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Safeway Incorporation is a chain of hypermarket in the United States of America, it was founded back in April 1915. Today, this company has over 1,308 stores alone in the United States with over 230,000 employees. Milk, eggs, bread, chicken, butter, bacon, yogurt and you name it, Safeway grocery store has got it all in under one hood for their valuable customers. This company has also put customers first in every aspect as they love you guys. Safeway gift card service is powered by this company so that customers can go cashless and enjoy exclusive deals, promotions, discounts, offers & more. Customers can use the Safeway gift card for online and in-store purchase. Keep reading this article to learn how you can check Safeway gift card balance, sign-up and more.

What is a Safeway Gift Card Balance

Before learning about the umbrella terms of the gift card service, let’s first explore the Safeway gift card itself. Safeway gift card is a service powered by Safeway for its customers. It helps the customers to go cashless and just use a card for buying anything in their store or online. Users don’t have to pay in cash at Safeway online or in-store when they have access to the gift card. Customers can just buy a gift card and top-up some amount for using it in the future. Some people take advantage of this service and present this gift card to their loved ones as a surprise. Safeway loves to create easy routes for their customers in every way and this is one such thing that will make your payment process very smooth. Apart from a substitute payment option, this gift card also rewards the owners with exciting deals, offers, promotions & more. Want to know about Safeway gift card balance? Just keep up with us.

Safeway gift card balance is the amount that currently available in a card. Users can easily top amount in the gift card by calling 1-888-413-5003 or visiting the nearest Safeway store. Note that this gift card is just like a debit card, you can also shop if the funds are available so make sure to check your balance through calling Safeway or visiting the nearest Safeway before you shop anything online on in-store. If you want to top-up the card just visit the nearest Safeway store and ask the person on the cash counter to add the funds. Furthermore, the same goes for checking the balance remaining on your card. It’s about time we head over towards the important section of this article, just stay with us and read everything carefully.

How to Access Your Safeway Gift Card Balance

We presume that you are now fully educated on Safeway gift card. Down below we’ll be telling you everything step by step on how a customer can access the Safeway gift card balance through various methods. Note that you can’t check the remaining balance on your card online as this service isn’t available anymore. To check Safeway gift card balance, just stick with us and read the following instructions.

  1. First, users can call the Safeway helpline to check the remaining balance on their Safeway gift card.
  2. Pick up your smartphone or landline and dial 1-888-413-5003. At the IVR select the option which says “talk to a customer representative” or something similar.
  3. You’ll be shortly connected to the representative of Safeway.
  4. Ask them to check Safeway gift card balance, they’ll be needing some information about your card.
  5. Provide the information as everything would be printed on your Safeway gift card. They’ll tell you the remaining balance after they are done entering the information you provided.
  6. Secondly, users can also visit the nearest Safeway store to check the remaining balance on their Safeway gift card.
  7. Locate the nearest Safeway store through this official store locator.
  8. After locating the nearest store, visit it and ask the available person on the cash counter for checking the remaining balance on your gift card.
  9. It will just take a few seconds and they’ll report you with the available balance on your Safeway gift card.
  10. Customers can follow any method to check the remaining balance on their gift card.

New? How to Get a Safeway Gift Card

Don’t know where to get a Safeway gift card? We have got you covered! Down below we’ll be instructing you on how a customer can apply for the Safeway gift card but before that let’s introduce you to some of the requirements and restrictions that you need to keep in mind.

Requirements & Restrictions:

  • Note that customers are strictly advised not to purchase or sell their Safeway gift card from/to any third party vendor.
  • Customers who are a legal resident of the United States of America are allowed to buy the Safeway gift card.
  • Safeway gift card service is void where restricted or prohibited by the law.

Sign Up Instructions:

  1. Visit the nearest location of Safeway by using this store locator.
  2. Now ask the person on the cash counter that you are interested to buy a Safeway gift card.
  3. He’ll confirm some details from you and ask the initial amount you would like to top-up in the gift card. Pay the person and get your shiny new Safeway gift card.
  4. If you don’t want to visit the store for purchasing the card, just call 1-888-413-5003 and talk to a representative of Safeway.
  5. They’ll directly ship the card to your address!

Resources & Links

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About Safeway

Safeway is a grocery store where you’ll find every product under an affordable price range. From milk, eggs, bread to chicken and bacon, you can shop it all from the Safeway store near you. With over 85 years of success serving history, this chain is the choice of the majority.

Final Words

Got any questions related to the Safeway gift card balance check? Feel free to hit us down below in the comments section.

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