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Doosan Infracore Europe is a global industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of heavy and compact constructions equipment. This company offers broad product offering like crawlers, wheeled excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks and everything related to construction, quarrying, and mining. Doosan has a history of 123 years as it was launched back in 1896. To make things easier and accessible for the employees working at Doosan, this company has created a login portal. Doosan Passport portal located at makes it easy for the employees to access information, news, and more things related to their job. Note that Doosan Passportal account portal is only meant for people who are connected with Doosan. From logging into your account to exploring features, this article will tell you all about Doosan Passport Portal. Just stay with us to learn everything.

What is a Doosan Passport Login Account?

As a new employee, you might not know about the Doosan Passport portal but it’s very important to learn about it. Doosan online portal is a service offered to people connected with Doosan Group. Anyone who is somehow connected with the Doosan Group can easily access this online portal. Doosan Passport is the ultimate source that will keep the employees updated with any employment details from Doosan Group. Furthermore, you’ll get benefited with more advantages that comes with this online portal. Employees don’t need to worry about their busy schedule or anything as this online portal has got their back. On the company side, this online portal helps to easily manage and supervise all the employees that are working for Doosan Group. Want to learn more? Just stay intact and carefully read everything.

If you are an employee at Doosan Corporate Office, Doosan Portable Power, Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Fuel Cell America or any other Doosan Group subsidiaries, this login portal account will help you to get the most out of your job. Note that people who are not working for Doosan Group are not allowed to enter or use this online portal as it can violate the laws. Bonus, rewards, salary, schedule or coaching, this online portal will help you to easily access all the things that are related to your job. You just need to be an authorized dealer, an employee of Doosan Group or affiliate to take advantage from the Doosan account portal located at Take a little break and absorb things and move onto the next section of this article to learn about benefits & features you get with the Doosan Passportal login account.

Benefits & Features of a Doosan Passport Login Account

Doosan Passport Login portal comes in with great benefits and features, below are some!

24-Hour Access – You can log into your Doosan online account anytime and anywhere.

Check Schedule – Employees can easily check the schedule and other information related to it.

Accessing the Doosan Passport Account

Existing Users:

  1. Note that this online portal is only created for the people working at Doosan Group, authorized dealers or affiliates. People who are not connected with this company are strictly advised not to access this portal.
  2. To access your Doosan online account, head over towards the official website of Doosan portal that is located at
  3. You’ll see a login form where you have to enter the details. Make sure to read the information that would be located on the bottom side of your page.
  4. Now enter your Username in the first field of the login form and Password in the following field. Make sure that you have entered correct credentials.
  5. After this, click on the blue “Login” button that would be located just below the input field.
  6. If the entered information would be correct, users will be re-directed to their respective Doosan Passport accounts.
  7. Here, they can access all the features, benefits, tools and information provided by the Doosan Group.
  8. From checking upcoming events to tracking bonuses, you can do it all by logging into your Doosan online portal account.
  9. After you are done using the account, make sure to log out for avoiding any sort of unauthorized access.

New Users:

  1. Are you a new employee, affiliate or authorized dealer of Doosan Group? If the answer is yes, just follow the below instructions.
  2. Contact your HR manager or the management staff you know at Doosan Group to get the online portal credentials like Username & Password. You can’t use the portal without the Username & Password.
  3. The company will shortly provide you with a Username & Password. After this, head over towards the official website of this portal that would be located at
  4. Now enter your Username & Password in the login form respectively and click on the blue “Login” button that would be located just below the input fields.
  5. You’ll be first re-directed to change the password and username as per your preference. Make sure to set a strong password so that no one access your account.
  6. After this, you might be asked to set a security question for security purpose.
  7. Now you’ll be able to access your account and all the features that come pre-loaded with it.
  8. After you are done using the account, make sure to logout so that any other unauthorized person can’t access it.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • People who are not connected with Doosan Group are not allowed to access this online portal or use this service. If anyone is caught, he/she will fact strict legal charges.
  • If you haven’t received the account credentials, pin your manager.

Resources & Links

Want to get the most out of this login portal? Check out some important resources and links we have listed down for you guys.


I forgot my password

Customers can easily reset their passwords, just head over towards the official Doosan Passport online portal and click on the “Reset Password” button. Now follow the instructions to reset your password.

I’m unable to access the website

Try to wait for some time as Doosan Group might be updating the servers or services that can result in temporary website shutdown.

The website is working slow

Reset browser cache, restart your internet connection and reboot your device.

Final Words

That’s all from our side, do you want to add something important related to Doosan Passport? Feel free to comment down below!

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