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Primark is asking their loyal customers to give their valued feedback in the customer satisfaction survey. survey is a fantastic way for customers who have made a purchase at a Primark store to share their experience with the retail giant and on completion of the survey enter the monthly sweepstakes to win £1,000 in cash. If you want to win £1,000 or £1,500 weekly just head over and visit to complete a short survey.

TellPrimark Customer satisfaction survey makes it easy for Primark to actually bring out customer’s opinion that what they actually want or not. Here at Primark, every single customer is like a family member whose say is worth in the circle. Primark takes every customer’s perspective into consideration as they want to make all consumers feel at home. Similarly, after recording everyone’s feedback the company can easily bring the required changes to make the customer experience better. This leads to loyal customers as everyone knows that the company isn’t running just another business but also valuing their consumer’s say.

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Why TellPrimark Customer Satisfaction Survey

The customer’s feedback has so much value and impact, everything you say in the tell survey can mean a lot. Therefore, it is important that you remain candid but honest throughout the survey and realize its importance. Negative feedback is always welcome but it has to be honest as it can result in people losing their job or other important decisions. It is true that the management of the company really takes those negative feedback more seriously as it gives them a chance to improve further and impress their customers. The positive feedback, on the other hand, comes in handy at creating a similarly positive experience at all their stores. For example, if customers are really praising a discount offer at one outlet or a decorative setup, it can quickly be implemented at other outlets to impress more customers.

Primark wants you to take part in this survey and make the company better and better every single day so that customers can have a one-stop-shop solution they could trust. Just like other customer satisfaction survey, Primark survey includes different questions that you have to answer. Questions are mostly related to your experience while shopping in Primark. Specifically, you will be asked about the staff, service, product availability, item variety, quality of goods, store maintenance and pretty much anything that might affect the company’s reputation. Read every question thoroughly as a little reading error can make you write an irrelevant answer. Don’t get caught up as questions would be very easy to answer, you just need to read them thoroughly.

Answering the survey questions isn’t rocket science. You just need to read the questions thoroughly and spit out your candid and true experience. Note that the key to constructing a good and effective answer is by making your point crystal clear to the reader. You can prolong your answer but make sure to use plain English rather than complex vocabulary. The TellPrimark survey located at is great for providing precious feedback that can be completed in just a few minutes. Visit the survey link, enter the required details, answer the survey questions and get a chance to win £1,000 Primark Sweepstakes.

How to WIN a £1,000 Gift Card in TellPrimark Customer Survey –

Can’t get enough? We’ll be listing down some requirements, restrictions, and instructions down below to help you increase your winning chances.

Survey Requirements:

  • You must have access to a smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop with a reliable internet connection to access the survey website.
  • Entrants must have a recent sales receipt of Primark.
  • A few spare minutes to complete a short survey.
  • Make sure that you understand the English language for easily answering the survey questions.

Survey Restrictions:

  • This survey is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras or Republic of Korea.
  • People under 18 years of age can’t take part in this customer satisfaction survey.
  • Residents of the Republic of Korea must be 20 years of age or older when participating in this survey.

Survey Participation Instructions:

Follow the step-by-step instructions down below to easily take part in the TellPrimark customer survey.

  1. Make sure to read the official rules & regulations of this survey here.
  2. Visit the TellPrimark customer satisfaction survey that would be located at
  3. Grab your sales receipt to enter the required information.
  4. Now enter the 13 Digit Survey Entry Code that would be located on your sales receipt.
  5. Click on the “ENTER>>” button to get going with the survey.
  6. Answer all the questions honestly and rate your overall experience.
  7. On completion provide your contact details so you can be contacted in the future.

Resources & Links

Can’t find the official rules, privacy policy, and other important resources? We have listed everything down for you!

Useful Links:

Similar Surveys:

About Primark

Primark offers clothing at very affordable prices, from footwear, clothing from birth, male and female clothing, beauty products to confectionery. Founded by Arthur Ryan in 1969, Dublin and headquartered in Ireland. With many thousands of customers walking through their doors every day, Primark wants to know what it is that both delights and repulses their customers. Primark has developed an opportunity for their customers to give them the feedback that they require to continue providing products and services that their customers like through the customer experience survey.

Feedback is an excellent way for customers to communicate with Primark. Were they able to fulfill your expectations or things lacked? Maybe you just had a question or suggestion you would like to convey. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete the survey but your feedback could be very beneficial to any future visits to Primark. As a token of our sincere gratitude, they would like to reward you with the chance to win one of 10 Primark customer satisfaction survey grand prize of £1,000.

Final Words

Primark official online customer survey site is a place that allows you to contact them. It is a good chance to share your feedback with Primark about your recent shopping experience. If you prefer a phone call, you can call 800-316-2236 to join the sweepstakes as well without taking the online survey.

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  1. i was very upset to lost our hand bag there other than this
    primark is symbol of shopping in london and your cashier habibat was very helpfull

  2. Just to say had a wonderful experience in your Dundee store. I found a loveky cusjion that I wanted to purchase but the store only had one. During this same visit I also noticed beautiful toweks but there was not enough on the shelf of the ones i required. I asked a member of staff if the could check for me and they were absolutely fantastic. Her name was Kim one of the department heads abd she went out of her way to assist me with both isdues. kim calked other stores for the cushion I required and then went out of her way to retrieve the towels i required from the stock department. I had a very pleasant experience dealing with Kim. Kerp up all the good work Kim. You were courteous and went above and beyond your duties to assist ne.

  3. Hi your departnent manager Kim from the Dundee branch was very helpful and courteous through out my tine in store even though I asked her several questions and ask if there was any more availabke stock of the items I required. Kim was fantastiche called oher stores to see if any of them had one of my products as the Dundee store had only recieved one kim went out of her way to check stock of my otber item and then went and retrieved them from the stock department.

  4. Your Cashier Ali Ziaa was very curteous and attentive when he served me during my shopping last week.
    I have ben shopping at the Harrow store for as long as I can remember and cannot remember any staff more curteous. I told all my friends I met about Ali on Saturday

  5. Primark is a great store, used to shop at Marks & Spencer but far too dear these days. So paid Primark in Leeds a visit and could not believe the good quality and reasonable prices.

    1. Primark is a very good shop it has loads of variates of things to buy. Not only are the clothes good quality but they also are at a very low price which helps people who are less fortunate to be able to buy something without spending a fortune. The staff are all very kind and help customers quite frequently. All in all Primark is a great shop and I would recommend it to any fortunate or not because it helps a person save.

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