$4.70
Beer (Large)$4.15
Bottled Water (Large)$2.60
Soda (Large)$2.10
Kid’s Drink (Large)$2.30

Chipotle Mexican Grill Hours & Locations

General Hours

Yeah, we know that you’ll be dying to visit the nearest this Mexican grill but wait a minute, do you their general operating hours? What if the restaurant near you is closed or has different opening or closing hours? We have listed down general hours below and you can click here for educating yourself on location-specific hours.

Monday – Sunday: 10.45am – 10.00pm


Chipotle Mexican Grill was founded back on July 13, 1993, by Steve Ells. This American fast casual restaurant is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, United States. You can find this food chain in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States of America. As of 2018, there are over 2,500 restaurants of this chain worldwide. It’s a great restaurant especially if you are looking for that typical taste of Mexican cuisine. Do you want to locate the nearest outlet of this food chain? Just click here.

Chipotle Menu

Resources & Links

The restaurant’s menu, locations, prices, hours & pretty much everything is mentioned in details above so that the customers can easily get an overview of this restaurant. This restaurant is for the foodies who are looking forward to trying quality Mexican dishes. Do you want to know more about this grill or similar places? We have highlighted some of the links below that will redirect you to the desired pages. Just click on them!

Useful Links:

Similar Places:

Final Words

Chipotle Mexican Grill is for the lovers of Mexican cuisine and believes us that they deliver a quality meal. From burritos to tacos, this grill makes everything from raw materials, classic recipes, and passion for serving millions. Here at the restaurant, every customer is welcomed with a smile so you can feel just like home. Although there are many competitors in the game, this food chain stands out on a whole new level just by following their core values of serving customers with just not food but dedication and consistency. This article will help you out to sort out everything related to this restaurant.

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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