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H&R Block is an American tax preparation company that operates in North America, Australia & India. This company helps customers with tax preparation. H&R Block offers a wide variety of services related to tax preparation. Customers can check e-file status, ask questions and access useful tools related to tax. From advice on income tax returns to refunds & more, this company will help you to sort out everything. Today, we’ll be discussing the DNA HRBlock login portal that is powered by this company. Just follow us to learn everything about this web portal.

What is DNA HRBlock Login Account?

DNA HRBlock is an enterprise portal that gives access to documents, news, and applications. This web portal is powered by H&R Block that is a tax preparation firm. DNA HRBlock located at helps the associates and partners of this company to succeed every day. The portal is equipped with state of the art features and tools that assist the associates and partners to bring the best out of them. In today’s world, technology is invading all the sectors, from art to taxation, everything is now under the control of software. The login portal provides all the essentials an associate needs to help the customers pay their taxes & do more. Keep reading this article for learning more about this online portal.

This web portal was introduced by H&R Block so that the associates and partners can easily manage their workflow. It’s hard to keep track of a lot of things when it comes to tax preparation, this online account portal gives easy access to news, apps, documents & tools to make things simpler. The company has hired top developers to maintain accounts, tools, & security. This portal is an all in one solution for the associates and partners who are looking forward to improving their online experience. To clear things up, this online portal is only designed for the associates and people connected with H&R Block. Interested to learn more about this portal? Just keep up with us.

As you know this portal is only created for the employees of H&R Block if you are a new employee at this company you can easily register here. This account comes in with a lot of benefits & features that will make your tax preparation experience better than ever. Certain tools are specially designed for the ease of your work. Furthermore, the tools are created by the people who are professionals of this sector to knock off any limiting factor. This portal is the gate towards unleashing your true potential. H&R Block has greatly invested in the DNA portal login so that their employees can keep up that quality work & dedication. Take a deep breath before moving onto the next section of this article.

Benefits & Features of DNA HRBlock Login Account

There are dozens of benefits & features that come prepacked with the DNA HRBlock login account. This online portal opens a whole new dimension for associates to take the tax preparation services beyond the obvious. Below we have listed down some of the most important benefits & features you get with DNA HRBlock web portal.

User-Friendly Design – Associates and partners won’t have to waste a lot of time understanding the design of this online portal as it’s very simple and adaptive. All the options and tools are nicely aligned and visible to the user. You just need to sign in once for understanding the whole map of this web portal.

24/7 Service – There is no specific time set to use this web portal, it’s online 24/7. Associates can easily access their account from anywhere any anytime. They just need to visit and enter the credentials.

Tax Preparation Orientated Tools – You’ll get to use special tools designed for tax preparation by the experts. These tools will help you to ease the workload and do wonders by just sitting on your desk.

News – Associates and partners get access to all the latest & exclusive news content. This helps them to stay updated with all the stuff going in the market.

Documents – People who are authorized to access this online web portal will be offered official documents related to the tax preparation.

Customer Support – With just a few clicks you can easily access the customer support and talk to the agent for any sort of assistance

Accessing the DNA HRBlock Account

Existing Users:

  1. Visit the official DNA HRBlock web portal that would be located at
  2. You’ll be welcomed on the sign-in screen to enter your respective credentials.
  3. Make sure to read the Legal Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions before logging into your account.
  4. Now enter the SSO ID and Password.
  5. Click on the “Sign In” button that would be located on the right side of the input fields.
  6. Customers will be redirected towards their account portal where they can easily access the features & tools.

New Users:

  1. If you have recently joined H&R Block, head over to
  2. Now click on the “First Time Seasonal Applicants” link that would be located just below the “Enter” button.
  3. You’ll be redirected towards the first time user registration form.
  4. Enter all the information like Reservation ID, ZIP Code, and other information.
  5. Now click on the “submit” button.
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully created an account on this web portal.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • This web portal isn’t designed for the customers, it’s only dedicated to the employees working at H&R Block.
  • You must be an employee at this company to register an account.

Resources & Links

We have listed down some important resources & links that will help you to easily navigate the website.


I forgot my SSO ID

Head over towards the official login page and click on the “Forgot SSO ID” link that would be located just below the first text field. Follow the instructions to retrieve your ID.

I forgot my password

Go to the official web portal and click on the “Forgot Password” link that would be located just below the second input field. Follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

The website is not working

Check your internet connection, restart the router & check if things are working.

Final Words

This article will give you a deep dive inside the DNA HRBlock web portal. You can comment down below and ask us any questions related to this portal.

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