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Now is your chance to stand out with your thoughts and participate in the World of Beer survey that is being held online over at the website right now. With just a few minutes of your time and little effort, you stand a chance to WIN $100 World of Beer gift card.

The World of Beer brand wants to put in plenty of effort in studying the feedback, and then the management team makes the required changes. The platform for communication that is set up in the form of the World of Beer customer satisfaction survey is your chance to say what you want to, give a detailed description of your recent dining experience, and even highlight any displeasure that you wish to express. The survey form has been designed to be short, precise, and right to the point, helping the brand get a proper account of what it is doing right, and the elements that it needs to work on.

Why the World of Beer Customer Experience Survey

Possibly one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in existence, beer has become a standard drink for people across the world, with the earliest accounts of brewing that date back centuries. The beer business has always been a competitive one, with a few names such as Mueller and Budweiser standing out of the crowd and gaining a majority of the market share. But the growing popularity of craft beer has taken the world by storm, which is the very reason that a brand as young as World of Beer has found such tremendous success among the customers in the United States, China, and South Korea.

Regardless of how strong the wave of popularity that World of Beer is riding on, the brand exists today as a success, simply due to the fact that the brand continues to listen in to what the customers have to say about the flavors of craft beers that it offers, along with the food menu items and the service quality provided at its locations across the world. To further strengthen this relationship, World of Beer is hosting the customer satisfaction survey online where you can speak directly to the management team being the workings of the brand. Since the customer satisfaction survey has been presented online, it is easy to access, takes less than a few minutes to complete, and is rewarding for the company and the participants as well.

How to WIN $100 in the World of Beer Survey –

If you’re a fan of the draft beer blends and the food menu items offered by World of Beer and want to help the business improve itself, here’s what you need to do to participate and qualify for the $100 WOB gift card as well:

Survey Requirements:

  • World of Beer survey participants will need to use a recently issues order receipt to retrieve the Survey Code.
  • You will need access to the internet to enter the World of Beer customer satisfaction survey. Android and iOS devices can also be used to enter this online survey.
  • As a participant in the World of Beer customer satisfaction survey, you must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • If you wish to participate in the customer experience survey set up by World of Beer, you must be a resident of any of the 50 States of the U.S.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Only one entry per user or per household will be entertained in the World of Beer customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes.
  • The winning prize of $100 World of Beer gift card is non-transferrable and there can be no substitutions made.
  • No new purchase is required from a World of Beer store to participate in the survey since receipts dating up to 3 days old are still valid.
  • Any attempt that you make to tamper with the World of Beer customer satisfaction survey, is a violation of U.S. civil and criminal laws.
  • If your feedback in the World of Beer survey contains unfair thoughts and falsified details, your entry may be rejected.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Open the browser tab on your phone or computer and access the World of Beer online survey website –
  2. On the main screen of the World of Beer customer feedback survey, you will be able to see the general instructions on how to begin.
  3. Start off by taking out the World of Beer order receipt that you received the last time you visited a store near you.
  4. On the World of Beer receipt, you will find the survey code printed on it, which needs to be entered into the survey website.
  5. Once the World of Beer survey begins, you will be asked questions that detail your satisfaction with the service and products offered.
  6. At the end of the World of Beer survey, you will be asked if you wish to enter the sweepstakes and WIN a $100 gift card.
  7. You will be asked by the World of Beer website to provide your personal details such to be used to reach out to you in case you win.

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About World of Beer

World of Beer, which is also known as WOB, is an American brand of tavern chain that is spread across the United States, South Korea, and China as well. Founded in the year 2007 in the city of Tampa Bay, Florida, World of Beer offers a wide range of more than 300 different flavors of craft beer, alongside some delicious food servings as well.

Final Words

Now is your chance to enter the World of Beer customer satisfaction survey over at the official website right now. A few minutes of your time can go a long way in helping the brand improve while securing you a chance to WIN $100 WOB gift card. So go ahead and participate in the survey now, and for any questions that you may have, reach out to us in the comments section.

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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