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Jackson Hewitt wants to find out more about your experience with the brand through the Survey being held online at All you need to do is participate, and you stand a chance to WIN the weekly $500 prize in the sweepstakes contest.

The core purpose for which the customer experience survey by Jackson Hewitt is being prepared is to bridge the gap between the customers and the management of the company. Listening to what the customers have to say is an essential part of building a fruitful relationship and setting up a strong customer satisfaction rating. Since each comment that you provide regarding the brand, its employees and the services provided is recorded, analyzed and then properly used to make a real difference, that’s some excellent incentive to get started. The addition of a $500 prize through a weekly sweepstake contest upon completing the survey is a cherry on top, which makes the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service survey worth your valuable time and effort.

Why the Jackson Hewitt Customer Experience Survey

Creating a strong a prevalent reputation in the taxation services business, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has become a household name for millions of Americans for their federal, state, and local income-tax filing and returns. When it comes to handling the important information that the customers provide and using it to bring back the most financially sound results is what the brand has been achieving for years now, and wishes to keep the momentum going. The large network of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service locations across the country has helped the brand itself in the taxation services market, but as it spreads thinner, there are chances of certain customers experiencing less than stellar service.

Listening to what the customers have to say is the only way that any business can progress, and as Jackson Hewitt fights to keep its position as one of the leading tax service providers in the country, it is looking towards the power of the web to help drive the customer satisfaction levels to a new high. By establishing a line of communication with customers who have recently used the services offered by the brand, the Survey over at is giving you a chance to speak up. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, offer comments, and score a chance to WIN the $500 sweepstakes prize.

How to WIN $500 in the Jackson Hewitt Survey –

Now that you have decided to get your thoughts across the board and become a part of the problem-solving process while getting a chance to enter the $500 sweepstakes contest, here’s what you need to do:

Survey Requirements:

  • Jackson Hewitt customers will need to use the receipt number that they were issued during their visit to the service center.
  • Access to the internet through Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer to participate the Jackson Hewitt
  • The Jackson Hewitt survey is extended to residents of the United States, which includes all of the 50 States, but does not include the residents of U.S. District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • As an entrant in the Jackson Hewitt customer satisfaction survey, you must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • The Jackson Hewitt survey is available in both English and Spanish language for you to participate in.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Only one entry per user or per household will be expected in the Jackson Hewitt customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes.
  • The winning prize of $500 Jackson Hewitt is non-transferrable and there can be no substitutions made.
  • No new purchase from a Jackson Hewitt service center is needed to participate in the online survey.
  • Any attempt that you make to void the Jackson Hewitt customer satisfaction survey or tamper with it, is a violation of U.S. civil and criminal laws.
  • If your feedback in the Jackson Hewitt survey includes obviously unfair thoughts and falsified information, your entry will be terminated.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Open the browser tab on your phone or computer and access the GameStop online survey website –
  2. On the main screen of the Dollar General survey, you will be able to begin in either English or in Spanish.
  3. Take out the order receipt that you received the last time you visited a Jackson Hewitt store near you.
  4. On the order receipt, you will find the Receipt Number printed on it, which needs to be typed into the Jackson Hewitt survey website.
  5. Once the Jackson Hewitt survey begins, you will be asked questions regarding your satisfaction with the services offered to you.
  6. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you want to enter the sweepstakes and WIN the $500 prize.
  7. You will be asked by the Jackson Hewitt website to enter your personal information such as contact details, email address and more, which will be used to reach out to you if you win.

Resources & Links

Direct link to the Jackson Hewitt survey website: Survey

Jackson Hewitt survey privacy policy webpage link:

Jackson Hewitt Survey Privacy Policy

Rules and regulations for the Jackson Hewitt sweepstakes:

Jackson Hewitt Sweepstakes Rules

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About Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

Regarded as the second-largest taxation services provider in the United States of America, Jackson Hewitt is recognized for being responsible for the preparation of more than 2 million local, state and federal tax returns each year. Operating across the country with more than 6,000 franchise locations (out of which more than 3,000 are locations within Walmart stores), Jackson Hewitt Tax Service was founded back in the year 1982 in the city of Norfolk, Virginia.

Final Words

Now that you have understood how important the customer experience survey is for the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, go ahead and enroll in the survey online at At the end of the survey, you automatically qualify for the weekly $500 giveaway, so if you wish to participate but have doubts regarding the survey, just ask us in the comments section below.

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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